Take It Easy: Effortless Summer Style


Don't sweat it this summer when it comes to your wardrobe! This summer's style is easy, relaxed, and comfortable. With the cool and classic "boyfriend jean" making it's headway this summer,  making a style statement has never been easier! Top Buttons-45

Wear them distressed, light washed, slim, long, short, cuffed, cropped- however you wear them, they are sure to add an element of effortless edge to your outfit. Not to mention, they are wonderfully comfortable and breathable for those hot summer days. Pair them with your favorite white or message tee for an extra dash of boyish charm. And of course, complete the look with some eclectic accessories to express your personality and add a feminine touch.

Top Buttons-47

Top Buttons-33

Top Buttons-29

This look says confidence and one-of-a-kind style! The top is a bold and fun muscle tank from H&M for only $7! Paired with AG relaxed skinny boyfriend style jeans from Nordstrom for $205. A cute tan bootie heel is another summer essential, found at Nordstrom Rack for $25! The finishing touches to the look are a studded hat from Charlotte Russe for $10 and a multi-chain necklace found at a consignment shop for $7.

Top Buttons-40

Top Buttons-42

This next look features another way to wear boyfriend jeans: boyfriend shorts! These were found at Nordstrom on sale for $25! The message tee is from Aritzia for $15, and the hat is $10 at Charlotte Russe.

Top Buttons-37

Top Buttons-50

This look includes a loose-fitted white tee with sheer panel details from Nordstrom for $25 with a baggy-fit, light-washed boyfriend jean from H&M for $30. Finish this effortless outfit with a chunky statement necklace and a fun printed oxford. The statement necklace is one of the hottest trends in accessories and can be found just about anywhere. The printed oxfords were found at Nordstrom Rack for $15!

So, this summer, keep it simple. Be relaxed. Be yourself.

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Trendy Tuesday: Spring Prom Dresses!


The search for the perfect prom dress is upon us... What kind of styles are you going for? Are you all about the glitz and glam, or do you rock a vintage vibe? In honor of the beauty of Spring, we're obsessing over bright and beautiful prom dresses. Here's a few we found that you should check out:


This sweet baby pink gown from Loving Dresses oozes sophistication... Not to mention the sheer top provides a little extra coverage without being too obtrusive. $130



This showstopping gown keeps it light for Spring in a beautiful light turquoise - and is also available in a multitude of other colors! Again from Loving Dresses, the 3/4 lace sleeves add an air of timeless grace and beauty. $170



This bold hot pink gown is full of sparkle and is sure to show just how pumped and ready you are for prom! The empire waist will flatter many figures, and the cap sleeves add a touch of modesty without being too much! $140



Talk about a princess dress! This modern day Cinderella blue ball gown can be your perfect prom dress - and you don't even need a fairy Godmother! $180



This BEAUTIFUL rose gold dress is feminine and fun, and is perfect if you're looking to shake it up by not wearing a floor-length gown! $124

We know this can be one of the biggest decisions you have to face during the school year... And we hope it's been helpful! Just remember: Keep it Classy, and Be You!



With longer legs come greater challenges to dress modestly, especially with the current trends.  The goal is not to set a standard by which all judgements on modesty should be made, but rather offer a perspective and some suggestions to consider when shopping with modesty in mind from one tall girl to another.  Miss Amelia with her breathtaking smile and gorgeous long blonde hair,  is 5 feet 9 inches tall. She is a full head taller than most of her peers.


The issue of finding dresses and shorts that reach her mid thigh has been a challenge for her for many years.  If a person is petite or average in height, they might not realize just how difficult it is to find stores and styles that offer more conservative options for taller girls. Tall girls living in the southern states might have even more trouble.  With skimpy summer trends and squelching heat comes the battle of flesh versus staying true to values.

"It is possible, if you are willing to work at it," says the resident tall girl, Miss Amelia. She was all smiles as she shared her challenges and the tricks that she has learned to dress with dignity, despite the push of the culture to do the opposite.



 When asked which stores she has the best luck finding clothes that fit her tall frame and body type, she said, "I get most of my shorts from J Crew, and occasionally Loft.  The 'teenager stores' don't make an alternative for taller girls like me. Their options generally consist of short and shorter. Both J Crew and Loft make it so easy to wear longer shorts, because they have all the same patterns but offer them in a 3, 5, or 8-inch length."  The petite young woman could more easily find shorts that reach mid thigh, while someone with Amelia's height might have to wear at least a 5 or 8 inch inseam to even get close to mid thigh.  Then there are the "bermudas."  Not everyone is fond of this knee length style.  They are, however, a super safe option. Some might argue that they don't look fantastic on their body type.  This thought process is likely encouraged by the current trends to wear shorts that barely cover one's bottom.  When all the fashion magazines show styles and celebrities wearing super short shorts, it seems natural that many would want to do the same.  But that doesn't mean that they should!

