We would like to introduce you to a young woman who will be a regular contributor with Top Buttons.  She is already a fashion blogger with a beautiful spirit and a huge personality!  We look forward to working with her and learning all about what fashion and modesty look like in Scandinavia! Hey,

My name is Sandra. Born and raised in Finland having a Nigerian background now living in Sweden, I would describe myself as a globe trotter with an interest in cultures; very shortly- a free soul. Currently I’m studying Fashion Management at the Swedish School of Textiles in the South of Sweden. It was my great passion for fashion and appreciation towards aesthetics that brought me from a busy city life to a small yet warm-spirited town that I now live in.


Clothing is a very essential part of every day. It’s an outlet for expressing my mood and state of mind. Living pretty much my whole life in the cold Nordic region, where the temperature drops well below zero degrees with just a few hours of daylight during winter, it’s very easy to blend into the depressing darkness. Knowing me, I love to incorporate color into what I wear.


Perhaps my African background also plays to influence this aspect of my style. In doing this, I realize how it brightens my mood as well as other people around. I’ve had people walk up to me and remark about the radiance of joy in the colors I wear. It becomes evident that things like these that seem so little at first can greatly impact the people around us even though we don’t always realize it ourselves. This is something to bear in mind when making everyday fashion choices.

I personally believe that we should all be aware of what we want to communicate to others about ourselves and especially our state of mind and heart with how modestly we dress. This being said, I challenge you to think about what you communicate through your personal style of dressing.


Xoxo Sandra 

Finally it is truly a pleasure for me to be a part of  Top Buttons.  As a contributing team member I hope to both inspire and be inspired by the different styles and thoughts published within this platform. I can’t wait to share some exciting upcoming events from European fashion this spring.  It will be fun!