Inside Look: Top Buttons' Story Video


Special thank you to Indie Atlantic Films who produced our first story video through the generosity of their Giving Back Program. This film gives an inside look into the mission of Top Buttons. It truly does take a "Village" to guide our teens down the right path, and we love, love, love working with the girls who have been nominated to participate in our program.  Right now we have a waiting list of organizations for at risk girls who would like to be a part of our Top Buttons Wearing Confidence Program.  We provide our educational and clothing resources to over 200 very deserving girls a semester.  Not only do we work with at risk girls, but girls from all backgrounds are a part of Top Buttons.  They are models, stylists, writers, photographers, they help with creative development, steam, sort, and tag clothing, and much more!  We love being able to provide opportunities for young women to do what they love, while supporting a great cause and getting attention for all the right reasons. Anyone who watches this video and wants to support the work we are doing, please consider giving $10 now by texting "buttons" to "50155". Every little bit counts!  As a non-profit, we are able to continue the work we are doing through the financial donations of our supporters.  And there are more ways to be a part of what we are doing. Check out our Top Buttons Boutique Page for info on clothing donations, public shopping days, and volunteer opportunities.  We truly appreciate the encouragement, the donated time and clothing, and financial resources!

Celebrity Hair Inspiration for Spring 2015


Spring is in full swing and summer is just around the corner. We are turning to celebrities for the scoop on this season's hottest hair trends with an emphasis on styles that are fun, care-free and easy to manage. Last summer, we highlighted the long bob, and are happy to report that it's still trending this season. Celebrities like Lauren Conrad, Lucy Hale and Emma Roberts are all successfully rocking this look. We especially love how they tuck one side behind the ear, which adds a little edge and  shows off their statement earrings.


Taylor Swift was recently spotted at the iHeartRadio Music Awards with a change to her long bob: thick, choppy bangs with lots of volume. Her awards for the night included Artist of the Year and Song of the Year with "Shake it Off" among others. Taylor's music and looks are adored by fans and this night was proof that she still has it.



We haven't forgotten about the long-haired beauties! For long hair, it's all about long layers and subtle ombre (aka, 'sombre'), illustrated perfectly by Minka Kelly (above). 'Sombre' is taking the trendy ombre hair color and making it more subtle and blended by adding layers to frame the face and brightening the ends with a natural color.


Kenza Zouiten is a great example of how long layers combined with subtle ombre can create a care-free, beautiful style for long hair. Bangs blow-dried away from the face matched with a deep side part can help achieve this look.

To get another great look inspired by Taylor Swift, check out our tips here.


Written by: Katy Abramowich

Happy New Year From The Top Buttons Team


Tomorrow will mark the beginning of a new year for us all! The Top Buttons team and I would like to thank your for journeying with us in 2014 and we wish you THE BEST in the season to come. As you move forward into the new year remember that YOUR beauty and worth are found in the Lord. You are LOVED BY GOD and He has wonderful things in store for your life.  

Happy New Year beautiful ladies and best wishes from the Top Buttons Team!!!



(image via Popsugar)

Join SOZO At The Run 4 ONE 5k This January


The Sozo Initiative would like to invite everyone in the Lakeland, Florida area to participate in the 2nd annual Run 4 One on January 17th, 2015 at 8:00 a.m. around Lake Hollingsworth. Run 4 One is a 5k that exists to raise funds to help rescue and restore victims of human trafficking and is a wonderful opportunity to do your part to end modern day slavery. Runners and non-runners are welcome and it will be a chipped time race. To register to walk or run go to the official website. If you do not live locally or are unable to participate in Run 4 One you may still give by going to the registration page and clicking on the donation button. There will also be a children’s fun run.

All of the proceeds from the event will be given to their three beneficiaries listed below:

The Porch Light A division of Florida’s Baptist Children’s Homes, Porch light is the first safe house in Lakeland that is specifically created to house victims of Human Trafficking. Porch light works to help restore these girls physically, mentally, and spiritually. The Porch Light is also supported by Top Buttons and The Sozo Initiative.

