At a young age, high school students Elizabeth and Delaney have decided to put their talent and passion for capturing moments on film to use for a greater purpose. ed3

We've introduced you to Delaney before, but were excited to share a little more about her the characteristics that make this young woman so interesting. She is a high-energy junior in high school that has been captivated by film-making since the first grade. "I am a storyteller, Delaney confessed." She enjoys making stories come alive on screen, to entertain and educated others.

As far back as she can remember, she has been involved in video production. Delaney is a student at a performing arts school where she studies cinematography and video production. With this training she has gained skills in screenwriting, production, and editing, which she says has made her a well-rounded student.

“When thinking about my future, I’m not sure what I want to do. I know I love film, but I’m not sure if it’s going to be my career.” Delaney is a determined young lady, and with that focus and determination comes interests in many other things, which she says makes her future career decisions difficult. “No matter what I end up doing, the skills I’ve acquired thus far will translate into any career,” shared Delaney.


The lack of boundaries in the way women dress is often an issue that arises while working in the filmmaking, confessed Delaney. “But it's all about leadership. You have to work with so many different people in order to accomplish the vision for the film. I see this as an opportunity allow my actions to speak louder than my words. Modesty has a lot to do with respect for myself, but more so for my God.” Delaney shares that she believes that modesty is more than what you wear. It is an attitude of modesty and humility that is imperative in working with people, especially in the area of film and media.

She is prepared for her future as either a creator or connoisseur of film and will carry on her ideals to encourage modesty in young women in whatever field she ends up in.


Elizabeth is new to our Top Buttons team and she has a similar passion as Delaney. But hers is for photography. At the age of twelve she became fascinated with picture taking after her father received a camera for his birthday, but neglected to use it. Elizabeth took her Dad's camera and capitalized on this opportunity to photograph everything she could find. "I had no formal training," shared Elizabeth, "I looked online and taught myself about composition, depth, varying angles and camera settings." Elizabeth started out taking photos of friends and family, and developed her skills for capturing the moment.

Her desire is to capture moments and faces that people might not notice with a natural eye. "I just feel like it's natural when I'm taking pictures."

When asked why she wanted to be involved with Top Buttons, Elizabeth shared about her family values that have been instilled in her from a young age. In her family, she and her sisters have always been encouraged to have reasonable, but distinctly different boundaries of dress than the typical cultural standards of the day. She describes her view on modesty in media by saying, "There is no filter; It's challenging and near impossible to find modesty in photography."

Elizabeth is still deciding her future goals and desires, but would like to see herself owning a photography business on the side while being a mom and a physical therapist. “I will always be taking pictures, shared Elizabeth.”


Delaney and Elizabeth have combined their passions into one common cause. In a culture that expresses themselves in a way that demands attention for a false sense of self-confidence, these young women see the bigger picture. “We are excited to be a part of Top Buttons, and to have this platform to influence young women in a positive way,” they shared. They agreed that they feel empowered to be an example to teen girls who read the blog, and allow them to see that modesty can be fashionable and attainable with a little extra effort.

Photography: Jennifer Duarte



We would like to introduce you to a young woman who will be a regular contributor with Top Buttons.  She is already a fashion blogger with a beautiful spirit and a huge personality!  We look forward to working with her and learning all about what fashion and modesty look like in Scandinavia! Hey,

My name is Sandra. Born and raised in Finland having a Nigerian background now living in Sweden, I would describe myself as a globe trotter with an interest in cultures; very shortly- a free soul. Currently I’m studying Fashion Management at the Swedish School of Textiles in the South of Sweden. It was my great passion for fashion and appreciation towards aesthetics that brought me from a busy city life to a small yet warm-spirited town that I now live in.


Clothing is a very essential part of every day. It’s an outlet for expressing my mood and state of mind. Living pretty much my whole life in the cold Nordic region, where the temperature drops well below zero degrees with just a few hours of daylight during winter, it’s very easy to blend into the depressing darkness. Knowing me, I love to incorporate color into what I wear.


