The Power of Being Seen | The Power of Being Enough

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Everyone wants to be seen and everyone wants to be known. Growing up in a world with countless social media outlets and apps that filter pictures has created a whole other level to feeling worthy and accepted. I’m not saying all social media is bad, or that at 38 I don’t appreciate a good filter! But I am saying that many of the images we see can skew reality and create goals in the lives of young women that are not only unattainable, but unnecessary.

Top Buttons recently hosted our “Building Up Girls” Event. These events are some of my favorite because all of the girls we serve are invited to come together to receive training from phenomenal women who are excellent in their fields of expertise. While the girls receive important life skill information such as budgeting/financial planning and physical wellness, they also hear important life truths that pertain to who they are as individuals.

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Throughout the morning of our most recent event, it was reiterated over and over to every young lady that she was created with and for purpose. Created intentionally by a Creator who sees her, knows her, and loves her.

Many of the girls we serve come from hard places and many would be labeled “at-risk”….meaning there is likely a lack of support and stability that make them easy prey for those who do not have God’s best in mind for them. Over and over again, we have seen how these life dynamics diminish self worth in the lives of young ladies who were wonderfully and fearfully made. It is not hard for young women to fall victim to lies that their life must have been a mistake, doesn’t matter, or has no value. Believing these lies can lead to dangerous behaviors - but as the girls who attended this event heard truths that combated these types of lies, a spirit of liberty could be felt across the room.

The final speaker of the event was Lisa Kirk and she made things personal for the young ladies in attendance. One at a time, she called several up….looked them directly in the eye and spoke into them that they are seen and that they matter - just as they are. She then made each of them own that truth by speaking it for herself.….not whisper it, or mumble it…but speak it confidently to a roomful of other both impressionable and valuable young women. The first young lady who stood up had tears running down her face as our speaker locked eyes with her, SAW HER, and said she was enough. Tears started streaming down many faces in the room as the silence was only broken by the sound of spoken truth as these young ladies acknowledged and verbalized that they mattered, they’re loved, and they’re enough. WOW. It was powerful!

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Following Lisa, Sarah Powers closed by sharing her own testimony of overcoming hardship, feelings of failure from not living up to God’s standards, but yet how He saw and rescued her in the midst of it. The girls were given the opportunity to allow God to do the same for them. Heads were bowed and hands were lifted as the girls were asked if they wanted to surrender their lives and strongholds to a God who loves them, wants good for them, and will never leave them. It was a powerful ending to a beautiful event.

We know the young ladies we serve need life-skill training and we love providing it, but we also know these young ladies need the hope and acceptance of a Savior who DOES want God’s best for them. …and they don’t even need a perfectly filtered Instagram page to receive it.

They are seen as they are. And they are enough.

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Living a Confidence-Filled Life


Confidence; something us girls hope to wake up with, but just do not know where to find it.

We want to put on any outfit and feel good about ourselves. If we were honest, we would say that a good majority of the time we do not feel confident in who we are. I know in my case, when I was in middle school and high school, I felt no confidence whatsoever. I felt like I always looked bad in what I wore, that I did not fit in, and a lot of times, I felt like I was not good enough for anything or anyone. I am sure many of you feel or have felt the same way! Although I do believe that what you put on the outside will affect the way other people see you, I do not believe that is the most important thing.

The way you see yourself will be the way other people see you, and that comes from how you feel on the inside.


What is really interesting to me, and took a long time to figure out, is that weight does not matter.

What? I know when I found this out I was amazed too! I always wondered why I never felt good in my body, people would be like, “get over yourself, you're skinny”, but that never helped at all. There was still something wrong, and I continued to feel uncomfortable in my own body. I started to think and ask some people who seemed to be confident and healthy looking, and I was shocked with what I was told, it’s not about my weight, but it’s all about how I treat my body, and guess what, they were right. I started to regularly exercise, drink more water, eat whole foods, and cut out excessive sugar, and I started to see a change in my life. I started to feel more confident in my abilities and in my body.