Project Rescue Project Rescue provides physical, emotional and spiritual rescue and holistic restoration to women and children in sexual slavery. Their multifaceted programs aim to provide a safe environment for transformation and growth. Their initiatives include aftercare homes, vocational training, after-school programs, night care shelters, HIV/Aids medical clinics, red light district churches and Sunday schools, and awareness and prevention programs. Project Rescue is also supported by the Top Buttons and The Sozo Initiative.

Belbin Family. The Belbin’s are a missionary family who work in the children’s homes of Northern India. These homes are where the sons and daughters of the women working in the brothels live. Through building relationships, supporting staff, and facilitating art projects designed to bring emotional and spiritual healing, they are impacting young girls in a significant way. This year we are raising funds to provide a playground for one of the homes.

To learn more about Run 4 One visit their Facebook page

Help the Cause and Get Your Own Super Cute Top Buttons T-Shirt

With our upcoming Top Buttons Fall Wardrobe Makeover Event on September 20th for some very deserving teens in the Central Florida Area, we thought it was perfect timing to sell our Top Buttons T-Shirts Online!  You asked, We heard you! Buy your own adorable Top Buttons TEE right now for $30, and We will give a second shirt to one of the girls who participates in our Wardrobe Makeover Event on September 20th!  THERE ARE 25- 30 GIRLS GETTING WARDROBE MAKEOVERS… Thank you for helping us make sure they each get one at no charge! Purchasing one of these soft, slouchy and comfortable T-Shirts with our New Top Buttons Logo, is the perfect way for you to support the mission of TB and show off your obsession for "Classy Fashion."

Want to know more about our Top Buttons Fall Wardrobe Makeover Event?

 Organizations such as PACE Center for GirlsTeen Challenge, Girls Inc, and others have nominated teen girls between the ages of 13-17 to be a part.  These 25-30 young ladies will have a TB personal stylist help them pick out clothing that fits their personal style and their body type from quality and stylish clothing donated from people in the central Florida area and around the U.S.A. at our ONE DAY EVENT to be held at the beautiful Lake Mirror Tower Ballroom. The girls who participate will be able to take home 10-12 clothing items at no charge, as well as, receive other gifts from our local community. It's going to be pretty amazing!  

There are many ways to help with this event!  If you want to know what else you can do to help, read this article by the Top Buttons Founder.   You should also check out a post from one of our Event Sponsors!




AND We'd love to see what you pair your T-Shirt with.  After you get your tee, be sure to Tag Us…. @topbuttons and use the hashtag #mytopbuttonstee

Summer Playlist Must-Haves


It's Summer! This means VACATION, beach trips, pool parties, and gatherings with your friends and family. Here are some tunes you can listen to that will surely get you in the summer mood. Enjoy!

1. "Move" - Kaleidoscope

This duo of best friends met in college and joined forces to spread the message of the Lord. "Move" is definitely a song that will make you dance. It motivates us to embrace who we are in Christ and to let Him lead our lives.

2. "Every Good Thing" - The Afters

From their 5th album Life is Beautiful, "Every Good Thing" proclaims that life is PRECIOUS! Let's not take it for granted.

3. "Do Life Big" - Jamie Grace

This spunky song is Jamie Grace's new single. It encourages us to do life BIG like Jesus did. We can make a change!

4. "Gold" - Britt Nicole

Britt Nicole never ceases to inspire us with her truthful lyrics & music. You are GOLD! Special, unique and worth so much.

5. "Alive" - Hillsong Young & Free

From the latest Hillsong group, this song is a celebration. We are alive because of Jesus' sacrifice for us, He died out of love for us. How awesome is that!

6. "Try" - Colbie Caillat

At Top Buttons, we love the message Colbie sends out through this song. You, YES YOU, are beautiful. One might feel insecure about how we look but this song is a great reminder of what real beauty is.

About the Author:

Jelsianly Freytes is 20 years old & from Puerto Rico. Currently, she's a senior in the University of the Sacred Heart with a major in television & cinematography. Music is a huge part of her life, dancing for the Lord is her passion and traveling brings her joy.

"I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13.

How to Combine Three Totally Different Styles


In OUR VERY FIRST Un-Style Me video ON OUR TOP BUTTONS YOU TUBE CHANNEL, Amanda is showing us how to create an outfit combining three different styles: boho, edgy and classic. This look is perfect for a relaxed Saturday grabbing a coffee or shopping with your girlfriends. We hope this video inspires you to collide your favorite pieces to create a totally unique and totally YOU - look.  Show us your #unstyleme look on instagram!  We would love to see how you combine different styles to create your #lotd!

