Living a Confidence-Filled Life


Confidence; something us girls hope to wake up with, but just do not know where to find it.

We want to put on any outfit and feel good about ourselves. If we were honest, we would say that a good majority of the time we do not feel confident in who we are. I know in my case, when I was in middle school and high school, I felt no confidence whatsoever. I felt like I always looked bad in what I wore, that I did not fit in, and a lot of times, I felt like I was not good enough for anything or anyone. I am sure many of you feel or have felt the same way! Although I do believe that what you put on the outside will affect the way other people see you, I do not believe that is the most important thing.

The way you see yourself will be the way other people see you, and that comes from how you feel on the inside.


What is really interesting to me, and took a long time to figure out, is that weight does not matter.

What? I know when I found this out I was amazed too! I always wondered why I never felt good in my body, people would be like, “get over yourself, you're skinny”, but that never helped at all. There was still something wrong, and I continued to feel uncomfortable in my own body. I started to think and ask some people who seemed to be confident and healthy looking, and I was shocked with what I was told, it’s not about my weight, but it’s all about how I treat my body, and guess what, they were right. I started to regularly exercise, drink more water, eat whole foods, and cut out excessive sugar, and I started to see a change in my life. I started to feel more confident in my abilities and in my body.

Going back to the statement I made before, “The way you see yourself will be the way other people see you," is extremely important to still think about and apply on top of taking care of your body. Have you ever heard of the statement “you are what you eat?” Well this is kind of like that,  but more “you are what you speak.” Once I started telling myself I was pretty, smart, and successful, I started to become those things and people started to see the change in me!

So let’s ditch the statements that put us down and hold on to the truths we know to be true about ourselves!


TIP: Some days you are still going to wake up and feel not your best, but what I do every morning is declare to myself, “I will have a great day, and today is a day full of confidence!”

Want to know more about how to live a confident filled life? Stay tuned for more of our healthy living articles!  Next one, importance of drinking water and tips for drinking all the water you need in a day!

Top Button's Teen Spotlight with Scout Hunt


Scout Hunt is a 14 year old photographer who is living proof that dedication and passion lead to success. Scout first made a social connection with us via Instagram and we quickly fell in love with her creative eye behind the camera lens.

The verse 1 Timothy 4:12 came to mind when we first discovered how young Scout was:

"Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity."

In efforts to inspire YOU to continue doing what you love, we've conducted a brief interview with photos from Scout's portfolio.


ASHphotographie Photos by Scout Hunt

1. What sparked your interest in photography? How old were you when you started, and did it come naturally for you? Feel free to describe any struggles or frustrations you had along the journey.

"I was in California for several weeks during the summer after seventh grade and my uncle brought his Canon camera and showed me how to use it. He let me take random photos of grass and things with his lenses and I really enjoyed it. He thought I was doing fairly well so encouraged me to continue it.

When we got back to Florida I began searching on eBay and Craigslist for a Canon DSLR that I could afford. I ended up finding his exact camera at a great price and buying it. I learned nearly everything from Pinterest articles, like how to shoot in manual mode, lighting tips, and editing tutorials. When I look back at some of my first portraits I realize how, honestly, bad they were. But at the time I was very proud of them so I did not really encounter too much frustration.

The hardest part about it was learning how to shoot in complete manual and how to edit well. But, through practice it slowly came together to produce better and better photos."

2. What kind of photography do you enjoy the most? "I mainly enjoy portraits because people can give feedback and I love the accomplishment of someone absolutely loving a photo, but I wish I was really good at landscapes because I think those are so beautiful."

ASHphotographiePhotos by Scout Hunt

3. What word of advice would you give other teenage girls towards pursuing their interests? "It's very important to pursue your interests because of where they could take you and how enjoyable it is to do something you're passionate about."

4. What do you want to be when you "grow up"? "I actually want to be a director, but always continue photography."

5. A lot of people use their hobbies to express themselves, to cope with emotions, or simply because they love the rewarding feeling of accomplishment. How do you feel when you capture a photo you really like? And what's your muse or inspiration behind photography? "Whenever I capture a photo I really like, I try to pass my excitement to the person I'm photographing because when they love the photo just as much as I do I know I accomplished my goal. My main inspiration generally comes from when I see photos other photographers have taken, then I want to capture a photo just as pretty."