IMG_7682 text


Taller girls may also be limited in the current trends they can wear modestly.  Responding to this idea, Amelia said that a trend she wished she could pull off is the high waisted shorts.  "They look so cute on petite girls with a tucked in shirt and the right accessories.  But when I wear them it seems like all you see are my mile long legs!  Unfortunately that's one trend I've had to give up on."  She also admitted that she doesn't always wear the longer shorts, but that she tries her best to balance it out by wearing a looser fitted shirt that undeniably provides full coverage on top to balance the outfit out.

Here are some trends that Amelia likes to wear and she added some tips to make the trend more modest for the tall girl.


The Tunic is adorable to wear to outdoor lunches and beachy events, but she recommends wearing thicker leggings, jeggings, or even comfy skinny jeans underneath.  Otherwise, if you bend over at all, everything will be exposed.




The patterned shirt dress is classy.  And this particular dress does hit mid thigh on Amelia, but she still feels more comfortable in it (especially in this time of year) with a pair of tights and tall boots.  It must be added that with this young lady, an outfit isn't complete without the right accessories!




With the longer length of this dress hitting just above her knee, she  feels comfortable wearing the wedges to make it dressier.  Often times a shorter dress paired with high heeled shoes make the dress appear even shorter.  This is something for the tall girl to keep in mind when trying to dress more modestly.


 So what can keep a tall girl motivated when the modest fashion odds are stacked up against her?  Good role models? A scripture verse?  Accountability?  Any and all of these ideas would be valid and helpful.  Amelia comes from a large family.  She has 5 brothers, and 17 cousins.  There are many little eyes looking up to her which keeps her in check.  "Since my family is pretty close I have my brothers that constantly monitor my outfits. They make their opinions pretty vocal and will let me know if they think I’m wearing something too short, even when I don't ask for their opinion." In addition to sharing about her young family members, She said that her Mother has been a great example and has encouraged her along the way. "My mom is an influence that helps me keep my standards high. Since she is also tall and has shown me great alternatives while being fashionable. I also stay motivated knowing that I don’t dress to impress people on earth, but want to be a representation of Christ through the way I look and act," she said.


It is safe to conclude that it does take more effort to find decent clothing for the taller young lady, but like Amelia says, "don’t give in to what everyone else says is 'normal.'  "I know first hand that being tall and modest is a hard combination, but it builds character and makes your outfits worth the extra effort. I have one last tip when buying shorts or dresses that are a little shorter," She continued. "Try buying a size up from what you would normally wear. There is no need to feel self conscious about the size of your clothing. When you wear bigger clothes it not only makes you look slimmer, but also draws the attention away from your legs. This adds a little length and width, instead of your clothes seeming tight and short."

Thank you, Amelia!

More Tips from the Tall Girl can be expected pre-Summer!

***We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Beth Carter!  She has donated her professional photography services to support our cause for many photo shoots.  We are thankful for her, and look forward to working with her more in the future!***



Rachel is an aspiring nurse from St. Johnsbury, Vermont. Her average look can be summed up in two words: comfy, casual. However, with Rachel pursuing her nursing degree, she is wanting to update her look to a more professional one. mkover1

Before the makeover I sat down with Rachel to hear her fashion likes and dislikes, in order to create a look that would fit her unique style and personality. Rachel expressed having a difficult time finding modest apparel, that fit her figure well. Her solution was purchasing sizes that were too big. With this in mind, Rachel and I visited a couple different stores in pursuit of a brand that would work well with her specific body type. In her case it was Old Navy.


For Rachel’s outfit, I chose a collared shirt and blazer combination. I paired it with a dark wash jean, which is an excellent way to keep the outfit business casual without looking too stuffy.



For the hair, we chose a style that would be well suited for her “on the go” lifestyle. This simple bob can be styled with minimal product, tools, and time.


For the make-up, I kept it simple and natural. Rachel could easily pull this look off in just a few minutes. The foundation is light-weight, and looks great paired with a cream blush. For the eyes, I used a palette of greys and taupe. For the lips I chose a wine color, which keeps her look up to date and on trend.

mkover7A statement necklace adds personality to the look; bracelets and a jeweled toned ring compliment it well. This look highlights Rachel’s amazing figure without compromising her value for modesty. You do not have to drown in oversized clothing to be modest. Finding the right line of clothing, that works with your body type is key.