Why You Shouldn't Define Your Style!


In the quest for finding your personal style have you ever felt pressure to fit into a “style box?” Do you like wearing bohemian clothing one day and the next an edgy outfit? We want you to know that it is perfectly ok to take fashion and make it your own.  In the next few weeks we are starting a new series called “Un-Style Me” which will give you tips and tricks to feeling comfortable embracing your unique look!  Modesty isn't about shopping at Ann Taylor and Gap.  You can express yourself in your own unique style without compromise!  Let's go on this journey together and explore all the different ways we can put an outfit together.  Click on the video below to hear more from our own Super Self-Confident, "Out of the box," Top Buttons contributor, Amanda Smith- on what to expect from this Un-Style Me series.  Click here to learn more about this fun fashionista.

What You Should Know about Top Buttons


So you may be wondering… what's Top Buttons all about?  Why do they call it "Top Buttons?"  What is their philosophy on modesty? We want you to get your fashion FIX  and get your questions ANSWERED!

In case you don't already know, Top Buttons is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization purposed  to be a modest fashion resource for young women.

So what does that mean?!!!

As a modest fashion resource, we promote TB approved fashion in the media, provide fashion ideas and help you get your hands on the clothing that has a bit more fabric.


Modesty looks different to everyone. We do NOT define modesty through specifics on how long your shorts need to be, how much cleavage is acceptable, or even how tight is "too tight."  But just because everyone's view of modesty is different, doesn't mean the topic shouldn't be addressed.

Obviously, the topic should be addressed and an alternative provided.

We don't want to put young women in a box with one particular style.  Rather we work to encourage them in their self expression through fashion, along with challenging them to recognize the influence of culture on clothing ethics.

There is this concept being pushed in media that if a young girl wants to keep her self reasonably covered, she is somehow uncomfortable with her body or seen as insecure.  At Top Buttons we most definitely disagree.  A young women can love her body without flaunting her sexuality.  But if she feels this is the only way to get noticed and this is what is acceptable and normal, it will continue to occur.

It is our heart to encourage young women to consider the "why" behind what they are wearing, and to provide a "resource" that helps them accomplish their unique yet proper fitting look for every occasion.  

What makes an article of clothing "TB approved?"

In our opinion, it's about the total look of an outfit and the message it sends rather than an individual article of clothing.  TB approved looks are those which would not be defined as provocative by current cultural standards and those which would be acceptable in most settings.

That's about all the defining you are going to get.  To learn more about what we consider TB approved attire, take a look at our online magazine content.

Where did the name Top Buttons Come from?

So, we  wanted to think of a name that was loosely connected to modesty without being direct.  Something that makes you think of "classy" and is associated with style.  After jotting down tons of ideas and narrowing it down to the top three ideas.  We let the teens decide, and they liked Top Buttons best.  There you have it!

The Top Buttons Team

From around the world, Top Buttons has a team of young Christian men and women working together to serve you!  Our dedicated staff oversee each department of our organization,  from the Online Magazine Fashion Editor, Rebekah Miura to our Education Director, Katie Deloach.

Top Buttons also has numerous contributors for our online magazine that offer up to date fashion tips and tricks!  We work to collaborate with exceptional young men and women who are passionate about this cause and those who have artistic skills to inspire your wardrobe on a day to day basis.

Click HERE to read more about our STAFF and our REGULAR CONTRIBUTORS!


Currently we operate on three main platforms: 1) The ONLINE MAG; 2) styling and educational services; and 3) wardrobe makeovers for teens in need.

1) The Online Magazine is motivated by our Motto…  Revealing Less; Expressing More! Not only are teen and collage age young people creating the content, but we feature everyday young people IN the content.  These young people can inspire you with their style and their life.  Check out our online magazine along with thousands of others each week for consistent fashion inspiration.



2)  As a part of our organization we also offer styling services. Pictured below, our TB Fashion Editor gives a style and beauty makeover.


Probably our favorite part of TB is sharing our message with young women face to face!  We have a fun and interactive program designed to challenge, encourage, and promote expression with healthy boundaries.

