What You Should Know about Top Buttons


So you may be wondering… what's Top Buttons all about?  Why do they call it "Top Buttons?"  What is their philosophy on modesty? We want you to get your fashion FIX  and get your questions ANSWERED!

In case you don't already know, Top Buttons is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization purposed  to be a modest fashion resource for young women.

So what does that mean?!!!

As a modest fashion resource, we promote TB approved fashion in the media, provide fashion ideas and help you get your hands on the clothing that has a bit more fabric.


Modesty looks different to everyone. We do NOT define modesty through specifics on how long your shorts need to be, how much cleavage is acceptable, or even how tight is "too tight."  But just because everyone's view of modesty is different, doesn't mean the topic shouldn't be addressed.

Obviously, the topic should be addressed and an alternative provided.

We don't want to put young women in a box with one particular style.  Rather we work to encourage them in their self expression through fashion, along with challenging them to recognize the influence of culture on clothing ethics.

There is this concept being pushed in media that if a young girl wants to keep her self reasonably covered, she is somehow uncomfortable with her body or seen as insecure.  At Top Buttons we most definitely disagree.  A young women can love her body without flaunting her sexuality.  But if she feels this is the only way to get noticed and this is what is acceptable and normal, it will continue to occur.

It is our heart to encourage young women to consider the "why" behind what they are wearing, and to provide a "resource" that helps them accomplish their unique yet proper fitting look for every occasion.  

What makes an article of clothing "TB approved?"

In our opinion, it's about the total look of an outfit and the message it sends rather than an individual article of clothing.  TB approved looks are those which would not be defined as provocative by current cultural standards and those which would be acceptable in most settings.

That's about all the defining you are going to get.  To learn more about what we consider TB approved attire, take a look at our online magazine content.

Where did the name Top Buttons Come from?

So, we  wanted to think of a name that was loosely connected to modesty without being direct.  Something that makes you think of "classy" and is associated with style.  After jotting down tons of ideas and narrowing it down to the top three ideas.  We let the teens decide, and they liked Top Buttons best.  There you have it!

The Top Buttons Team

From around the world, Top Buttons has a team of young Christian men and women working together to serve you!  Our dedicated staff oversee each department of our organization,  from the Online Magazine Fashion Editor, Rebekah Miura to our Education Director, Katie Deloach.

Top Buttons also has numerous contributors for our online magazine that offer up to date fashion tips and tricks!  We work to collaborate with exceptional young men and women who are passionate about this cause and those who have artistic skills to inspire your wardrobe on a day to day basis.

Click HERE to read more about our STAFF and our REGULAR CONTRIBUTORS!


Currently we operate on three main platforms: 1) The ONLINE MAG; 2) styling and educational services; and 3) wardrobe makeovers for teens in need.

1) The Online Magazine is motivated by our Motto…  Revealing Less; Expressing More! Not only are teen and collage age young people creating the content, but we feature everyday young people IN the content.  These young people can inspire you with their style and their life.  Check out our online magazine along with thousands of others each week for consistent fashion inspiration.



2)  As a part of our organization we also offer styling services. Pictured below, our TB Fashion Editor gives a style and beauty makeover.


Probably our favorite part of TB is sharing our message with young women face to face!  We have a fun and interactive program designed to challenge, encourage, and promote expression with healthy boundaries.

Top Buttons at Mercy for web

3)  We know young women can't always afford to go buy new clothing items when they need or want to.  As a part of being a modest clothing resource, we  provide young women in need with new wardrobes!

Wardrobe Makeover Best for web

How it works:

  • We accept nominations for recipients of our wardrobe makeovers from schools, religious or civic organizations.
  • The nominated teen must be female and between the ages of 13 and 17.
  • Through a review process and based on availability, we are able to provide the recipients with our TB styling services and a ton of new clothes!
  • Our wardrobe makeovers include the donation of high-end, gently used clothing and/or shopping sprees!

For more information click here!


We live in a world that rewards inappropriate and provocative behavior.  At Top Buttons, we are determined to provide a unique platform where young girls can be recognized for their individuality and their classy looks.  We understand the conflict with culture versus the young female on this challenging issue, we appreciate your support to continue propeling this movement.

Top Buttons is funded through donations!  Please share this article with your friends and family if you think they would be encouraged by what we are doing! If you would like to donate clothing, services, or financial support to our organization please contact Chris@topbuttons.org for more info or you can easily Donate Online by clicking here.  Surviving in the super competitive fashion industry can only come from, those with a similar passion, joining together to make an impact!  Our passion is simple, young women should have the alternative which we are providing.  Our alternative isn't motivated by profit, it's motivated by protecting, encouraging, and inspiring.