Going back to the statement I made before, “The way you see yourself will be the way other people see you," is extremely important to still think about and apply on top of taking care of your body. Have you ever heard of the statement “you are what you eat?” Well this is kind of like that,  but more “you are what you speak.” Once I started telling myself I was pretty, smart, and successful, I started to become those things and people started to see the change in me!

So let’s ditch the statements that put us down and hold on to the truths we know to be true about ourselves!


TIP: Some days you are still going to wake up and feel not your best, but what I do every morning is declare to myself, “I will have a great day, and today is a day full of confidence!”

Want to know more about how to live a confident filled life? Stay tuned for more of our healthy living articles!  Next one, importance of drinking water and tips for drinking all the water you need in a day!

Why Winter Skin Care Matters

Winter is upon us and it is wreaking havoc on our skin. Today we are going to share with you our favorite skin care tips to help you survive this winter season.

1. Moisturize with natural oils.


Our skin gets extra dry in the winter so we need to hydrate it with the good stuff. Using natural oils gives it double the moister and vitamins and healing properties as well. Some of our favorites are Rose hip oil, Coconut oil and vitamin E oil just to name a few.

2. Hydrate.


Drinking water is something we should all be doing more of. In the cold dry bitter winter (depending on where you live) we know it can be hard to drink ice water but our skin NEEDS it. Drinking at least a liter of water a day and add in some tea of your choice and your skin is well on its way to glowing again.

3. Humidifiers.


Humidifiers save noses and throats especially when you have a cold, but did you know they are also great for your beauty regimen? They help along in the moisturizing of your skin. It is recommended by beauty experts to start using a humidifier in your room to help you towards glowing skin.

4.Face mask.


Our skin needs some extra pampering in the winter months and the best way to do that is with a moisturizing face mask. Here are some of our favorite DIY moisturizing face mask recipes. .

Ingredients: ½ Avocado ½ very ripe banana 1 tbsp. Olive or coconut oil Mix and mash everything together then apply to clean skin. (Careful its messy) Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes. Pat off with a damp towel and follow up with a moisturizer to really lock in the moisture.

If you are looking for a deep clean moister face mask then try this: Ingredients: ¼ avocado mashed 1 slice of a lemon 1 tbsp. of honey 1tsp. of olive or coconut oil Mix together and apply to clean face. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes and was off with damp cloth or warm water.

These are some of our favorite ways to take care of our skin in this dry season. We hope this post inspires you to take some time for yourself and be pampered.

3 Fall Makeup Trends You Want To Copy

One of our favorite things about Fall and Winter is the makeup. It's the time of year when we get to switch up our beauty routines, reinvent our style, and try new products and looks. The Fall runways were full of makeup inspiration, but 3 trends caught our eye in particular. Not only are they extremely flattering, but they are easily replicated. Here are three beauty trends to incorporate into your fall and winter looks this season. Graphic liner- Black liner was all over the Fall runways. You’re probably thinking, what’s so new and fresh about black eye liner? This season it’s all about being creative with this beauty staple. Winged liner is ultra flattering. It elongates the eyes and makes lashes look fuller. You can experiment with how dramatic you want the liner to look. It’s all about having fun.

IMG_8113 WEB

Red lips- You can’t go wrong with a red lip. There are a ton of different shades to play with. Ruby Woo from Mac and Heat Wave from Nars are a couple of our favorites. Beauty tip: Red lips look great paired with a neutral eye.

IMG_8126 WEB

Berry Lips- It’s all about the lips when Fall hits. Red isn’t the only shade to reach for! Berry lipstick is also essential for the makeup kit. Try Craving from Mac, it‘s a great medium berry shade. Not too light and not too dark.

IMG_8400 WEB

Whether you opt for a cat eye or a bold red lip you're sure to be on trend this season.

Happy Styling,


Photography by: Elisabeth Huijskens

Celebrity Hair Inspiration for Spring 2015


Spring is in full swing and summer is just around the corner. We are turning to celebrities for the scoop on this season's hottest hair trends with an emphasis on styles that are fun, care-free and easy to manage. Last summer, we highlighted the long bob, and are happy to report that it's still trending this season. Celebrities like Lauren Conrad, Lucy Hale and Emma Roberts are all successfully rocking this look. We especially love how they tuck one side behind the ear, which adds a little edge and  shows off their statement earrings.