Perhaps my African background also plays to influence this aspect of my style. In doing this, I realize how it brightens my mood as well as other people around. I’ve had people walk up to me and remark about the radiance of joy in the colors I wear. It becomes evident that things like these that seem so little at first can greatly impact the people around us even though we don’t always realize it ourselves. This is something to bear in mind when making everyday fashion choices.

I personally believe that we should all be aware of what we want to communicate to others about ourselves and especially our state of mind and heart with how modestly we dress. This being said, I challenge you to think about what you communicate through your personal style of dressing.


Xoxo Sandra 

Finally it is truly a pleasure for me to be a part of  Top Buttons.  As a contributing team member I hope to both inspire and be inspired by the different styles and thoughts published within this platform. I can’t wait to share some exciting upcoming events from European fashion this spring.  It will be fun!



The love of a parent is something that is easily taking for granted. Molly Dodd, 22, a Senior at Southeastern University knows this first hand. At sixteen years of age, she lost her father to a massive heart attack. At this time in her life, she was a happy-go-lucky teenager and this event rocked her world. “I didn’t know how to respond,” she shared. Her life was forever changed.

Life was never normal for Molly, but she learned to adapt and work around “father-daughter” functions and events. She explained, “It became my new normal. Every day was a new emotional adventure.”


Five years later, Molly’s mom Jerri became ill. Throughout a year of doctors trying to diagnose a problem, her condition slowly worsened. In February of 2012, Jerri had a life changing surgery to remove the diagnosed tumor on her adrenal gland, but once in surgery, the doctors found a large amount of cancer on five of her organs and lungs. Jerri never woke up from the surgery, and this was completely devastating to Molly and her family. “Talk about not knowing where to turn, I had no parents left to turn to.”

Molly had a close relationship with both of her parents, and with them gone, she was not sure who to ask for help. Her faith in God was the primary source of comfort and support, and the love of her extended family. “They were present as much as they could be, but at the end of the day, I was alone,” shared Molly.


Experiencing such a traumatic tragedy was exhausting. Molly explained that she was physically and emotionally drained from all of the decisions that she had to make in such a short period of time. “I had to decide what to sell of my parents belongings, including the house that I grew up in.” These decisions were difficult for Molly to handle, and at times she became overwhelmed. “I just had to pray. Pray that God would make the decisions easier, and that I would just know what my parents would have wanted,” she said. For Molly, it was definitely a moment that she never dreamed of facing at least until her late 50s.

After the extreme moments of decisions and saying her last goodbyes, Molly was able to reflect on her parents' influence on her life. She shared that they taught her how to be a woman of great integrity and character, and that life is a story. Their influence daily inspires her to dress with dignity and respect in order to honor them.

She explained that she feels entrusted to carry this story of God's grace and mercy.


“God must think I’m something else to trust me with such a massive testimony.”

She says that everyone should know that her life is no worse than anyone else's. “I am actually very blessed. For the 16 years that I knew my dad, and the 21 years that I knew my mom, I am so grateful.” She finds comfort knowing they are her biggest fans and are watching her live the life that they and God have given her.


Molly warns, “ I know it sounds difficult, but never take for granted your parents disciplining you or telling you their opinions, they just love you.” She shared that she wishes her parents were around to tell her how they feel or what is on their mind.

She understands now more than ever that life is not guaranteed, and every day is a complete gift. Her parents were an incredible resource of support and motivation in her life, and she is thankful for the years she was able to learn from them. Molly jokes now that she better make good choices, because they are always watching.

Photo Credit: Anastasia Jones-Downing

Boston Beauty with a Skyline View


My name is Anastasia and I am from Boston, Massachusetts.  I love shopping, reading, meeting new people and being active! What is the craziest thing that I have ever done? Skydiving from an altitude of 14,000 feet! I received my undergraduate degree at Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida. Attending college has opened up many doors and given me some amazing opportunities. In the summer of 2011, I was chosen to intern for the Department of Defense in Washington D.C. Going to work in the Pentagon everyday was definitely one of the most surreal experiences. I absolutely loved my college experience at Southeastern, which is why I decided to continue on in pursuit of my Masters in Business Administration there as well. I will graduate with my MBA in December of 2013.

