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What We Do

Top Buttons is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, charitable and educational organization building self-esteem through fashion in young women. Through our online platforms, educational events, clothing boutique, and program for teens in need, Top Buttons empowers young women with the resources they need to present their best self to the world without compromise.




In a culture which is often motivated by profit, shock value, and the exploitation of women, Top Buttons provides an alternative and positive fashion resource through which young women can be a part of and gain from.


Building self-esteem from the inside out remains the heart of our organization.  We believe a young woman can express herself without compromising values or denying personality when the right resources exist.



Each year more than 300 young women in need receive confidence building educational sessions, ongoing mentorship, and new wardrobes of free, proper fitting attire for work, school and every day.


How You Can Help


“Top Buttons is more than a fashion consult, they are in the business of creating a lasting impact in girls lives in a way that is often overlooked."

Margaret Connelly, PACE Social Services Manager