Photos by Scout Hunt

6. What's your perspective on modesty? How would you define it? "I would define modesty as respecting yourself and your worth in the way that you dress and carry yourself."

7. We've recently been doing a "Good Girls Deserve Props" campaign amongst the youth, where we highlight young ladies who are doing good. In what ways would you say you and your friends are doing good? Any friends you want to give a shout out to? "My friend Hannah Williams has been volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters which is an organization that pairs  youth with 'Big Brothers" and "Big Sisters" who they can develop a one-on-one relationship with. The big siblings also tutor them, help them with homework, play games with them, or just help them out where they need it. Quite a few other friends volunteer at Parker Street Ministries where they also work with young children. Also many of my friends help out with Tennis for Tumors which raises money for brain tumor research."


As you can see, Scout not only has an eye for photography, but a mind for modesty! She took the initiative to pursue her passion for photography and through hard work and dedication, she has excelled drastically. She definitely makes our list of Good Girls who Deserve Props by promoting modesty through her photographs and by spreading love through volunteering with her friends at various organizations.

On that note, we encourage YOU to pursue your passions and spread love too!

Trendy Tuesday: Cold-Snap Sweatshirts

We all own them, but usually try to avoid them like the plague: sweatshirts. For years, they've been seen as cheap, frumpy, uncool, and unstylish. But this Spring, with the continuation of cooler weather, we're giving you the okay - in fact, we're urging you on! - to wear sweatshirts. No longer are they plain and boring, these days they are full of all shapes, styles, and colors of fun prints, designs, appliques, and bedazzlement. We've found a handful from all your favorite stores - Forever 21, Topshop, H&M, and ASOS - that you're bound to love. So don't feel bad! When you see the temperature dropping, grab an easy but cute sweatshirt and head out the door comfy and in style! 1. Easy-As-Pie Prints


This Topshop find brings back the preppy cuteness of plaid but keeps it comfy for the chilly days ahead! $58


Another cute Topshop sweatshirt... This tropical print reminds us of summer! $58


This sweet Forever 21 find won't break the bank, but is sure to keep you styled through the chilly weather! $14


We're loving the stained glass print to this ASOS sweatshirt! $65


2. Cutesy Designs!


Not sure we can think of anything cooler than combining a geometric print with Kermit the frog. This Forever 21 sweatshirt will showcase the child in you, but still make Kermit cool as an adult. $23


Calling all inner-geeks! Let it out and show your love for superheros! This Forever 21 sweatshirt is all about Iron Man, but there are tons more just like it in different colors with different Marvel heroes on them as well! $20


This H&M sweatshirt is simple but fun with embroidery that gives the shirt a "puffy" look to it! $40


3. Exciting Embellishments


The embroidery on this Forever 21 sweatshirt is what makes it stand out. Pair this subtle sweater with colorful printed jeans and you're in for a fun & fashionable day! $14


Feeling a little edgy? The faux leather and short studs add intrigue to this simple black sweatshirt. $17


Unlike a lot of other embellished sweatshirts out there, this black Forever 21 sweatshirt ops to leave the shoulders bare of embellishment in favor of the lower half of the sleeves. How cute are these rhinestones?? Sure to add a little bling and shine a chilly day. $28


Lastly, we couldn't leave out this adorable ASOS sweater. Disney? Sheer sleeves?? Yes please! $56


Stay warm, lovely ladies!

And if you like to stay on trend, make sure you catch all our other Trendy Tuesdays! From contrast-collared shirts to bomber jackets, cutesy shoes to holographic styles, we've got you covered!

Top Buttons Funny Valentine's Video: If All Else Fails, Just Eat Chocolate

This video was filmed while having our TB Valentine's Party!  The girls were asked to share about how they would be spending their Valentine's Day.  It turned out so funny that we just had to share it!  Hope you had a good Valentine's Week!  




