The Power of Being Seen | The Power of Being Enough

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Everyone wants to be seen and everyone wants to be known. Growing up in a world with countless social media outlets and apps that filter pictures has created a whole other level to feeling worthy and accepted. I’m not saying all social media is bad, or that at 38 I don’t appreciate a good filter! But I am saying that many of the images we see can skew reality and create goals in the lives of young women that are not only unattainable, but unnecessary.

Top Buttons recently hosted our “Building Up Girls” Event. These events are some of my favorite because all of the girls we serve are invited to come together to receive training from phenomenal women who are excellent in their fields of expertise. While the girls receive important life skill information such as budgeting/financial planning and physical wellness, they also hear important life truths that pertain to who they are as individuals.

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Throughout the morning of our most recent event, it was reiterated over and over to every young lady that she was created with and for purpose. Created intentionally by a Creator who sees her, knows her, and loves her.

Many of the girls we serve come from hard places and many would be labeled “at-risk”….meaning there is likely a lack of support and stability that make them easy prey for those who do not have God’s best in mind for them. Over and over again, we have seen how these life dynamics diminish self worth in the lives of young ladies who were wonderfully and fearfully made. It is not hard for young women to fall victim to lies that their life must have been a mistake, doesn’t matter, or has no value. Believing these lies can lead to dangerous behaviors - but as the girls who attended this event heard truths that combated these types of lies, a spirit of liberty could be felt across the room.

The final speaker of the event was Lisa Kirk and she made things personal for the young ladies in attendance. One at a time, she called several up….looked them directly in the eye and spoke into them that they are seen and that they matter - just as they are. She then made each of them own that truth by speaking it for herself.….not whisper it, or mumble it…but speak it confidently to a roomful of other both impressionable and valuable young women. The first young lady who stood up had tears running down her face as our speaker locked eyes with her, SAW HER, and said she was enough. Tears started streaming down many faces in the room as the silence was only broken by the sound of spoken truth as these young ladies acknowledged and verbalized that they mattered, they’re loved, and they’re enough. WOW. It was powerful!

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Following Lisa, Sarah Powers closed by sharing her own testimony of overcoming hardship, feelings of failure from not living up to God’s standards, but yet how He saw and rescued her in the midst of it. The girls were given the opportunity to allow God to do the same for them. Heads were bowed and hands were lifted as the girls were asked if they wanted to surrender their lives and strongholds to a God who loves them, wants good for them, and will never leave them. It was a powerful ending to a beautiful event.

We know the young ladies we serve need life-skill training and we love providing it, but we also know these young ladies need the hope and acceptance of a Savior who DOES want God’s best for them. …and they don’t even need a perfectly filtered Instagram page to receive it.

They are seen as they are. And they are enough.

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Fashion Cents: Tips for Buying Cheap Clothes


Written by Alexis Gauthier Good-day Lovely Ladies! Alexis here :D I’m so excited to be part of the new Fashion ¢ents campaign, because a good fashion bargain is fashion that just makes sense. Today I wanted to share with you my heart behind this fashion feature and even give you girls a few tips on how to work the thrift store bargains!

Imagine yourself at a holiday party, fun friend outing, or even just walking the halls of school. No matter where you are, your desire is to look and feel confident, however with the pricy trends that have made their way to the runway and front covers of magazines, it is difficult to afford diverse outfits, let alone one astounding look! I’ve been there. We all have, however I was lucky enough to jump on the thrifting train at a young age.

Once I learned that I could get the same looks at thriftier prices, I never went back. Why? Because my clothing items were original and affordable. Sometimes it takes a little more time and effort, but I also get more for my money, so I have more options to choose from! Here are some of my thrift store secrets.


Salvation Army – 50% off Wednesdays

A lot of Salvation Army stores discount all of their shoes, clothing, and accessories 50% off all day on Wednesdays. I love this sale because I get twice for a price that’s already a bargain. Alexis Jean Vest Alexis Purse

A couple of my favorite items found at a recent Salvation Army 50% off sale!

Ask for discounts!

You never know how much money you can really save until you try. One time, I was shopping with a friend who was in an especially particular time financial crunch because her wedding was just weeks away. It was to the point that she couldn’t even afford the thrift shop prices, so I explained her situation to the cashier, and the sales clerk was sweet enough to add an ADDITIONAL 50% off. Another time, I had picked out a shirt with a lot of holes in it, which I didn’t mind because I know how to sew, and I showed the lady the holes and asked if I could have a discount. I ended up scoring the shirt for 50 cents!