My mother worked hard to instill in me an appreciation for modest clothing choices at a young age. Middle school was rough, and thinking back on my middle school experience, I can remember having a difficult time navigating through a desire to fit in with my peers and a genuine curiosity as to the different trends in fashion. While the desire to fit in began do dissipate during high school, it was replaced by an overpowering and increasing desire to truly discover and embrace my own uniqueness and independence.

Looking back on both of my middle school and high school experiences, I can offer two pieces of advice to anyone curious about how to make it through the complicated social politics of middle school and the increasing desire to gain independence during high school:

Tip #1: Your clothes will never make people like you. It is the way that you treat people which will truly shape how others see you and who you will one day become.

Tip #2: In life, it is not about “fitting in.” It is about standing out. And what will truly separate you from everyone else will be your courage to do what is right, determination to make your dreams a reality, and standing firm in your values and beliefs.

It is important to understand that modesty is not only evident in the clothes that we wear, but also in each decision that we make. I mean, that is what life comes down to: a series of decisions. We all mess up.  It is not about being perfect.  It is about learning from our mistakes and the mistakes of others. My boss always tells me “Try. Fail. Learn.” It is that simple.

Being a part of Top Buttons has been an amazing opportunity, and without a doubt one of the best decisions that I have ever made. Let Top Buttons truly be a resource for both fashion and inspiration. Ask questions. Do not just succumb to the definition society assigns you.

Stand out and soar!

Love, Anastasia

My beanie in the photo was made by a friend of mine! Email her if you would like to order for just $12.00!

Photos by: Taylor Flumerfelt

Two Fashionable Friends


Meet Katie and Amelia. Two long-time friends who are very different but share a passion for fashion. One loves dresses and the other loves accessories. Upon meeting Katie and Amelia, I quickly sensed the two were an inseparable pair. Every time I see them, they both are dressed to impress with every detail carefully chosen to create a girly look. Their personalities are different but there is no denying they both have a strong desire to serve the Lord.

Emily: What’s your everyday look? Katie: Since it’s during the school year, I have to wear a uniform everyday of the week. I usually grab a cardigan of my choice and wear my regular accessories, my Michael Kors watch and pearl earrings.

Emily: You love dresses! Tell us about your obsession. Katie: I think I love dresses so much because they are fun and girlie. Half of my closet is dresses! I just love them, especially paired with a great pair of shoes and the right necklace!

Emily: Who has been the most influential person in your life? Katie: I would say my mom. I know it may be cliché to say but she really has! She has taught me the importance of family and walking with Christ. She has always displayed what a Godly wife and mother should be. I hope that one day I can be half of the woman that she is!

Emily: What’s the greatest pressure you may feel from your peers? Katie: I have been blessed to go to a school where I don’t feel peer pressure from my friends to drink or anything like that. We all share similar beliefs and values which is the biggest of blessings. Not to say that I won’t feel pressure in the future but I have amazing friends who love the Lord.

Emily: What is your view of modesty? Katie: I would say my view of modesty is obviously to dress modest but it is more than how you dress. The verse Romans 14:13 talks about how we are not to put any stumbling blocks or obstacles in our brother’s way. By dressing immodestly, I am potentially causing my brother in Christ to sin. I have personally chosen a standard of modesty because I want a boy to respect me, and see me for me and not my body. Purity is a lifestyle; how you act, dress and present yourself. And that is the higher standard I hold myself to!


Emily: Being taller, what challenges do you face when shopping for clothes? Amelia: I am 5'9"! I think what I struggle with most is finding shorts, skirts, jeans and dresses that are actually long enough! I generally will do my best to get a bigger size in some items just to get a little more length. I like to wear tights with dresses, roll up my jeans and find shorts that are appropriate yet fashionable.

Emily: You have five brothers! How has that influenced the way you dress? Amelia: Well, my brothers have definitely shaped my modest views because I will put on an outfit, be ready to walk out the door and if my shorts or dress are questionable, I know I will get a comment from one of them. My friends and I ask them all the time if we look okay and get a boy's opinion. When I was younger I didn't like being the only girl because they never wanted to play barbies, or dress up, but as I'm older I enjoy it more. Its kind of fun being the "princess" of the family.