Anyone who knows me [Katie] knows that I adore a cute, girly Lilly Pulitzer dress. Lilly dresses can be expensive but if you’re shopping on a budget and don't mind waiting for the sales, they can be affordable. My secret is buying the junior girls dresses. These dresses can be $100.00 to $200.00 dollars cheaper than the women’s dresses. Not all of the junior girls dresses work for my body type, it is important to make sure they’re not too short, but when I find the right one I make sure to add certain accessories that I know will complete the look. Personally some of my favorite accessories are my monogram necklace, bubble necklace, Michael Kors watch, and Tory Burch flats. Now I know these accessories I chose are not cheap, but if you shop the outlets, you can save a bundle, or shop for cheaper accessories that will look just as great! katie4




If junior girls dresses don’t work for your body type then Lilly Pulitzer has 2 major online sales per year with certain boutiques participating: the New Year Cheer sale and the Endless Summer sale. During these sales dresses can be up to 75 % off. It can be difficult to wait for these sales but if you have your eye on an expensive dress, it is well worth it. In saying that, not every Lilly Pulitzer dress is as expensive as others, they have cute t-shirt dresses that are under $100.00. The t-shirt dresses are functional because you can dress them up or down by simply changing your accessories. They are great investment pieces for all seasons.

So if you are a petite young women, you might want to keep this idea in mind for your next purchase! Just watch out for the issue of length... Personally, I work to keep the dresses and skirts at least to mid thigh.
Have a great day,



With longer legs come greater challenges to dress modestly, especially with the current trends.  The goal is not to set a standard by which all judgements on modesty should be made, but rather offer a perspective and some suggestions to consider when shopping with modesty in mind from one tall girl to another.  Miss Amelia with her breathtaking smile and gorgeous long blonde hair,  is 5 feet 9 inches tall. She is a full head taller than most of her peers.


The issue of finding dresses and shorts that reach her mid thigh has been a challenge for her for many years.  If a person is petite or average in height, they might not realize just how difficult it is to find stores and styles that offer more conservative options for taller girls. Tall girls living in the southern states might have even more trouble.  With skimpy summer trends and squelching heat comes the battle of flesh versus staying true to values.

"It is possible, if you are willing to work at it," says the resident tall girl, Miss Amelia. She was all smiles as she shared her challenges and the tricks that she has learned to dress with dignity, despite the push of the culture to do the opposite.



 When asked which stores she has the best luck finding clothes that fit her tall frame and body type, she said, "I get most of my shorts from J Crew, and occasionally Loft.  The 'teenager stores' don't make an alternative for taller girls like me. Their options generally consist of short and shorter. Both J Crew and Loft make it so easy to wear longer shorts, because they have all the same patterns but offer them in a 3, 5, or 8-inch length."  The petite young woman could more easily find shorts that reach mid thigh, while someone with Amelia's height might have to wear at least a 5 or 8 inch inseam to even get close to mid thigh.  Then there are the "bermudas."  Not everyone is fond of this knee length style.  They are, however, a super safe option. Some might argue that they don't look fantastic on their body type.  This thought process is likely encouraged by the current trends to wear shorts that barely cover one's bottom.  When all the fashion magazines show styles and celebrities wearing super short shorts, it seems natural that many would want to do the same.  But that doesn't mean that they should!

IMG_7682 text


Taller girls may also be limited in the current trends they can wear modestly.  Responding to this idea, Amelia said that a trend she wished she could pull off is the high waisted shorts.  "They look so cute on petite girls with a tucked in shirt and the right accessories.  But when I wear them it seems like all you see are my mile long legs!  Unfortunately that's one trend I've had to give up on."  She also admitted that she doesn't always wear the longer shorts, but that she tries her best to balance it out by wearing a looser fitted shirt that undeniably provides full coverage on top to balance the outfit out.

Here are some trends that Amelia likes to wear and she added some tips to make the trend more modest for the tall girl.


The Tunic is adorable to wear to outdoor lunches and beachy events, but she recommends wearing thicker leggings, jeggings, or even comfy skinny jeans underneath.  Otherwise, if you bend over at all, everything will be exposed.