Color of the day discount

Goodwill and Salvation Army ALWAYS have a color of the day. If you find clothes tagged with that color, you get a discount. It’s always like a treasure hunt, but definitely worth the search.

College discount

If you’re in college, almost every location honors students with a 10% off discount. I’ve been using this discount since high school by presenting my dual-enrollment ID. If you’re not in college, check your local thrift store for similar discounts like senior discounts etc. and plan a thrifting adventure with a college mentor or grandparent so you can use their discount.

99cents a pound

Okay, so here is one of my BIGGEST thrift secrets. There’s select Goodwill locations that are called Goodwill Headquarters. These locations are usually very large buildings with two sides: there’s the normal store with a very large selection, and then there’s section that is 99 cents a pound. You need to have a lot of time on your hands to sift through the tables and buckets of clothes, but it is so affordable in the end. I’ve been twice, spent $7 both times, and left with about 15 items on both occasions. That averages out to about 50 cents per item. My favorite buy was a sequin pair of Express shorts.

Plato’s Closet grab bag sale

This is one of my absolute favorite discounts, however it only happens once or twice a year, depending on location. Every summer Plato’s Closet draws in crowds of fashionistas with the alluring temptation of gently used name brand clothing combined with extra low prices. How? They have a grab bag sale! The object of the sale is to stuff as much clothing and accessories into the bag as possible so that it can still tie, and then all the contents of the bag are yours for just $20. I’ve lined up for this sale before, in which the line wrapped around the building and girls of all ages ran inside when doors opened. I ended up leaving Plato’s Closet spending $20 and getting 25 items of nearly new clothing, all because I strategically folded and stuffed.

So, there you have it: some of the best discount tips from the bargainer herself! I hope you enjoyed. Leave some feedback so I know what YOU want to hear about in my next Fashion Cents feature.

The possibilities are endless.


Menswear Fashion


A woman's role in the corporate world has come along way. Women continue to gain respect on a professional level, and now we are taking it to the NEXT level with a menswear inspired wardrobe.

Dress suits and close toed pumps have always been a staple for women in the workplace. Now, thanks to the heavy influence of fashion, the barrier between a man and woman's closets has disappeared. Everything from vests, loafers, and trousers are making their way into a woman's wardrobe (and we can't say we are not a tad excited).

Below is a prime example of a revamped 9-5 look. We stuck with slimming black trousers and a simple (but elegant) undershirt. *Keep in mind the camisole is for a profession, not a night out. Be aware of how low cut your blouse is.* Then there is the fun part, adding a twist to the original oxford and blazer. Both blazers are boyfriend style, but each offer a different look...the black is traditional and the muted grey adds a touch of flare. As for the oxford pump, it is close toed AND office appropriate. Add the finishing touch of a statement piece, a delicately molded, yet bold necklace.


For a more casual work environment or out-of office occasion, go for the classic button down and tuxedo pant. The rich blue button down pops against the black pants, and the tuxedo pant detail pays homage to it's original design. Add a dressy loafer, edgy clutch, and bowler hat to the mix and you are ready to face the day, in and out of the office! P.s. bowler hats are adorable and complete any menswear affect!



The challenge is yours for the taking. We dare YOU to try menswear inspired fashion!

-Jenna O.

*Links are suggestions, not exact items*

Full Skirts Ahead


It is about that time of year! Before you know it, warm summer days will transform to crisp and cool weather. As for Fall Fashion trends...they are already here! But instead of sending a trench coat your way, ease your way into a garment that will bode well during the transition from one season to the next. We suggest one of Fall Fashion's favorites, full skirts!

Full skirts usually range from above the knee to mid calf but offer an array of styling options. The more popular version of the full skirt hits right above the knee. Below are a few examples (some offer a relaxed look while others are more structured).


If you are not completely satisfied with this particular version of full skirts, try a midi version. "Midi" full skirts can fall to the calf (depending on height). This sister skirt showcases just as much class if not more than the latter [shorter] full skirt, and is just as versatile.


- Jenna O.

Skirts in feature image:

Classy | Sleek | Feminine

Styling 101: Weekend Picks


The Summer of long days by the poolside and being school free are coming to an end. Although we are trading our swimwear & fashion forward days for uniforms [some of us business attire] we MUST not give up on our weekends. In other words ladies, we cannot forget that we still have the weekends to dress in remembrance of our carefree days.

So without further ado, we now deem every weekend a reTREAT! Here are two of our favorite -completely different- picks to get your weekend started!

First up is the infamous nautical themed look. We chose to play with the contrasting shades of blue, the lighter hue to brighten the look, and the darker blue to be the root color of the outfit. Add simple studs and fabulous sunnies to complete the head-to-toe style.