Top Buttons at Mercy for web

3)  We know young women can't always afford to go buy new clothing items when they need or want to.  As a part of being a modest clothing resource, we  provide young women in need with new wardrobes!

Wardrobe Makeover Best for web

How it works:

  • We accept nominations for recipients of our wardrobe makeovers from schools, religious or civic organizations.
  • The nominated teen must be female and between the ages of 13 and 17.
  • Through a review process and based on availability, we are able to provide the recipients with our TB styling services and a ton of new clothes!
  • Our wardrobe makeovers include the donation of high-end, gently used clothing and/or shopping sprees!

For more information click here!


We live in a world that rewards inappropriate and provocative behavior.  At Top Buttons, we are determined to provide a unique platform where young girls can be recognized for their individuality and their classy looks.  We understand the conflict with culture versus the young female on this challenging issue, we appreciate your support to continue propeling this movement.

Top Buttons is funded through donations!  Please share this article with your friends and family if you think they would be encouraged by what we are doing! If you would like to donate clothing, services, or financial support to our organization please contact for more info or you can easily Donate Online by clicking here.  Surviving in the super competitive fashion industry can only come from, those with a similar passion, joining together to make an impact!  Our passion is simple, young women should have the alternative which we are providing.  Our alternative isn't motivated by profit, it's motivated by protecting, encouraging, and inspiring.

What do you think about what we are doing?  We want feedback from you!

Please contact us for questions and THANK YOU FOR SHARING IN THE VISION WITH US!

The Young Women's Conference You Must Attend For 2015


On April 10-12, The Church of Rockford First hosted an event called Original Women's Conference where nearly 2,000 ladies were in attendance. This three day span of time was jam-packed with several sessions centered around God's Ever & Always kind of love.

Enjoy this brief recap video as seen on the Original Conference website.

[video type="vimeo" clip_id="91792486" width="634" height="480" byline="false" title="false" portrait="true" autoplay="false" loop="false"]


Top Buttons had the honor of bringing a fun and dynamic team of ladies to this conference.


After a long morning of travels on Thursday April 10th, our TB team went straight to the conference site at Rockford First to set up our promotional booth.

Taylor at BoothWe not only offered information about our organization, but we also sold hand-crafted button earrings and consignment clothing. All proceeds went straight to the Top Buttons' fund.

Clothes Rack

Our booth was conveniently located right next to the Teen Room so tons of young ladies were constantly stopping by our table. In addition, we neighbored another amazing organization called Sak Saum. They sell a variety of hand crafted accessories in efforts to raise money to fight against human trafficking. "Sak Saum exists to set captives free through rescue, restoration, rehabilitation and transformation," says their website.

Sak SaumNight one's sessions kicked off the conference with inspiring every lady to make a "In It For Good" commitment to Christ. Just as lover's forever latch locks onto Lover's Lock Bridge in Paris, each lady was provided with a lock and key to initial and forever lock upon fences labeled In It For Good.

Betsie's lock


Day two held just as many adventures as day one. We came across so many stylish ladies, we just had to document their outfits. Here's just a few:

Chicago OutfitsSarah (pictured top right) was visiting Rockford on a pastor's wives retreat when she came across this red Jones New York maxi dress. She shared with us that she wasn't purchasing anything new for a whole year, so it was to her luck that our items were all consignment. Scared that the red dress might clash with her hair, she tried it on anyways and came out glowing with excitement. It was made for her!

When night two finally came, our Top Buttons team had the opportunity to speak about fashion and modesty at the scheduled After Party in the Teen Room. Each team member passed out book marks with pictures and information on where to purchase key items in their outfit.

Teen Room


We loved connecting with so many new friends over common interests like our love of God and fashion. Amanda (pictured below in the hat) recently started her own consignment shop called Worth Royalty where her goal is to provide an affordable and appropriate shopping option that shows young women that they are worth royalty.

Photobooth with Amanda


Day three included life-changing sessions; last-minute sales; and lots of coffee, good-byes, and travel.

Our very own Molly Dodd and Alexis Gauthier got to meet and hand deliver custom button earrings to one of the guest speakers named Charlotte Gambill.