The patterned shirt dress is classy.  And this particular dress does hit mid thigh on Amelia, but she still feels more comfortable in it (especially in this time of year) with a pair of tights and tall boots.  It must be added that with this young lady, an outfit isn't complete without the right accessories!




With the longer length of this dress hitting just above her knee, she  feels comfortable wearing the wedges to make it dressier.  Often times a shorter dress paired with high heeled shoes make the dress appear even shorter.  This is something for the tall girl to keep in mind when trying to dress more modestly.


 So what can keep a tall girl motivated when the modest fashion odds are stacked up against her?  Good role models? A scripture verse?  Accountability?  Any and all of these ideas would be valid and helpful.  Amelia comes from a large family.  She has 5 brothers, and 17 cousins.  There are many little eyes looking up to her which keeps her in check.  "Since my family is pretty close I have my brothers that constantly monitor my outfits. They make their opinions pretty vocal and will let me know if they think I’m wearing something too short, even when I don't ask for their opinion." In addition to sharing about her young family members, She said that her Mother has been a great example and has encouraged her along the way. "My mom is an influence that helps me keep my standards high. Since she is also tall and has shown me great alternatives while being fashionable. I also stay motivated knowing that I don’t dress to impress people on earth, but want to be a representation of Christ through the way I look and act," she said.


It is safe to conclude that it does take more effort to find decent clothing for the taller young lady, but like Amelia says, "don’t give in to what everyone else says is 'normal.'  "I know first hand that being tall and modest is a hard combination, but it builds character and makes your outfits worth the extra effort. I have one last tip when buying shorts or dresses that are a little shorter," She continued. "Try buying a size up from what you would normally wear. There is no need to feel self conscious about the size of your clothing. When you wear bigger clothes it not only makes you look slimmer, but also draws the attention away from your legs. This adds a little length and width, instead of your clothes seeming tight and short."

Thank you, Amelia!

More Tips from the Tall Girl can be expected pre-Summer!

***We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Beth Carter!  She has donated her professional photography services to support our cause for many photo shoots.  We are thankful for her, and look forward to working with her more in the future!***



At a young age, high school students Elizabeth and Delaney have decided to put their talent and passion for capturing moments on film to use for a greater purpose. ed3

We've introduced you to Delaney before, but were excited to share a little more about her the characteristics that make this young woman so interesting. She is a high-energy junior in high school that has been captivated by film-making since the first grade. "I am a storyteller, Delaney confessed." She enjoys making stories come alive on screen, to entertain and educated others.

As far back as she can remember, she has been involved in video production. Delaney is a student at a performing arts school where she studies cinematography and video production. With this training she has gained skills in screenwriting, production, and editing, which she says has made her a well-rounded student.

“When thinking about my future, I’m not sure what I want to do. I know I love film, but I’m not sure if it’s going to be my career.” Delaney is a determined young lady, and with that focus and determination comes interests in many other things, which she says makes her future career decisions difficult. “No matter what I end up doing, the skills I’ve acquired thus far will translate into any career,” shared Delaney.


The lack of boundaries in the way women dress is often an issue that arises while working in the filmmaking, confessed Delaney. “But it's all about leadership. You have to work with so many different people in order to accomplish the vision for the film. I see this as an opportunity allow my actions to speak louder than my words. Modesty has a lot to do with respect for myself, but more so for my God.” Delaney shares that she believes that modesty is more than what you wear. It is an attitude of modesty and humility that is imperative in working with people, especially in the area of film and media.

She is prepared for her future as either a creator or connoisseur of film and will carry on her ideals to encourage modesty in young women in whatever field she ends up in.


Elizabeth is new to our Top Buttons team and she has a similar passion as Delaney. But hers is for photography. At the age of twelve she became fascinated with picture taking after her father received a camera for his birthday, but neglected to use it. Elizabeth took her Dad's camera and capitalized on this opportunity to photograph everything she could find. "I had no formal training," shared Elizabeth, "I looked online and taught myself about composition, depth, varying angles and camera settings." Elizabeth started out taking photos of friends and family, and developed her skills for capturing the moment.