Blouse | Skirt | Tote | Flats | Sunnies | Studs 


 For the second look, we are taking it to the streets (or the mall, dinner, really wherever you like). The tank dress is casual, but the pop of yellow in the sandals and the matching crossbody adds pizzazz! Did we forget to mention this eye-catching China Glaze polish in Caribbean Temptation?!


Tank dress | Sandals | Crossbody | Polish 

Have a great weekend. Be sure to TREAT yourself!

-Jenna O.

#TBT: Snapbacks

TBT: Part One

Hashtag Throwback Thursday (#tbt) is flooding the internet and social media today! So we decided to join in the fun and share a throwback of our own: snapbacks.

6-17 17.37.50 WEB

For decades, snapbacks have made a name for themselves, ranging from quirky colors and fan favorite teams. They have been worn by athletes, music artists, and celebrities alike. I am even positive that you too have worn a snapback, whether it was yours, or a friend's that you snagged for a photo opt in the hallways at school!

6-17 17.38.04 WEB

6-17 17.38.21 WEB

Fun Fact: These caps became popular because of the ability to be fitted [the adjustable strap].

6-17 17.39.03  WEB

Don't forget to #tbt your snapback swag today, especially if you rock a cap the "Fresh Prince" way!

-Jenna O.


Snapback | Vest | Tank | Jeans | Shoes

*Same brands, similar outfit*

Photo credit: Sarah Powers

Images Edited by: Jen Duarte

Get the Best Look for July 4th with Overalls


Today we salute to the red white and blue! We count our blessings and celebrate our freedoms even though our fingers may be dripping with watermelon juice.

Amidst the fireworks, BBQ, and picnics stands a tradition that deserves a little dusting off, the true blue, DENIM. But to stand proud this holiday, we say "Redefine your Independence", and go for the overalls!

far away


Even when the celebration ends, you will surely have other opportunities to showcase your patriotic side in these scarves: plaid stripes floral American flag


The best part about overalls is that they are a top find at local thrift shops!

*Don't forget! Being able to adjust the length of the straps can solve length issues*


If you still are on the fence about overalls, go for an alternative such as a jumpsuit.

Denim Jumpsuit | Sleeveless Denim



Effortless hairdos are made easy with head-wraps (can be found in an array of different colors)!


So what will it be? The Grand Ole Overalls or a Jumpsuit we all Salute to! The choice is ultimately yours!

Happy Fourth of July!

-Jenna O.

Photo credit:  Sarah Powers

Images Edited by: Jen Duarte

Not Your 80s Denim


Trendsetters beware! Shoulder pads and leg warmers have remained in the past but their denim counterpart of the 80's is trending forward! Denim on denim is a must-have look that is here to stay. Granted, denim from the 80's was all about the acid wash and matching denim from head to toe. The current denim trend is mixing denim pieces and washes for contrast. Pictured is a light wash boyfriend jacket paired with a dark wash skinny jean. Now it is quite obvious that the jacket contrasts with the jean, but styling different washes modernizes this 80s craze. As for the blouse, go for prints. Prints offer a bolder look to the denim on denim. Add a vibrant embellished clutch for a pop of color and a "men’s-like" watch to complement the boyfriend style jacket and the finishing touches are complete.








Erin's Closet Remix


Meet Erin, a DIY enthusiast from Kansas City, Missouri. Erin wanted a new look without breaking the bank. I was happy to jump in and help put together an outfit made up of her own wardrobe along with a few new items. IMG_2555

While chatting with Erin about what kind of a look she wanted, she said that she loved her summer dresses and would love to find a way to wear them in the cooler months. With this in mind, I went through her closet and pulled a dress, leather jacket, tights and some fun wedges.


Her outfit needed some polish so we hit up our local H&M in search of some accessories where we found a statement necklace and a fun, unexpected purse. We completed the look with a couple trendy bracelets and a gold watch.


For Erin’s hair, we gave her some loose curls. For her make-up I kept it light and playful. I did a cat eye, pink cheeks, and a nude lip.



Erin looks great in her new look! She had all the right clothing, it was just a matter of pairing them correctly and adding the right accessories. Erin is excited to get her summer dresses out of storage and back on the hangers.



*Below are links to similar items worn above.