Molly & Charlotte[divider_line]

For outfit details on what our Top Buttons' team wore to the After Party, here's the scoop:



Taylor Murray fashioned what she likes to call a "Tomboy-meets-Feminine" look! Growing up, Taylor always leaned toward her tomboy tendencies, however, as she's matured, she's learned to incorporate her unique flair and sophistication to create a wardrobe similar to this outfit.

To purchase key items from Taylor's look:

Blazer | Boyfriend Jeans | Silver Necklace | Tortoise Watch


Betsie Amendola keeps it simple by representing her every-day "Tribal Print-Chic" look. On a typical day, you can find Betsie wearing neutral colors paired with over-sized sweaters to stay versatile and comfortable. Betsie loves shopping at Ross because it offers a more affordable selection of trendy name-brand clothes.

To purchase key items from Betsie's look:

Aztec Cardigan | Riding Pants | Bangles | Wedges


Alexis Gauthier's style changes almost as swiftly as her moods. To let you all in on a secret, for this "Classic Black & White" look, Alexis actually purchased all her items at thrift stores! Her black jumpsuit was 50% off at Salvation Army, which tallied up to about $3. While on Spring Break, a white blazer made it to the top of Alexis' Spring Must Have list, so she quickly grabbed this one off the Goodwill racks for just $6. Thrifting may take a little extra time, but with the added effort you can get current trends (as linked below) for just a fraction of the cost.

To purchase key items for Alexis' look:

White Blazer | Black Jumpsuit

There you have it! Three completely different styled looks from the hearts of the Top Buttons team to yours!



All in all, attending the Original Women's Conference in Rockford, IL was a magical experience. From the performances, to the decor, to the sermons and worship, every detail was intentionally taken care of. Our Top Buttons team had such a blast attending the sessions, representing at our booth, and even speaking to the ladies in the Teen Room at their Friday night After Party.

We had a blast, left feeling empowered, and want to encourage all of you to be at the Original Women's Conference in 2015!

Sunshine in Borås, Sweden



Spring is coming surely but slowly in Sweden. The most visible sign of this is the radiant sunshine that peaks through the clouds- on almost -a daily basis. The days are longer and people's moods are getting brighter. This time of the year is altogether joyful but always seems like a new phenomenon every year it comes. It's only now that I realize how long the winter darkness has lasted.


Ever since I remember, spring brings a radical change to the types of clothing people wear up here in the north. All of a sudden we move from very dark gloomy colors to brighter and happier tones. You can really see the transition and its impact on people's behavior.
godz6 I don't know anything better than to soak up the sun. Just recently, we really experienced some amazing weather here in Borås, Sweden. After many months of being heavily wrapped up in woolen sweaters and knits, I was able to grab a pair of open-air pumps that I have been waiting for so long to wear, paired up with a colorful top + a neat pencil skirt. This is a look I would normally sport back at my home town when going out for Saturday lunch with the girls. Sadly, though, I guess I'll still have to wait for better days to come. It's still a period when you really can't predict the weather. I guess it's just Scandinavia really...


Written by Sandra Eneh
(Sandra is a regular contributing team member for Top Buttons and has her own personal fashion blog too!  We are looking for other young fashion bloggers from around the world with a conviction for modesty in their styles.  If you are interested in being a guest or regular contributor, click here.)

A Year Round Trench


Regardless of the weather or season, jackets and coats are here to keep you comfy and cozy. But when it comes to facing elements of the outdoors, a pea coat or hoodie may not do the job. So with wool coats, hoodies, and leather jackets off the table, the only option that will keep you warm and dry is the trench coat. Not only are trench coats fashion forward, they protect your clothes from deteriorating under harsh or rainy weather. So next time you step out into the cold, snowy weather, or pouring rain, keep the trench coat in will save you AND your clothes.

Now that you have incentive to add a trench to your wardrobe, the process of finding "the one" begins. If you are looking for a trench that is versatile through all seasons, stick to the usual color palette of tan, black, navy, and often red or other blues. Going for option number two would entail trending colors such as lavender, mint, black & white prints, deep corals, and any trench that goes beyond the standard belted trench, i.e. leather inserts, rubber, hardware.

Here is our take on the trench coat!