Her desire is to capture moments and faces that people might not notice with a natural eye. "I just feel like it's natural when I'm taking pictures."

When asked why she wanted to be involved with Top Buttons, Elizabeth shared about her family values that have been instilled in her from a young age. In her family, she and her sisters have always been encouraged to have reasonable, but distinctly different boundaries of dress than the typical cultural standards of the day. She describes her view on modesty in media by saying, "There is no filter; It's challenging and near impossible to find modesty in photography."

Elizabeth is still deciding her future goals and desires, but would like to see herself owning a photography business on the side while being a mom and a physical therapist. “I will always be taking pictures, shared Elizabeth.”


Delaney and Elizabeth have combined their passions into one common cause. In a culture that expresses themselves in a way that demands attention for a false sense of self-confidence, these young women see the bigger picture. “We are excited to be a part of Top Buttons, and to have this platform to influence young women in a positive way,” they shared. They agreed that they feel empowered to be an example to teen girls who read the blog, and allow them to see that modesty can be fashionable and attainable with a little extra effort.

Photography: Jennifer Duarte



Kenady is our Modesty On The Streets (MOTS) Rep of Lakeland, FL.  Here she is seen wearing clothing from Other People’s Property.  Exact items she is wearing can be purchased from their online consignment shop. To piece together a similar outfit, search the racks of your local consignment shop!

Similar lace up booties can be purchased for $25 here.

Finding this length in a skirt is no easy task when shopping in most retail stores and the button down shirt has unique detail that is more typical with a vintage style.  If you aren't up for the challenge of consignment shopping and OPP has sold this item already, We have found an online site that carries a top like this one.

Side Note:  At Top Buttons, we love many styles from Urban Outfitters, H&M, Top Shop, etc…., BUT not all items sold in these stores could be considered modest.  In our opinion, see-through tops should always have a thin camisole underneath to keep undergarments unseen.  Wearing the fun new styles, and keeping it classy takes extra effort.  We believe it’s worth it and absolutely REASONABLE.

Stylist: Dana Roquemore

Photo Credit:  Joanna LeMasters and Taylor Flumerfelt

Two Fashionable Friends


Meet Katie and Amelia. Two long-time friends who are very different but share a passion for fashion. One loves dresses and the other loves accessories. Upon meeting Katie and Amelia, I quickly sensed the two were an inseparable pair. Every time I see them, they both are dressed to impress with every detail carefully chosen to create a girly look. Their personalities are different but there is no denying they both have a strong desire to serve the Lord.

Emily: What’s your everyday look? Katie: Since it’s during the school year, I have to wear a uniform everyday of the week. I usually grab a cardigan of my choice and wear my regular accessories, my Michael Kors watch and pearl earrings.

Emily: You love dresses! Tell us about your obsession. Katie: I think I love dresses so much because they are fun and girlie. Half of my closet is dresses! I just love them, especially paired with a great pair of shoes and the right necklace!

Emily: Who has been the most influential person in your life? Katie: I would say my mom. I know it may be cliché to say but she really has! She has taught me the importance of family and walking with Christ. She has always displayed what a Godly wife and mother should be. I hope that one day I can be half of the woman that she is!

Emily: What’s the greatest pressure you may feel from your peers? Katie: I have been blessed to go to a school where I don’t feel peer pressure from my friends to drink or anything like that. We all share similar beliefs and values which is the biggest of blessings. Not to say that I won’t feel pressure in the future but I have amazing friends who love the Lord.

Emily: What is your view of modesty? Katie: I would say my view of modesty is obviously to dress modest but it is more than how you dress. The verse Romans 14:13 talks about how we are not to put any stumbling blocks or obstacles in our brother’s way. By dressing immodestly, I am potentially causing my brother in Christ to sin. I have personally chosen a standard of modesty because I want a boy to respect me, and see me for me and not my body. Purity is a lifestyle; how you act, dress and present yourself. And that is the higher standard I hold myself to!