Taylor Swift was recently spotted at the iHeartRadio Music Awards with a change to her long bob: thick, choppy bangs with lots of volume. Her awards for the night included Artist of the Year and Song of the Year with "Shake it Off" among others. Taylor's music and looks are adored by fans and this night was proof that she still has it.



We haven't forgotten about the long-haired beauties! For long hair, it's all about long layers and subtle ombre (aka, 'sombre'), illustrated perfectly by Minka Kelly (above). 'Sombre' is taking the trendy ombre hair color and making it more subtle and blended by adding layers to frame the face and brightening the ends with a natural color.


Kenza Zouiten is a great example of how long layers combined with subtle ombre can create a care-free, beautiful style for long hair. Bangs blow-dried away from the face matched with a deep side part can help achieve this look.

To get another great look inspired by Taylor Swift, check out our tips here.


Written by: Katy Abramowich

Jennifer Lawrence: Minimal Makeup Looks for Spring 2015


"I'm a big believer in accepting yourself and not really worrying about it."

Jennifer Lawrence, the 24-year-old Hunger Games star is known for being blunt about the importance of self-confidence. We love Jennifer for many reasons, including her ability to rock completely natural and minimal-makeup looks all over magazine covers and red carpets.

A lot of assumptions come along with wearing makeup– there are stereotypes that girls who wear heavy makeup are self-conscious or vain. However, we love makeup and the fun that comes along with trying a bold, fuchsia lip or a subtle smokey eye.

On the other hand, a minimalistic makeup look lets others know that you are confident in your own skin through your makeup choice. It allows extra time to sleep in, and a fresh face can feel great from time-to-time, especially on long days when you do not feel like reapplying your pretty pink lipstick multiple times.


You do not need to avoid makeup completely (which we definitely do not object to!), but your makeup routine can be oh-so-simple with just a few quick steps. To get a look like Jennifer's, all you need is five or six products.

The trick to being confident with a natural look is starting with a fresh foundation. If you are prone to blemishes, dab a concealer under your eyes and on any blemishes. Next, add a pea-sized amount of foundation all over, including over eyelids and down the neck-line. We love Tarte's Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation because the clay-base formula makes it wearable all day long, and it also has SPF 15 (we love anything with a little added SPF!)

Eyebrows can make a huge difference when going for a minimalistic look, so once you  have gotten rid of any stray hairs, try lightly filling them in with a shimmer-free eye shadow color that is just a shade lighter than your eyebrow color.

Finally, finish off the look by curling your lashes and adding one or two coats of black mascara and a tinted lip gloss. Trust us-- that's all you need.



Hillary Duff and Katy Perry, prove that a minimal-look can be gorgeous worn in different ways.

One last thing– it is officially spring, which means that lots of fun-in-the-sun is on the way. We can not stress the importance of wearing sunscreen enough. Preserving that beautiful skin is crucial to being able to rock the minimal-makeup look as you get older and wrinkles start to develop (which we know seems so far away that it will never happen– but trust us on this one). Use an SPF of at least 30, pay special attention to the face, and reapply after you go in the water or sweat. We love Sun Bum's Sunscreen Face Stick SPF 30 because it makes protecting your face easy and is compact enough to fit in any bag for those on-the-go pool and beach trips with your girlfriends.


Written by: Katy Abramowich

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Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara Review


When I first received my Younique package I was instantly excited when I saw the fancy packaging. The chic black hard case is the perfect first impression for this game-changing mascara. IMG_8189

After just one application, I knew Younique was more than mascara. This was my chance to transform my lashes from dull to noticeable in the matter of minutes.

Using the transplanting gel for the first time was a similar experience to using my old designer mascara. I stopped using drug store mascara a few years ago, and have become accustomed to the volume that $40 mascara gives my lashes. I have to be honest, sometimes the money is worth it, and sometimes it is not. After using Younique one time, I knew that this product delivers significantly better results than my $40 mascara.

What is the difference? The proof is in the Natural Fibers.