Rachel looks ah-mazing in her new modest, professional look. With a newly trained eye in choosing professional pieces that work well with her lifestyle, personality, and body-type, she is ready to confidently enter into the next season of her life.

Shirt: Old Navy, $29.94,  Jeans: Old Navy, $29.50,  

Necklace: Old Navy, $12.00, Rings: Old Navy, $8.00, Bracelets: Old Navy, $8.00 (Jewelry can NOT be purchased ONLINE at this time.)

Foundation: SKINN plasma foundation, $64.50,  Powder: Estee Lauder, Lucidity, $29.00,   Blush: Eve Pearl, Eyeshadow: The Estee Lauder Shadows that were used are discontinued. A palette similar is the Film Noir from Estee Lauder, $48.00,  Eyeliner: Urban Decay, 24-7 Glide On Pencil, $19.00,  Lips: SKINN, $54.98  Mascara: Eco Bella, Flower Color Natural Mascara in black, $17.95, 


Photography: Reagan Miura

Article by: Rebekah Miura

Haircut by: Erin Herren at John Josephson’s Salon




Kenady is our Modesty On The Streets (MOTS) Rep of Lakeland, FL.  Here she is seen wearing clothing from Other People’s Property.  Exact items she is wearing can be purchased from their online consignment shop. To piece together a similar outfit, search the racks of your local consignment shop!

Similar lace up booties can be purchased for $25 here.

Finding this length in a skirt is no easy task when shopping in most retail stores and the button down shirt has unique detail that is more typical with a vintage style.  If you aren't up for the challenge of consignment shopping and OPP has sold this item already, We have found an online site that carries a top like this one.

Side Note:  At Top Buttons, we love many styles from Urban Outfitters, H&M, Top Shop, etc…., BUT not all items sold in these stores could be considered modest.  In our opinion, see-through tops should always have a thin camisole underneath to keep undergarments unseen.  Wearing the fun new styles, and keeping it classy takes extra effort.  We believe it’s worth it and absolutely REASONABLE.

Stylist: Dana Roquemore

Photo Credit:  Joanna LeMasters and Taylor Flumerfelt

Boyish Charm


Sweater (similar) I Shirt I Jeans I Shoes I Bag I Earrings I Watch & Bracelets: Alex and Ani I Spikes

Boyfriend jeans are the perfect way to achieve a playful menswear look. While you can go for a complete menswear outfit with a blazer and loafers, adding girly pieces offsets the masculinity and creates a charming pairing. Even though this cool combination consists of a button down shirt, the overlay of a sequined sweater top gives it the perfect balance of both styles. An over-sized watch completes the look.

Tips on how you can achieve a look that is stolen from the boys:

- Mix girly pieces (sequins, colorful tops, feminine shoes) with one or two boyish ones (boyfriend jeans, oversized watch, button down shirt).

- If you pick a masculine top, choose a feminine bottom. And vice versa.

- Even the slightest details like a simple oxford shoe can imitate menswear.

- If you choose boyfriend jeans that are slouchy, offset them with a structured top.

Photos By: Beth Carter

Your Bra Strap is not an Accessory


Showing of bra straps has become a reoccurring trend in Hollywood and on young women everywhere. You can now even buy bedazzled straps to match your outfits to show off. While we applaud efforts for creativity, we believe there are better ways to display your unique style. Bra straps are simply not an accessory! They draw attention to unwanted areas in ways that may not be modest. Revealing your bra straps may cause others to wonder what’s going on under your clothing. Rather than accessorizing with bra straps why not show off that cute necklace or bracelet you just love and keep the undergarments under your clothes. Strapless bras are always a solution for avoiding bra straps all together. But if strapless bra’s are out of the question for you, here are a few other options you might like to try.

Bra Clips are perfect for racer-back style tops and dresses. You can convert a normal bra by placing the straps in the clips and adjusting them at the appropriate length to conceal the straps.

The Nu bra is useful for dress that may have tricky necklines or backs. You apply the bra where you would normally place your bra and you are free from worrying about pesky bra straps or revealing anything that shouldn’t be seen.

Fashion tape is great for holding bra straps in tact so they don’t slip out from under your clothing and show. Just simply stick the fashion tape onto the bra strap and apply to your skin.

Written by: Aarika Phillips Photo by: Kayla Anderson