Emily: Being taller, what challenges do you face when shopping for clothes? Amelia: I am 5'9"! I think what I struggle with most is finding shorts, skirts, jeans and dresses that are actually long enough! I generally will do my best to get a bigger size in some items just to get a little more length. I like to wear tights with dresses, roll up my jeans and find shorts that are appropriate yet fashionable.

Emily: You have five brothers! How has that influenced the way you dress? Amelia: Well, my brothers have definitely shaped my modest views because I will put on an outfit, be ready to walk out the door and if my shorts or dress are questionable, I know I will get a comment from one of them. My friends and I ask them all the time if we look okay and get a boy's opinion. When I was younger I didn't like being the only girl because they never wanted to play barbies, or dress up, but as I'm older I enjoy it more. Its kind of fun being the "princess" of the family.

Emily: Tell us a little bit about your friendship with Katie! Amelia: Katie and I actually became friends in 4th grade when our best friend Ashley moved away. Katie and I became really good friends after that. We really related to each other and got along really well. We could always tell each other anything. And I found that we enjoyed similar things, including fashion. I'm so thankful I have her as a friend that encourages me, and has always been there for me. I'm excited that we get to be a part of Top Buttons together.

Emily: What is a personal goal that you have set for yourself? Amelia: I run cross country and I absolutely love it. I ran a half marathon last year and one of my next goals is to run another in February. I also set a high goal of doing my best in my school work.

Interview by: Emily Meade Photos by: Aimee Reed

A Varsity Cheerleader with a Chic Style


Meet Ahna. Your girl-next-door sweetheart who cherishes her family and loves to cheer.  When I first met Ahna, the first thing that I noticed was her radiant smile and warm personality. I was excited to get to know her more and hear about her dreams and ambitions. Ahna is the epitome of what a young lady should be and she is sure to be a wonderful role model within her community.

Emily: How would you describe your style? Ahna: I think for the most part I have a classy style that is feminine and chic. I gain a lot of inspiration from things I see. I sometimes overdress but it's better to be overdressed than underdressed!

Emily: Your hair always looks so nice. What are some of your favorite products? Ahna: I like to curl my hair, but I mainly straighten it. When I do either, I use Tresemme heat protector then Paul Mitchell gloss drops. I love both.

Emily: What is your favorite holiday and how does your family celebrate it? Ahna: It would probably be Christmas. I love being at home and decorating the house with the family. We are usually really busy during the holiday season with shopping. And one of my favorite traditions is enjoying monkey bread. My dad gets up early on Christmas Day to bake it since it takes so long.

Emily: What do you like to do in your free time? Ahna: Right now cheerleading takes up pretty much most of my schedule besides school. Between practice, cheering at games and tumbling, I am so busy! But during my downtime, I enjoy hanging out with friends and family.

Emily: If there was one place you could travel to, where would you go? Ahna: I have never been out of the country! I would honestly want to go to anywhere in Europe, but I'd probably choose Italy. I think it would be so fun to visit the famous places and landmarks that are in that country.

Emily: What's your dream job? Ahna: Working for Seventeen magazine!

Emily: What is the greatest piece of advice you've ever gotten? Ahna: Something my dad says before school everyday is, "Don't be good, be great." So I strive to do the best of my ability in everything I do!

Emily: Is there a person in your life who has influenced you the most? Ahna: Someone who has been in my life for a long time as a friend and babysitter when I was younger is Talor Blackburn. She's someone who has gone to a public school and has stayed true to herself and true to God. She has truly been an inspiration to me spiritually as well. She has encouraged me to be consistent in my relationship with the Lord and has given me great advice in regards to my friendships.

Emily: Why do you want to be apart of Top Buttons? Ahna: My parents raised me to dress modestly but fashionably. I want to inspire other girls so they can also do the same. Fashion has always been something that has been "my thing." I've always looked up to certain style icons and have wanted to do something that has to do with fashion. I think the Lord knew my desire and has blessed me to be a part of Top Buttons.

