As a Top Buttons’ Affiliate, you will have access to our systems of operation and ongoing support as you build up young women in your community. Our affiliate core values are centered on togetherness, originality and pursuing the potential that exists in every young women.

“T” Together

Let us help you, help others. Don’t go it alone! Nonprofit services work best when groups of people come together to serve a community. If you are looking to build self worth in young women, you can join our Top Buttons Family and together we can bring our unique programs to your city.

“O” Original

The Top Buttons model is specifically designed to focus on building up girls inside and out with an emphasis on positive body image. Our programs are impactful because of how we serve, educate and equip with our original program designs while partnering with local organizations who serve young women.

“P” POtential

The potential is there, you can see it! You see it in the young women around you and you see it in the opportunity to provide this unique ministry to your community. Join with us to provide desperately needed resources for young women which will help them reach their goals and fulfill their God given purpose.