Strategy Shopping with a Kansas City Girl


My name is Rebekah Miura and I live in Kansas City, Mo. Fashion here can be summed up in one word: eclectic! Kansas City is truly a melting pot of cultures and it is clearly seen through its fashion. From the hipster urban district of Westport to the posh Burberry streets of the Country Club Plaza, there is a definite distinction in trend from town to town. If you are like me, and love to incorporate different styles into your wardrobe, then you would love Kansas City!

As a make-up artist/stylist I have a passion for beauty and fashion, but for me they are just an accessory. It is the heart that makes someone truly beautiful. Here in Kansas City, I am apart of a Christian community that celebrates fashion, inner beauty, and modesty. For me, modesty is an issue of the heart. I believe that what you wear is an extension of who you are. So when I am putting on an outfit I always ask myself “Does this line up with who I am and what I represent?”  This has helped me during some very indecisive dressing room situations, where I have been on the fence about whether to purchase an item. For instance, I recently tried on a little black dress that I looked fabulous in, but the longer I studied it, I noticed it was a little lower cut than I would have liked. It was not “super” low cut but I still had a heart check about it. Not to mention it was an amazing deal which made the decision even harder! But because I have a value system set in place for situations like these, I took a step back and asked myself, “Does this outfit line up with my personal values, and what I want to portray to others about who I am?…” It didn’t, so back on the rack it went. Decision made!


This simple strategy has helped me on so many occasions!  Finding modest apparel can be difficult at times because I am a little on the curvy side! When I go shopping, often times I have to try on several outfits to find something that fits right. It can be all the more frustrating at times when I go shopping with a friend who has a linear figure (less curvy), and a fun top looks totally modest on her and totally un-modest on me. I have learned in the process what styles look best on me. Not all the trends work for me and that’s ok, because the ones that do look good knock it out of the park! It is all about learning your body and showcasing it in the right way.

Developing your style takes time. See it as a journey of self- discovery and expression. Celebrate the things that make you unique. Just be you, because you are beautiful.

Happy clothes hunting!



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