Your Bra Strap is not an Accessory


Showing of bra straps has become a reoccurring trend in Hollywood and on young women everywhere. You can now even buy bedazzled straps to match your outfits to show off. While we applaud efforts for creativity, we believe there are better ways to display your unique style. Bra straps are simply not an accessory! They draw attention to unwanted areas in ways that may not be modest. Revealing your bra straps may cause others to wonder what’s going on under your clothing. Rather than accessorizing with bra straps why not show off that cute necklace or bracelet you just love and keep the undergarments under your clothes. Strapless bras are always a solution for avoiding bra straps all together. But if strapless bra’s are out of the question for you, here are a few other options you might like to try.

Bra Clips are perfect for racer-back style tops and dresses. You can convert a normal bra by placing the straps in the clips and adjusting them at the appropriate length to conceal the straps.

The Nu bra is useful for dress that may have tricky necklines or backs. You apply the bra where you would normally place your bra and you are free from worrying about pesky bra straps or revealing anything that shouldn’t be seen.

Fashion tape is great for holding bra straps in tact so they don’t slip out from under your clothing and show. Just simply stick the fashion tape onto the bra strap and apply to your skin.

Written by: Aarika Phillips Photo by: Kayla Anderson