Emily: Tell us a little bit about your friendship with Katie! Amelia: Katie and I actually became friends in 4th grade when our best friend Ashley moved away. Katie and I became really good friends after that. We really related to each other and got along really well. We could always tell each other anything. And I found that we enjoyed similar things, including fashion. I'm so thankful I have her as a friend that encourages me, and has always been there for me. I'm excited that we get to be a part of Top Buttons together.

Emily: What is a personal goal that you have set for yourself? Amelia: I run cross country and I absolutely love it. I ran a half marathon last year and one of my next goals is to run another in February. I also set a high goal of doing my best in my school work.

Interview by: Emily Meade Photos by: Aimee Reed

A College Senior With a Heart of Gold


My name is Taylor, and I am a born and raised Florida girl. I am currently in my senior year of college, majoring in journalism/public relations. I love photography, shopping and anything crafty. I am planning to earn my master’s degree in public relations and eventually start my own event planning business. Most excitingly, I just got engaged to the love of my life, Casey, who is a youth and worship pastor in Oklahoma. I became a part of Top Buttons because I have a passion for seeing young girls become women who are rooted in Jesus Christ, and beautiful through and through. To me, modesty is about honoring God’s workmanship. He created us in His image, which is worthy of respect and reverence.

I know too many ladies who try to create beauty through their clothing choices. But, 1 Peter 3:4 commands us to let beauty, the type of beauty that is pleasing to God and will never fade, emanate from within.

I believe as daughters of the King it is our responsibility to remind each other that we are representatives of the God we serve and that we do not need to show skin to be viewed as pretty because He already sees us as masterpieces.

I want you and girls everywhere to know that dressing modestly will attract the true man of God who loves you for who you are, not for the amount of leg you show.

Next time you are in the dressing room and battling whether to purchase something, ask yourself if you would like your future husband looking at another female in that same item of clothing.

Ladies, you are valuable. I challenge you to not let the way you dress hinder you from completing the good works God ordained long ago for you to do and living a life that is worthy of His calling.



Photo Credit: Tiffany Ellis Media

A Leading Lady


Meet Casey. She is an Inspirational Writer, Pinterest Addict, Runner, Coffee Drinker and Lover of All Things Africa (Especially her missionary boyfriend who is currently serving in Guinea!).

In a world where beauty is defined by sex, skin and short inseams, the idea of having higher standards for ourselves seems useless and becomes depressing. Blending in is much easier, right? When we blend in, we avoid questions, dirty looks and awkward moments. As a girl who has chosen standards over skin, I can promise you that IT IS WORTH IT!

Have you heard the term “A Leading Lady?” A Leading Lady is defined as the actress that plays the leading female role in a movie. Charles Dickens described one of his characters as a leading lady, giving her attributes of distinction such as elegance, grace, and beauty. If your life was a script, how would you want it to play out? Would you be the Leading Lady, standing out among her peers, exuberating style, grace and classiness? Or would you play a much smaller part, blending in the background, labeled as “the girl in the restaurant” or “dancer #5” when the credits rolled at the end?

The truth is our life is a script - one where we choose the lines that it holds. The reputation you set now as the Leading Lady in your story will follow you long down the road. Every choice you make, right down to the clothes you wear and the activities you participate in contribute to your lifelong script. What kind of standard will you set for yourself?

Let me encourage you with a few tips on being classy:

1) Your character is your greatest accessory. Integrity, confidence, honesty, and self-worth are the most beautiful jewels a lady can wear.

2) Let compassion be your cloak. There is nothing more attractive than a lady who is covered in love.

3) Those who stand out are the ones most remembered. Find your own style and express it boldly.

Now go write your script!



A Varsity Cheerleader with a Chic Style


Meet Ahna. Your girl-next-door sweetheart who cherishes her family and loves to cheer.  When I first met Ahna, the first thing that I noticed was her radiant smile and warm personality. I was excited to get to know her more and hear about her dreams and ambitions. Ahna is the epitome of what a young lady should be and she is sure to be a wonderful role model within her community.

Emily: How would you describe your style? Ahna: I think for the most part I have a classy style that is feminine and chic. I gain a lot of inspiration from things I see. I sometimes overdress but it's better to be overdressed than underdressed!