I've tried some fiber mascara products in the past, but none hold a candle to Younique. I love that the fibers are 100% natural, and they are made from Green Tea. How cool right? Lashes get thirsty too ;)


Once I put the Natural Fibers on top of the Transplanting Gel, I noticed that several fibers were on my cheeks. This alarmed me a bit. I thought I was doing it wrong. After re- reading the instructions, I realized this was normal. I soldiered through and finished off the look with the transplanting gel for the second round, and was amazed with the amount of volume I saw. As for the fall out from the fibers, just use a clean powder brush and dust them off.

I will be the first to say, this product takes some getting used to, but if you use it for 1 week, and don't love it- I would be surprised. After six days I felt like a pro, and the best part- I don't have to compromise my water proof routine, and Younique will cost me less than my old designer mascara! Cha-ching!

To purchase Younique mascara, click here.


Written by: Molly Dodd

Photos and Styling by: Rebekah Miura

The Purple Hair Craze


Purple hair has been fading in and out of the spotlight for the past year. Kelly Osbourne and Nicole Richie have led the charge for this bold color choice. And as of late, Katy Perry caught our attention when she rocked purple hair at the 2015 Grammys. Celebrities aren't the only ones loving this hair trend, images of dyed locks have taken Pinterest by storm. Above are just a few of the images that stood out to us. So….what are your thoughts on this wild hair trend? Would YOU dare to go purple? We want to hear from you! Let us know in the comments below.


Happy Styling,


Holiday Beauty Favorites


The Holidays are the perfect time to break out the red lipstick! In fact shimmer is absolutely acceptable during this time as well! With Christmas being TOMORROW and New Years Eve quickly approaching, here are some of our Holiday beauty kit essentials. 1. Red lips always jazz up an outfit. If you don’t already have this staple color in your beauty wardrobe, Ruby Woo from Mac is always a winner. For a cheaper alternative, Revlon Really Red is a great option. 2. Go all out with red nails! This Essie nail polish is a favorite of ours. 3. Play up your eyes with some falsies! Ardell Demi Wispies are sure to add a little glam to your look. 4. If false lashes aren’t for you, the next best thing is Benefit’s They're Real mascara. This miracle working product lengthens, curls, volumizes, lifts, and separates lashes. Basically it does EVERYTHING! 5. Shimmer is a must for the Holidays. Use it to highlight your cheekbones, brow bone, and the inner corner of the eyes. Mac’s Soft And Gentle is excellent, but if you don’t have time to run to the store just use a shimmery champagne colored eye shadow!

If you're still in need of some Holiday outfit inspiration click here for three glamorous outfit ideas.

Happy Holidays!


Anthropologie Stocking Stuffers Under $30


Walking into Anthropologie is like entering into a live version of Pinterest! Everything from the mannequins to the home décor displays are all elaborately styled to a "T". There’s nothing like grabbing a latte and spending an hour perusing this beautifully designed store full of girly treasures. So why not stock up on stocking stuffers while your getting your style fix? Here are 6 gift ideas under $30 that you can pick up the next time your at your “happy place”! Easy peasy! 1. What girl wouldn't want to use this tinted lip treatment? The case is darling. $12

2. EVERYONE needs a calendar, why not get them a stylish one? Once you're done with it, you can cut out the pictures and frame them. It's the gift that keeps on giving! $20

3. This candle has a wonderful scent and just like the calendar, once you're done with it you can re-purpose it and use it as a pretty container to house whatever you fancy. $18

4. Corral your jewelry in this adorable giraffe trinket tray. It's always nice to have a place to display your favorite accessories. $16

5. Monogrammed gifts are always nice because they have a personalized feel to them. This journal is both decorative and practical. $25

6. You might as well add a snazzy monogrammed mug into the mix! Enjoy a cup of coffee as you journal away. Click here to see more mug options along with the limited edition of this Anthropologie mug. $8

I hope this helps make your Christmas shopping a little easier this year! It's always nice to be able to walk into one store and find several items to check off your list.

Happy Shopping!