What do you think about what we are doing?  We want feedback from you!

Please contact us for questions and THANK YOU FOR SHARING IN THE VISION WITH US!

The Young Women's Conference You Must Attend For 2015


On April 10-12, The Church of Rockford First hosted an event called Original Women's Conference where nearly 2,000 ladies were in attendance. This three day span of time was jam-packed with several sessions centered around God's Ever & Always kind of love.

Enjoy this brief recap video as seen on the Original Conference website.

[video type="vimeo" clip_id="91792486" width="634" height="480" byline="false" title="false" portrait="true" autoplay="false" loop="false"]


Top Buttons had the honor of bringing a fun and dynamic team of ladies to this conference.


After a long morning of travels on Thursday April 10th, our TB team went straight to the conference site at Rockford First to set up our promotional booth.

Taylor at BoothWe not only offered information about our organization, but we also sold hand-crafted button earrings and consignment clothing. All proceeds went straight to the Top Buttons' fund.

Clothes Rack

Our booth was conveniently located right next to the Teen Room so tons of young ladies were constantly stopping by our table. In addition, we neighbored another amazing organization called Sak Saum. They sell a variety of hand crafted accessories in efforts to raise money to fight against human trafficking. "Sak Saum exists to set captives free through rescue, restoration, rehabilitation and transformation," says their website.

Sak SaumNight one's sessions kicked off the conference with inspiring every lady to make a "In It For Good" commitment to Christ. Just as lover's forever latch locks onto Lover's Lock Bridge in Paris, each lady was provided with a lock and key to initial and forever lock upon fences labeled In It For Good.

Betsie's lock


Day two held just as many adventures as day one. We came across so many stylish ladies, we just had to document their outfits. Here's just a few:

Chicago OutfitsSarah (pictured top right) was visiting Rockford on a pastor's wives retreat when she came across this red Jones New York maxi dress. She shared with us that she wasn't purchasing anything new for a whole year, so it was to her luck that our items were all consignment. Scared that the red dress might clash with her hair, she tried it on anyways and came out glowing with excitement. It was made for her!

When night two finally came, our Top Buttons team had the opportunity to speak about fashion and modesty at the scheduled After Party in the Teen Room. Each team member passed out book marks with pictures and information on where to purchase key items in their outfit.

Teen Room


We loved connecting with so many new friends over common interests like our love of God and fashion. Amanda (pictured below in the hat) recently started her own consignment shop called Worth Royalty where her goal is to provide an affordable and appropriate shopping option that shows young women that they are worth royalty.

Photobooth with Amanda


Day three included life-changing sessions; last-minute sales; and lots of coffee, good-byes, and travel.

Our very own Molly Dodd and Alexis Gauthier got to meet and hand deliver custom button earrings to one of the guest speakers named Charlotte Gambill.

Molly & Charlotte[divider_line]

For outfit details on what our Top Buttons' team wore to the After Party, here's the scoop:



Taylor Murray fashioned what she likes to call a "Tomboy-meets-Feminine" look! Growing up, Taylor always leaned toward her tomboy tendencies, however, as she's matured, she's learned to incorporate her unique flair and sophistication to create a wardrobe similar to this outfit.

To purchase key items from Taylor's look:

Blazer | Boyfriend Jeans | Silver Necklace | Tortoise Watch


Betsie Amendola keeps it simple by representing her every-day "Tribal Print-Chic" look. On a typical day, you can find Betsie wearing neutral colors paired with over-sized sweaters to stay versatile and comfortable. Betsie loves shopping at Ross because it offers a more affordable selection of trendy name-brand clothes.

To purchase key items from Betsie's look:

Aztec Cardigan | Riding Pants | Bangles | Wedges


Alexis Gauthier's style changes almost as swiftly as her moods. To let you all in on a secret, for this "Classic Black & White" look, Alexis actually purchased all her items at thrift stores! Her black jumpsuit was 50% off at Salvation Army, which tallied up to about $3. While on Spring Break, a white blazer made it to the top of Alexis' Spring Must Have list, so she quickly grabbed this one off the Goodwill racks for just $6. Thrifting may take a little extra time, but with the added effort you can get current trends (as linked below) for just a fraction of the cost.

To purchase key items for Alexis' look:

White Blazer | Black Jumpsuit

There you have it! Three completely different styled looks from the hearts of the Top Buttons team to yours!



All in all, attending the Original Women's Conference in Rockford, IL was a magical experience. From the performances, to the decor, to the sermons and worship, every detail was intentionally taken care of. Our Top Buttons team had such a blast attending the sessions, representing at our booth, and even speaking to the ladies in the Teen Room at their Friday night After Party.

