A Leading Lady


Meet Casey. She is an Inspirational Writer, Pinterest Addict, Runner, Coffee Drinker and Lover of All Things Africa (Especially her missionary boyfriend who is currently serving in Guinea!).

In a world where beauty is defined by sex, skin and short inseams, the idea of having higher standards for ourselves seems useless and becomes depressing. Blending in is much easier, right? When we blend in, we avoid questions, dirty looks and awkward moments. As a girl who has chosen standards over skin, I can promise you that IT IS WORTH IT!

Have you heard the term “A Leading Lady?” A Leading Lady is defined as the actress that plays the leading female role in a movie. Charles Dickens described one of his characters as a leading lady, giving her attributes of distinction such as elegance, grace, and beauty. If your life was a script, how would you want it to play out? Would you be the Leading Lady, standing out among her peers, exuberating style, grace and classiness? Or would you play a much smaller part, blending in the background, labeled as “the girl in the restaurant” or “dancer #5” when the credits rolled at the end?

The truth is our life is a script - one where we choose the lines that it holds. The reputation you set now as the Leading Lady in your story will follow you long down the road. Every choice you make, right down to the clothes you wear and the activities you participate in contribute to your lifelong script. What kind of standard will you set for yourself?

Let me encourage you with a few tips on being classy:

1) Your character is your greatest accessory. Integrity, confidence, honesty, and self-worth are the most beautiful jewels a lady can wear.

2) Let compassion be your cloak. There is nothing more attractive than a lady who is covered in love.

3) Those who stand out are the ones most remembered. Find your own style and express it boldly.

Now go write your script!