6 Holiday Gift Sets For The Makeup Lover


December has officially arrived and you know what that means…its time to start making our Christmas shopping lists! For all of my fellow makeup lovers out there I’ve rounded up 6 holiday value sets that are a steal! Whether you choose to purchase these sets as gifts or for yourselves, this is the time of year to get the deals. 1. Lash Stash is the ideal gift for the girl who is always on the hunt for the perfect mascara. YSL, Lancome, and Benefit are just a few of the brands you will find in this 11 piece kit. $45 ($118 value)

2. The Nars Digital World Lip Pencil Coffret is a limited edition 5 piece set that is apart of the Laced with Edge Holiday 2014 Collection. These matte and satin lip colors are essential shades that will carry you through the Winter months. $49 ($96 value)

3. The Makeup Forever HD Complexion Starter Kit is a 4 piece set that includes face primer, foundation, setting powder, and a kabuki brush. This kit contains everything needed to achieve a flawless foundation look. $79 ($114 value)

4. The Beauty Closet includes 21 beauty products that the Sephora staff reaches for themselves on a daily basis. Anastasia Beverly Hills, Laura Mercier, Becca, and Hourglass are just a few of the brands that you will find in this kit. This set is excellent for the girl who loves to try the latest and greatest beauty products. $99 ($298 value)

5. The Give Me More Lip set is a 17 piece lip sampler that is the perfect gift for the lipstick lover. It includes  glosses, lipsticks, liners, treatments, tars, liquids, balms, and creams in an assortment of red, pink, nude, and berry shades. $59 ($192 value)

6. The Benefit Advent Calendar is the way to try out all of the beauty products that you have been eyeing from this line. It is also a wonderful gift to give someone who loves Benefit or wants to get more into makeup. This set includes 24 beauty essentials and is a steal at $99. ($150 value)

What holiday sets do YOU have your eyes on this year?


Happy Shopping!


Editor's Picks: Lipstick Guide


It's not a secret that I love lipstick! I am constantly swatching lip colors at beauty counters EVERYWHERE whenever I can. Plum is always a Fall/Winter staple of mine, so this week I made it my mission to find the perfect shades to add to my beauty stash. Here is what I found. Enjoy! 1. Urban Decay Venom  is probably my top pick out of this batch. I love that it is a "brighter" plum lipstick. Darker shades can sometimes make you look tired, but this one has a brightening ability to it.

2. Smashbox Fig has a modern, sleek feeling. It is described as a red-grape color. It's not too light and not too dark--it's just right.

3. Laura Geller Cabernet Crush is a creamy plum with pink undertones. It's a gorgeous color!

4. Bare Minerals Lead The Way is a rich plum berry. It is the ideal Fall/Winter lipstick color.

It's your turn! What are some of your top picks for plum lipsticks? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Styling,


6 Stylish Makeup Bags


We spend lots of money on our beauty stash so why not invest in a pretty carrying case? Transport your makeup in style with these ultra chic cosmetic bags. See that super cute black and gold polka dot bag above? It's only $6.90! With a price like that, tossing your old makeup bag and upgrading is absolutely within reach!

Don’t forget to comment below and let us know which one is YOUR favorite!

 Love Birds LA // Steph & Co // Urban Outfitters

Herschel Supply Co // Target // Forever 21 

Happy Styling,


Our Top Five Wedding Makeup Tips


Do you know how important having a makeup artist is on your big day? Tricks like contouring and highlighting, making your makeup weatherproof, and being able to recreate current makeup trends are just some of the many reasons going with a pro is so important. However, some brides just can't work it into their budget so here are some tips for those who need to do it themselves: 1. Exfoliate the night before! Using a gentle scrub while in the shower will help to slough off dead skin cells leaving skin smooth, perfect for applying makeup.

2. Deep cleanse and moisturize skin prior to applying your makeup! This is key when prepping the skin.

3. Use a primer! If you want a flawless, poreless look, don't skip this step. It will give your makeup staying power and diffuse imperfections. We love the primer from Glo Minerals, but if you are a Sephora/Ulta girl Benefit's primer and Smashbox's Photo Finish primers are some of our fav's! Smashbox even has a color correcting primer as well as one for oily skin. If you are on a budget Loreal's Pore a Vanisher is a great dupe for Benefit's at a much more reasonable price.