  Trench | DressShoesHandbag | Ring

Makeup Artist: Melissa Kinsey

Photo Credit:  Moments by Jen

Still Trending: Floral Pants


Ladies, there is no need to look both ways before crossing the street in an eye catching floral look! This edgy take on a floral pant will have people clearing traffic as if the streets were a runway! With Spring on the horizon, patterned and floral pants are taking their place as the latest fad. Even though florals are rooted with a feminine touch, playing with colors and textures can take a once girlie print to an edgy style with spunk. The floral pant shown here is paired with a solid scoop neck and faux leather vest. A cap sleeve tee works just as well as a long sleeve, especially if you live in a warmer climate and the faux leather vest gives the outfit just the right amount of texture. Accessory wise, pick your pleasure: gold, silver, gunmetal, rose gold, etc. Any metal will look great against a floral, just be sure to stick with one type of metal. Add a crossbody in one of the hottest colors for spring such as blush, with an ever so classic Mary Jane pump to your look, and you are ready to take on any sidewalk or street... as if it was your own personal runway.






Vest  Scoop neck Floral pant Mary Janes Blush cross-body Ring



Makeup Artist: Melissa Kinsey

Photo credit: Moments by Jen

City Fashion Shoot Video

This video was truly a group effort.  It was directed by Mom Powers, filmed by Delaney, and edited by Taylor Murray.  While Lakeland has some great spots for photoshoots, we loved changing it up by heading over to the streets of downtown Orlando.  This shoot features some looks that we have already posted and some that are coming up in the next couple weeks.  Hope you have a great day!



The team would agree that our favorite part of the Top Button's Project is being able to Give Back.  In addition to providing cute and modest clothing styles online for young ladies to get ideas from, we take young women on shopping sprees who would not otherwise be able to do so for themselves!  As our organization continues to grow, we look to offer the Top Buttons Wardrobe Makeover opportunity for young women across the country- and more often.  At the bottom of this post are details on how to collaborate with us on this project if interested.

This month we partnered with The Core; a youth group from Epic church in Lakeland, FL.   Anastasia Malone, the host who nominated the teen chosen to be on this shopping spree, began as a leader for The Core a little over a year ago.  She shared a bit about why she volunteers to mentor youth by saying, “I do it because I have a passion for young ladies between the ages of 12-16 to see, understand and grab hold of what God has called and purposed them to do! I just love that age in general, so why not take time out of my week to just love on them!”


As we have done with shopping sprees before, we took Deni into a shop and filled 2 carts full of clothing!  Choosing clothes for Deni to try on was a fun-filled, group effort.  As the shopping progressed, the “no’s” turned into “maybe’s” and the “maybe’s” turned into “YES!”  We did have to convince her to step out of her box a bit to try on a couple items, but once she put them on, the smile of satisfaction on her face told us how pleased she was.  We enjoyed sharing ideas on how to wear different pieces in a way that would express her personal style, work with her body type, and keep her essentials covered.  After a morning of power shopping, Deni went home with several items to create a new wardrobe with!  This sweet young lady came out of the store radiating with positive energy.

And off to Peterson Park we go for Deni's photo shoot in one of her new outfits...


When asked what her favorite part of the day was, Deni said, “picking out the clothes!”  She shared how she felt honored to have been nominated, and we felt honored to have been able to provide her with this experience.



Anastasia Malone is seen below on the left, then Kenady (our TB teen team member), Deni (shopping spree winner), and Anastasia Jones (our TB Give Back Director).


All shopping sprees are funded through donations given to our non-profit organization. If you are interested in donating funds or services to provide deserving teens with a Top Buttons Wardrobe Makeover, please contact Anastasia Jones-Downing at


Written by: Anastasia Jones

Photo Credit: Shelby Danielle



All of our Top Buttons Team Members have one! This beautiful tiny button can be purchased in a vintage gold or silver for only $30! All proceeds go to support the mission of our Non-Profit organization.

• This sterling silver or gold charm was cast from an original button and then lovingly hand filed, sanded and polished by the artist that is distributing the necklaces to us.

• It measures 3/8" of an inch across and hangs from an 16" inch silver or gold chain.

It is both dainty and rustic.

Be a part of this movement for modesty by purchasing your TB Button Necklace now. Once purchased, you can expect to receive your necklace within 2 -3 weeks.

Also, you may contact us through our ( email address to let us know if you would like to order one outside of using PayPal.