We had a blast, left feeling empowered, and want to encourage all of you to be at the Original Women's Conference in 2015!

Shades of Red: Shopping One Color at a Time


[h2]Over the next few weeks Top Buttons will be posting a series of articles that cater to YOUR color needs. Stay tuned as Alexis posts updates on the rest of the colors of the rainbow as we go in order using the standard ROY-G-BIV format. Keep in mind that all of the included items will always be under $50! So, whether you're shopping for a personal favorite color, shopping to match a specific color scheme for an event, or shopping to meet this season's trends, Top Buttons is your source for all fashion finds.[/h2]  



Red dress $24 - chiarafashion.co.uk "You can't go wrong with chiffon and burgundy. They're among the most-wanted trends this season."


H M red flannel shirt $25 - hm.com "You won't regret purchasing this flannel shirt. It's the perfect thing to throw on for a comfy look."


Old Navy sweatshirt $20 - oldnavy.gap.com "Who doesn't love Coca Cola? Rep this timeless brand in this warm sweater."


Lucky Brand bleached jeans $35 - luckybrand.com "What a steal! These pants are normally $70 AND they're corduroy."

Converse sneaker $45 - dsw.com "Chuck Taylor's were cool in the 70's and they're still cool today. Purchase these shoes and they'll last you a lifetime."


Accessorize red handbag $28 - accessorize.com "These handbags are just darling! This red satchel makes a bold statement and can carry all of your daily essentials."


Rose earrings $3.38 - etsy.com "Studded earrings are classy, especially roses like these. You won't even know you're wearing earrings because they're so lightweight."


American Eagle Outfitters ribbed slouchy beanie $9.57 - ae.com "A good slouchy beanie is just what the hairstylist ordered for a bad-hair-day. Throw this on real quick, and you won't have to worry about your hair for the rest of the day."


Collection XIIX round scarf $28 - nordstrom.com "Infinity scarves are a never-ending trend. (Pun-intended). Pair this with a basic outfit to add a pop of color on a chilly day."


PurMinerals lip shine $15 - kohls.com "Sometimes a good lip color is all you need to be noticeable."


Topshop nail polish $8 - nordstrom.com "Let your nails be a blank canvas & don't be afraid to be daring with this red nail polish."


[h1]We hope you enjoyed our Shades of Red feature. Give us feedback and make requests below so we can feature the trends and colors you'd like to see next. [/h1]

A Winter Wardrobe with a Southern Belle


Top Buttons recently had the opportunity to do a photo shoot and interview with Kayleigh Butler -- a Florida-livin' college student originally from Kentucky. She shared all the secrets behind her favorite winter look and even gave some insight on how she incorporates her Southern Belle roots into a classy and collected wardrobe. kayleigh999

Because shades of maroon and burgundy are among the trendiest colors this season, Kayleigh centered her whole outfit around this maroon oversized sweater that she purchased from the men's department at Salvation Army during a 50% off sale. Similar sweaters can be found at Forever 21 | Target | American Eagle or other stores.

Kayleigh's creme colored cardi can be found at Charlotte Russe. She recommended this cardigan because it's comfortable, versatile, and oversized. Charlotte Russe sells cardigans in all kinds of styles, prints, and materials.


 "My favorite thing about this outfit was that it was comfortable and warm, which is perfect for the winter weather -- and the best part is that it didn't even take that much effort to put together."


These tan southern boots are the same tones as the leaves. Kayleigh received  these gorgeous boots as a Christmas gift last year, so she was unsure where they were purchased, however boots inspired by this look can be found at Sears  |  Forever 21  |  Target  and other stores that sell shoes.


White is a timeless and classy staple. Kayleigh incorporated the bubble necklace look to add some contrast to her bold sweater. Accomplish the same chunky jewelry look by shopping at Charlotte Russe just like she did.



Arm candy is always a MUST. The saying goes "Less is more," but here at Top Buttons we think that bracelets are the exception when done right and we applaud anyone who pulls off this look with class.

  • Kayleigh's bow bracelet was purchased at Kohl's, but a variety of bow-inspired bracelets can be found on Etsy.
  • The watch is a Betsy Johnson original, which can be expensive sometimes, but it's worth treating yourself for the quality and brand. Cheaper variations are featured on Etsy by searching "Bling watch". A cute one is found here.
  • Cross bracelets are trending in today's fashion. It's a great way to represent God and incorporate class. These bracelets are sold at all kinds of stores like Claire's |  Etsy  | Kohl's | and even Charming Charlie -- which is where Kayleigh scored hers. (What's so great about Charming Charlie is that the WHOLE store is color coordinated and organized.)

"I just like to keep my outfits cute and comfortable. I love outfits that I can take from daytime to night-time with just a little switch."