4. Use an eye primer! Urban Decay's Primer Potion is excellent. Just get it, you will see! What you won't see are smudges, creases, oily lids or your eyeshadow disappear.

5. Practice before the big day.

As a professional makeup artist I strongly encourage my brides to do a run through prior to the wedding. This way the look can be perfected and there is no stress the day of. I love knowing ahead of time exactly what we are doing and what products I'm using. So practice on yourself so you KNOW your makeup will be perfect on the big day.

IMG_5211-1 fuson_wedding-59coffee



looking back

kaley full body

vertical wedding kaley



Article WRITTEN BY: Melissa Kinsey

and WEDDING MAKEUP BY: Melissa Kinsey

For Kaley Brie Fuson, our Bride in the images above, I used Glo minerals primers and Satin II Foundation. I used the Golden under eye concealer to highlight and under the eyes and the Perfecting finishing powder to set. I used Sunlight bronzer to contour and Hibiscus (a soft pink) at her cheeks. Since she wanted to look natural I used a few individual lashes and carefully placed them rather than using a whole strip of lashes.

Photo Credit: Ashley Holstein Photography

Editor Obsessions: September


Fall is on its way and I couldn’t be happier. The colder months are approaching and I'm already daydreaming of chunky sweaters, hot chocolate and cozy nights by the fireplace. Here are a few items that I've got my eyes on! 1. I am a huge sweatshirt fan, especially if it has a french saying on it! This Madewell sweatshirt is not only comfy but, stylish enough to wear on an afternoon out with the girls.

2. Mismatched earrings are high up on my must have list for Fall. These earrings from Buckle are edgy, fun and can be styled  several different ways.

3. You can never have enough white and gold in my opinion. I love this J Crew jewelry tray! It's perfect for displaying and organizing my jewelry.

4. I'm a huge fan of leather jackets, they are one of my closet staples. This Zara jacket is ultra edgy and chic.

5. Crossbodys are a girls best friend. They are comfortable and easy to wear no matter where your day takes you. This Rebecca Minkoff is sleek, modern, and classic.

6. I love statement shoes probably just as much as I love a good statement necklace. These leopard Vans are sure to spice up any outfit.

7. Hats are the icing on the cake! This floppy rim fedora from Rag And Bone just screams FAll to me.

8. Neutral eyeshadows are a great foundation to your makeup collection. This Bobbi Brown "Nude On Nude" palette contains twelve gorgeous eyeshadow colors that can be worn day or night.

9. Quality brushes are key to applying your makeup like an expert. This Charlotte Tilbury Powder and Sculpting Brush is excellent for applying highlighter as well as chiseling out your cheekbones with your favorite bronzer.

10. Chunky necklaces are key for Fall. This Modcloth gold necklace is the perfect companion to your favorite sweater.

11. Chilly Fall days call for curling up with a good book and your favorite hot drink. I'm excited for the October launch of Refinery 29's new book Style Stalking. It's promised to be chock full of fabulous street style.


What are your Fall obsessions? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Styling,



DIY Perfume Tray


Trays are a life saver for me. They take items that look jumbled and miraculously make them look organized and pretty. Trays however can get a little pricey especially when you use them as much as I do! Thats why I love going to thrift stores to purchase them. Thrift stores are excellent for bargain hunting! All you need in order to be successful at thrifting is an open mind, patience, and a creative eye. I always look at objects and imagine them a different color. I found this tray that was totally not my style but, I knew the shape would work for my bedroom if it was painted white.


I snatched it up for $1.50 and whipped out my trusty white spray paint and this is what I got... (drumroll).



This turned out to be the PERFECT tray! I wanted something simple, white and girly that I could display my perfume and jewelry on. All I did was clean the tray, sand it, and spray it with 3 coats of white spray paint. It was ready to use in no time!

Style, whether it's clothing or home decor is attainable on any budget. Just as we express our unique personalities through our clothing we can do it through our style at home and we don't have to go broke doing it. I find diy's at times to be more fun then going out and buying a brand new item. Re-purposing something is like putting your own individual stamp on it.

What are some of  YOUR favorite DIY projects? Let us know in the comments below. For more thrifted finds click here.


Happy Styling,


{photos and styling by: Rebekah Miura}