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These days people pay BIG money to buy "VINTAGE" looking items in retail shops.  The items may look the part, but they haven't earned the title!  We do know for some, shopping consignment  is completely out of the box.  Looking at this rack full of older fabrics and used items may not seem appealing, but we encourage you to give it a try.  If not for any other reason but to save you cash!


  Taking a consignment item and making it look up to date is possible with the right accessories.  VINTAGE 2

So...If you are in need of a couple of accessories to accompany your Consignment Dress, here are some similar items to the ones worn on Miss Aarika above.

Camel WedgesI Pave Gold Ball Tassle Necklace 


Photo Credit:  Joanna LeMasters and Taylor Flumerfelt






EM 1

Jumper Dresses are typically meant to be worn over a blouse. Even though the jumper dress isn't always available in the trendy shops, we feel this style could be worn by most body types year round! This Vintage Country Charm look is pulled off nicely with the plaid + consignment horse buckle belt.

EM 2

Why not throw in some animal print? These Women's Mossimo® Vianca Tuxedo Flats work quite nicely with this outfit.

EM 3

EM 4

The Jumper Dress isn't easy to find. But our online search did yield some results! Etsy and Polyvore are great resources to find some of the more difficult items.


Click here to purchase this jumper dress for $30


Click here to buy this Bow-Accent Jumper Dress for $31.50

Stylist: Dana Roquemore

Photo Credit: Joanna LeMasters and Taylor Flumerfelt



Kenady is our Modesty On The Streets (MOTS) Rep of Lakeland, FL.  Here she is seen wearing clothing from Other People’s Property.  Exact items she is wearing can be purchased from their online consignment shop. To piece together a similar outfit, search the racks of your local consignment shop!

Similar lace up booties can be purchased for $25 here.

Finding this length in a skirt is no easy task when shopping in most retail stores and the button down shirt has unique detail that is more typical with a vintage style.  If you aren't up for the challenge of consignment shopping and OPP has sold this item already, We have found an online site that carries a top like this one.

Side Note:  At Top Buttons, we love many styles from Urban Outfitters, H&M, Top Shop, etc…., BUT not all items sold in these stores could be considered modest.  In our opinion, see-through tops should always have a thin camisole underneath to keep undergarments unseen.  Wearing the fun new styles, and keeping it classy takes extra effort.  We believe it’s worth it and absolutely REASONABLE.

Stylist: Dana Roquemore

Photo Credit:  Joanna LeMasters and Taylor Flumerfelt