  Feature (2)

These days people pay BIG money to buy "VINTAGE" looking items in retail shops.  The items may look the part, but they haven't earned the title!  We do know for some, shopping consignment  is completely out of the box.  Looking at this rack full of older fabrics and used items may not seem appealing, but we encourage you to give it a try.  If not for any other reason but to save you cash!


  Taking a consignment item and making it look up to date is possible with the right accessories.  VINTAGE 2

So...If you are in need of a couple of accessories to accompany your Consignment Dress, here are some similar items to the ones worn on Miss Aarika above.

Camel WedgesI Pave Gold Ball Tassle Necklace 


Photo Credit:  Joanna LeMasters and Taylor Flumerfelt






If you haven't already heard...Pantone LLC, an X-Rite company and the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries, announced PANTONE® 17-5641 Emerald, as the Color of the Year for 2013. This color reminds us of The Land of Oz!  Green, Green, Green has been steadily rising for a while now, especially in the fashion industry. With an appropriateness for every occasion, emerald has an elegance which makes it irresistible for women’s formal and everyday attire. 


If you are loving this color, you should definitely get at least one Emerald item for your 2013 wardrobe.  We found some options in this color for you to consider!

Old Navy has a classy Young Women's Crepe Tie-Belt Shift Dress   (as of today) in all sizes on sale for $14.99. Urban Outfitters currently has these awesome green Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High-Top Sneakers  for $45. This Vintage 70s Suede Green Cape from Other Peoples Property would be a quality item worth saving up for!  The length of the Green Double Layer Tube Skirt from Top Shop is perrrfectt for winter + it could be worn with a tank in the summer with a purchase price of $40.

If you purchase any of the items we share on our blog, we'd love to hear about it.  Maybe even see a picture?!  You could share them with us directly on our Facebook page or on Instagram with a @topbuttons tag in the comment under the image.  Thanks for stopping by!


Photo Credit:  Kayla Anderson



I remember traveling to Quito, South America years ago with a ministry that I was involved with. On this particular trip I had made a pact with the girls on the team that I would NOT wear any makeup for the whole time. Being considered "high maintenance" is somewhat of a problem when traveling with those that are not. But I gladly agreed, accepting the challenge. Actually though, not being able to look in a mirror, fix our hair, or wear stylish feminine clothing was not really a problem for any of us. The focus was on meeting the needs of others. We journeyed deep into the Amazon rain forest. Our team traveled on a bus up steep single lane pathways until we hit a mudslide where all traffic was at a stand still. We continued on foot until we were able to jump in the back of a pick up truck, then camped with a YWAM base, and flew in a 6 seater prop plane into a small village in the middle of the jungle. As we landed on the dirt runway we witnessed the killing of a pig that would be served in our honor at a dinner later that evening.

Standing out in my mind were the children of this village. They had extreme cases of head lice which were clearly visible with their dark hair. Yet without toys, running water, or electricity, these children were all smiles the entire time. We didn't speak the same language, but we communicated through the missionaries that traveled with us. The way the people of this village worked together as a team, respecting each other and our group of outsiders, spoke volumes about their character.  They made more of an impact on my life than I could have ever made on theirs.

In America, we don’t live in extreme environments where we are FORCED to consider the needs of others. In our country, in many ways we are pushed to do the exact opposite.


We want attention.

We will get attention from immodest behavior and dress.

Therefore, we must push the lines of immodest behavior to get the attention we desire.

Honestly, it appears many people, young and old, men and women, are completely aware of the affect they have on the opposite sex with how they dress. Yet this knowledge inspires more immodesty and not less.

How we looked as young women in this particular environment, more than others, was not important. These people were just interested in the love and message we had to share.  Even though most of us viewing this blog do not live in a third world country, is it nonsense to consider others when we get dressed in the morning? Should we feel a responsibility for the weakness of others? Do we want people to be considerate of our challenges and struggles in other areas? Does dressing modestly always keep someone from sexual thoughts? If you believe in the Bible as we do, what does it have to say about prioritizing the needs of others over our own? While many of us don't live in a third world country, what can we learn from people and culture who prioritize the group over individual wants?

Written by:  Sarah Powers

These are some of the actual photos taken on the mission trip described above.