Emily: Your hair always looks so nice. What are some of your favorite products? Ahna: I like to curl my hair, but I mainly straighten it. When I do either, I use Tresemme heat protector then Paul Mitchell gloss drops. I love both.

Emily: What is your favorite holiday and how does your family celebrate it? Ahna: It would probably be Christmas. I love being at home and decorating the house with the family. We are usually really busy during the holiday season with shopping. And one of my favorite traditions is enjoying monkey bread. My dad gets up early on Christmas Day to bake it since it takes so long.

Emily: What do you like to do in your free time? Ahna: Right now cheerleading takes up pretty much most of my schedule besides school. Between practice, cheering at games and tumbling, I am so busy! But during my downtime, I enjoy hanging out with friends and family.

Emily: If there was one place you could travel to, where would you go? Ahna: I have never been out of the country! I would honestly want to go to anywhere in Europe, but I'd probably choose Italy. I think it would be so fun to visit the famous places and landmarks that are in that country.

Emily: What's your dream job? Ahna: Working for Seventeen magazine!

Emily: What is the greatest piece of advice you've ever gotten? Ahna: Something my dad says before school everyday is, "Don't be good, be great." So I strive to do the best of my ability in everything I do!

Emily: Is there a person in your life who has influenced you the most? Ahna: Someone who has been in my life for a long time as a friend and babysitter when I was younger is Talor Blackburn. She's someone who has gone to a public school and has stayed true to herself and true to God. She has truly been an inspiration to me spiritually as well. She has encouraged me to be consistent in my relationship with the Lord and has given me great advice in regards to my friendships.

Emily: Why do you want to be apart of Top Buttons? Ahna: My parents raised me to dress modestly but fashionably. I want to inspire other girls so they can also do the same. Fashion has always been something that has been "my thing." I've always looked up to certain style icons and have wanted to do something that has to do with fashion. I think the Lord knew my desire and has blessed me to be a part of Top Buttons.

Emily: Do you think that modesty is more that just how you dress? Ahna: Absolutely. My cheer coach is reading Fashion by Faith to us as a team. It's the story of a Christian model who wasn't following through with everything she believed in as she modeled for the secular world. It's shown me that modesty is about living above reproach and helping our brothers in Christ not to stumble. As young ladies, it's something God has called us to do. It's better to be known for modesty than to be known as someone who wants attention from guys for the wrong reasons.

Emily: Why is modesty important to you? Ahna: Modesty is important to me because of my biblical perspectives and how I was raised to respect myself. In return, I can expect respect from others by what I wear. I never want to be mistaken for someone I'm not by the way I portray myself. Dressing modest and classy is a part of me and how I want others to view me.

Interview by Emily Meade Photos by Kayla Danielle

Strategy Shopping with a Kansas City Girl


My name is Rebekah Miura and I live in Kansas City, Mo. Fashion here can be summed up in one word: eclectic! Kansas City is truly a melting pot of cultures and it is clearly seen through its fashion. From the hipster urban district of Westport to the posh Burberry streets of the Country Club Plaza, there is a definite distinction in trend from town to town. If you are like me, and love to incorporate different styles into your wardrobe, then you would love Kansas City!

As a make-up artist/stylist I have a passion for beauty and fashion, but for me they are just an accessory. It is the heart that makes someone truly beautiful. Here in Kansas City, I am apart of a Christian community that celebrates fashion, inner beauty, and modesty. For me, modesty is an issue of the heart. I believe that what you wear is an extension of who you are. So when I am putting on an outfit I always ask myself “Does this line up with who I am and what I represent?”  This has helped me during some very indecisive dressing room situations, where I have been on the fence about whether to purchase an item. For instance, I recently tried on a little black dress that I looked fabulous in, but the longer I studied it, I noticed it was a little lower cut than I would have liked. It was not “super” low cut but I still had a heart check about it. Not to mention it was an amazing deal which made the decision even harder! But because I have a value system set in place for situations like these, I took a step back and asked myself, “Does this outfit line up with my personal values, and what I want to portray to others about who I am?…” It didn’t, so back on the rack it went. Decision made!