Emily: Do you think that modesty is more that just how you dress? Ahna: Absolutely. My cheer coach is reading Fashion by Faith to us as a team. It's the story of a Christian model who wasn't following through with everything she believed in as she modeled for the secular world. It's shown me that modesty is about living above reproach and helping our brothers in Christ not to stumble. As young ladies, it's something God has called us to do. It's better to be known for modesty than to be known as someone who wants attention from guys for the wrong reasons.

Emily: Why is modesty important to you? Ahna: Modesty is important to me because of my biblical perspectives and how I was raised to respect myself. In return, I can expect respect from others by what I wear. I never want to be mistaken for someone I'm not by the way I portray myself. Dressing modest and classy is a part of me and how I want others to view me.

Interview by Emily Meade Photos by Kayla Danielle

A Swim Team Captain with Comfortable Style

Meet Delaney. A sweet and outgoing 16-year-old girl who has a passion for making short films and standing up for what she believes in.  Between takes for our "about us" video, I found a quiet corner away from the set to get to know Delaney. As I asked questions for this interview, I found that she is down-to-earth with a lovely sense of humor, and just the right amount of confidence. There is no doubt that this young lady has great things in store for her future.

Emily: How would you describe your personal style? Delaney: I would describe my style as cute, fresh and comfortable.

Emily: What are some of your favorite stores to shop at? Delaney: Charlotte Russe and Loft are two of my favorite stores to shop at. I think they fit my style the best. When I'm looking for something with a touch of lace or a bit dressier, Charlotte Russe is a great store to go to. They always have fashionable items that are also affordable. The clothes at Loft are classy and can be worn at any age, if styled correctly. As far as accessories go, Versona is my go-to place.

Emily: Since you love makeup so much, tell us more about your makeup style. Delaney: I really like earthy tones. I think makeup should emphasize and enhance natural beauty. It not only welcomes compliments but it allows me to express myself and feel confident.

Emily: What is the first thing you pick out when planning an outfit? Delaney: When I go to my closet, I pick out my shoes first. It goes back to wanting to be comfortable. If I want to wear heels, I'll choose my outfit around those. Same with boots, sandals or moccasins. So, instead of dressing head to toe, I do the opposite.

Emily: What do you like to do in your free time? Delaney: I am captain for my school's competitive swim team. And I am also on my school's tennis team. I love being involved in both. Aside from sports and school, I don't have much time for anything else!

Emily: Who has been the most inspirational person in your life? Delaney: Most definitely my 95-year-old grandpa. He's incredible and has such an inspiring story.

Emily: What is one family tradition that you enjoy the most? Delaney: I have two! Before my grandma passed away, we would bake bread from scratch. It is still a tradition that my family and I have continued to do. And I know it sounds silly, but my other one is getting crazy Christmas socks every year. There are so many memories attached to them. I can tell you when and where my aunt gave them to me.

Emily: Do you have any ideas of what you would like to do in your future? Delaney: I would like to go to college and graduate school. I really don't know what major yet, but exploring what the film industry has to offer is an option.

Emily: Where is your favorite place you've traveled to? Delaney: Definitely Italy! The fashion, food and culture is incredible.

Emily: What is your biggest challenge when it comes to dressing modestly? Delaney: Living in Florida, accommodating to the heat in modest clothes is definitely a challenge. Especially when it comes to shorts. From the selection at stores geared towards my age, its hard to find ones that are long enough. It is difficult to find shorts that serve their purpose without exposing too much.

Emily: Are you intimidated by what your peers might say about your view of modesty? Delaney: I think that there will always be an intimidation factor for me. I'm just as insecure as any other 16-year-old girl, but I think the difference is that I stand strong for my cause. It's worth the risk and that is what being a role model and leader is all about. Not everyone is going to like what you're doing. Someone, somewhere will always be critical but it will be your own job to continue to support what you strive to accomplish.

Emily: Why is modesty important to you? Delaney: Modesty is important to me because I would rather have someone want to talk to me because of my personality and heart rather than attracting attention only because of what I am wearing! Also, setting a positive example, especially in our current society, is equally important. So many young girls already have the wrong idea about how to dress and why modesty is important. I think that when you allow people to fall in love with your inner beauty, your outer beauty simply becomes the icing on the cake!