Thrifty Thursday: Three Church Outfits on a Budget


[blockquote]It's always important to look your best and present yourself with class -- and that most certainly shouldn't change just because you're going to church. You don't have to wear a dress that goes down to your ankles or clunky penny-loafers to be presentable for church either. Check out these three different -- yet modest and cute -- outfits on a budget![/blockquote] (To see where we found each item of clothing for sale, click on the smaller pictures.)

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[blockquote]Part of shopping on a budget and finding good deals means that you compare prices and weigh out your options. Do a Google shopping search to find items at different prices and stores that look alike. Then, check the ratings of the product and site. If you need more tips, feel free to email[/blockquote]



[blockquote]When you are replicating a look, make sure to make it your own. That's why we selected a shirt that's different, but still very inspired. Think about what items in an outfit really stand out to you and WHY! If you really like Carrie's shoes, then find similar ones and create your own outfits centered around that piece.[/blockquote]


[blockquote]This last look can be pulled together from so many basic items in your wardrobe, and since all of the pieces are neutral colors in black, white, and gold, they would be an investment to purchase because you'll be able to wear them again and again. [/blockquote][divider_line]

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Shades of Red: Shopping One Color at a Time


[h2]Over the next few weeks Top Buttons will be posting a series of articles that cater to YOUR color needs. Stay tuned as Alexis posts updates on the rest of the colors of the rainbow as we go in order using the standard ROY-G-BIV format. Keep in mind that all of the included items will always be under $50! So, whether you're shopping for a personal favorite color, shopping to match a specific color scheme for an event, or shopping to meet this season's trends, Top Buttons is your source for all fashion finds.[/h2]  



Red dress $24 - "You can't go wrong with chiffon and burgundy. They're among the most-wanted trends this season."


H M red flannel shirt $25 - "You won't regret purchasing this flannel shirt. It's the perfect thing to throw on for a comfy look."


Old Navy sweatshirt $20 - "Who doesn't love Coca Cola? Rep this timeless brand in this warm sweater."


Lucky Brand bleached jeans $35 - "What a steal! These pants are normally $70 AND they're corduroy."

Converse sneaker $45 - "Chuck Taylor's were cool in the 70's and they're still cool today. Purchase these shoes and they'll last you a lifetime."


Accessorize red handbag $28 - "These handbags are just darling! This red satchel makes a bold statement and can carry all of your daily essentials."


Rose earrings $3.38 - "Studded earrings are classy, especially roses like these. You won't even know you're wearing earrings because they're so lightweight."


American Eagle Outfitters ribbed slouchy beanie $9.57 - "A good slouchy beanie is just what the hairstylist ordered for a bad-hair-day. Throw this on real quick, and you won't have to worry about your hair for the rest of the day."


Collection XIIX round scarf $28 - "Infinity scarves are a never-ending trend. (Pun-intended). Pair this with a basic outfit to add a pop of color on a chilly day."


PurMinerals lip shine $15 - "Sometimes a good lip color is all you need to be noticeable."


Topshop nail polish $8 - "Let your nails be a blank canvas & don't be afraid to be daring with this red nail polish."


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A Western Winter Look on a Budget


Meet Alexis -- Top Button's Fashion Cents coordinator. She specializes in making fashion affordable for any budget and she's also known for bringing the most unconventional colors and patterns alive throughout any season. alexis11


Her floral denim jacket was purchased last winter at American Eagle with a gift card that she received for Christmas. Alexis only feels comfortable to splurge on one item when she gets to spend her gift cards, but even this jacket was on sale for $25.


Today she wears a cream lace Papaya dress that she purchased for only $6 at Goodwill. The inspiration of this whole outfit was centered around this dress.


The pink-ish tan tights were just $2 brand new from Goodwill, but were originally from Target.


Last, but certainly not least, are her genuine cowgirl boots purchased for just $3 at Salvation Army during their 50% off sale. Every season, Alexis  creates a "fashion must-have wish list" and a pair of cowgirl boots made the cut. When she spotted these shoes and they were the perfect fit, she felt like she was caught in the middle of a western Cinderella story.

The total cost of this outfit was just $36! 

(However, if you keep in mind that the jacket was purchased with a gift card, this outfit only cost Alexis $11 total!)

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