This simple strategy has helped me on so many occasions!  Finding modest apparel can be difficult at times because I am a little on the curvy side! When I go shopping, often times I have to try on several outfits to find something that fits right. It can be all the more frustrating at times when I go shopping with a friend who has a linear figure (less curvy), and a fun top looks totally modest on her and totally un-modest on me. I have learned in the process what styles look best on me. Not all the trends work for me and that’s ok, because the ones that do look good knock it out of the park! It is all about learning your body and showcasing it in the right way.

Developing your style takes time. See it as a journey of self- discovery and expression. Celebrate the things that make you unique. Just be you, because you are beautiful.

Happy clothes hunting!



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A Swim Team Captain with Comfortable Style

Meet Delaney. A sweet and outgoing 16-year-old girl who has a passion for making short films and standing up for what she believes in.  Between takes for our "about us" video, I found a quiet corner away from the set to get to know Delaney. As I asked questions for this interview, I found that she is down-to-earth with a lovely sense of humor, and just the right amount of confidence. There is no doubt that this young lady has great things in store for her future.

Emily: How would you describe your personal style? Delaney: I would describe my style as cute, fresh and comfortable.

Emily: What are some of your favorite stores to shop at? Delaney: Charlotte Russe and Loft are two of my favorite stores to shop at. I think they fit my style the best. When I'm looking for something with a touch of lace or a bit dressier, Charlotte Russe is a great store to go to. They always have fashionable items that are also affordable. The clothes at Loft are classy and can be worn at any age, if styled correctly. As far as accessories go, Versona is my go-to place.

Emily: Since you love makeup so much, tell us more about your makeup style. Delaney: I really like earthy tones. I think makeup should emphasize and enhance natural beauty. It not only welcomes compliments but it allows me to express myself and feel confident.

Emily: What is the first thing you pick out when planning an outfit? Delaney: When I go to my closet, I pick out my shoes first. It goes back to wanting to be comfortable. If I want to wear heels, I'll choose my outfit around those. Same with boots, sandals or moccasins. So, instead of dressing head to toe, I do the opposite.

Emily: What do you like to do in your free time? Delaney: I am captain for my school's competitive swim team. And I am also on my school's tennis team. I love being involved in both. Aside from sports and school, I don't have much time for anything else!

Emily: Who has been the most inspirational person in your life? Delaney: Most definitely my 95-year-old grandpa. He's incredible and has such an inspiring story.

Emily: What is one family tradition that you enjoy the most? Delaney: I have two! Before my grandma passed away, we would bake bread from scratch. It is still a tradition that my family and I have continued to do. And I know it sounds silly, but my other one is getting crazy Christmas socks every year. There are so many memories attached to them. I can tell you when and where my aunt gave them to me.

Emily: Do you have any ideas of what you would like to do in your future? Delaney: I would like to go to college and graduate school. I really don't know what major yet, but exploring what the film industry has to offer is an option.

Emily: Where is your favorite place you've traveled to? Delaney: Definitely Italy! The fashion, food and culture is incredible.

Emily: What is your biggest challenge when it comes to dressing modestly? Delaney: Living in Florida, accommodating to the heat in modest clothes is definitely a challenge. Especially when it comes to shorts. From the selection at stores geared towards my age, its hard to find ones that are long enough. It is difficult to find shorts that serve their purpose without exposing too much.

Emily: Are you intimidated by what your peers might say about your view of modesty? Delaney: I think that there will always be an intimidation factor for me. I'm just as insecure as any other 16-year-old girl, but I think the difference is that I stand strong for my cause. It's worth the risk and that is what being a role model and leader is all about. Not everyone is going to like what you're doing. Someone, somewhere will always be critical but it will be your own job to continue to support what you strive to accomplish.

Emily: Why is modesty important to you? Delaney: Modesty is important to me because I would rather have someone want to talk to me because of my personality and heart rather than attracting attention only because of what I am wearing! Also, setting a positive example, especially in our current society, is equally important. So many young girls already have the wrong idea about how to dress and why modesty is important. I think that when you allow people to fall in love with your inner beauty, your outer beauty simply becomes the icing on the cake!