Dress  Jacket  | Tights  Shoes  | Purse


Article by: Rebekah Miura  Photography by: Reagan Miura




Still Trending: Floral Pants


Ladies, there is no need to look both ways before crossing the street in an eye catching floral look! This edgy take on a floral pant will have people clearing traffic as if the streets were a runway! With Spring on the horizon, patterned and floral pants are taking their place as the latest fad. Even though florals are rooted with a feminine touch, playing with colors and textures can take a once girlie print to an edgy style with spunk. The floral pant shown here is paired with a solid scoop neck and faux leather vest. A cap sleeve tee works just as well as a long sleeve, especially if you live in a warmer climate and the faux leather vest gives the outfit just the right amount of texture. Accessory wise, pick your pleasure: gold, silver, gunmetal, rose gold, etc. Any metal will look great against a floral, just be sure to stick with one type of metal. Add a crossbody in one of the hottest colors for spring such as blush, with an ever so classic Mary Jane pump to your look, and you are ready to take on any sidewalk or street... as if it was your own personal runway.






Vest  Scoop neck Floral pant Mary Janes Blush cross-body Ring



Makeup Artist: Melissa Kinsey

Photo credit: Moments by Jen

City Fashion Shoot Video

This video was truly a group effort.  It was directed by Mom Powers, filmed by Delaney, and edited by Taylor Murray.  While Lakeland has some great spots for photoshoots, we loved changing it up by heading over to the streets of downtown Orlando.  This shoot features some looks that we have already posted and some that are coming up in the next couple weeks.  Hope you have a great day!


Swimsuit1 swimsuit2

The evolution of the swimsuit has been drastic over the last 50 years. While trends usually come full circle and it is apparent that some bathing suit styles have returned to the fore front from years past, the itsy bitsy bikini is going no where.  Who doesn't feel the most comfortable in their underwear?  Well, at home when no one is looking.  But where is the line on bathing suits?  As the more popular trends continue to lean towards skimpy rather than full coverage, it leaves many wondering where the line will be drawn, if at all? Many young females look forward to purchasing and wearing the  hottest swimwear trends, but as with all clothing trends, popular doesn't always mean appropriate.

There are many different styles available, but it is important to find the style that fits your body best and one that doesn't expose everything.  Talking about modesty in general is controversial, let alone the subject of swimwear.  In Florida, ladies can practically live in a swimsuit year round! Some might wonder, if there should be a standard at the beach.  Many churches and even some civic organizations believe so.  Standards are set for the benefit of the group and the benefit of the individual (but in that order).  It makes sense to ask  young men and women, attending a group function together at the beach,  to consider the fun to be had by the whole group free of distractions rather than placing priority on the  individual desires which often leads to expression with no boundaries.  So can a young woman "be herself" and still wear something with more coverage than the typical two piece bikini options?


If stores supplied, and celebs promoted only 1 piece swimsuits, would women go out and sew their own two piece bathing suits anyway?  When wearing a swimsuit, should consideration be given to others?   Should modesty apply to swimsuits, or do sand and water negate the concept? Should current trends dictate our fashion sense?  If so, how far will we go allowing the fashion industry to determine our standards?

The options for adorable swimsuits are out there.  Since there is so much encouragement for young women to where the super revealing swimsuits, why not balance it out with an alternative?!

Sarah Powers, our Director, grew up out on the water.  Her grandparents owned and operated a water ski school for decades and she competed in water sports.  It made sense to talk to her about this topic since she has such a passion to see young women dress with their own personal style while not negating their personal values.  "I care more about the functionality of a swimsuit than the cuteness factor, but that is because I was always training for a competition.  Wearing a bikini might result in some unintended exposure."  She laughed as she described some embarrassing moments that occurred from some bad spills while throwing big tricks. "The bottom line is that our belief system should affect our choice of clothing at school, church, work, and the beach. The first thing that people notice about us is most often not what we say or do, but what we wear.  If we say we want to honor God with our life, that should be reflected accordingly.  As a Christian, our goal in life should not be to get attention from revealing clothes and then to post it on instagram to get more attention."  The beach is the perfect opportunity to be set apart and to consider the impression we are giving off to others.  I say... wear the look you want, but within reason."  She went on to share how the impact of social media has fueled the growth of immodest trends as people continue to post every moment, especially "beachy" ones, with the public.


Both Rebekah, the Top Buttons's Stylist, and Sarah suggested the tankini as a reasonable choice for young women and stated that one pieces are very flattering on most all body types.

It's also interesting to note that most young females, struggle with their changing bodies. Some of the flaws that they see include, small bust line, large bust line, large hips, no curves, large thighs. According to, young women who see these flaws were 87% more confident when wearing a one piece bathing suit, or one that covered their mid-section.

So with that being said, Be on the lookout for future posts that include where to find some fashionable one pieces, tankinis, and cover ups!



cupcake In today’s culture, couples are expected to be physically intimate in dating relationships. Young women feel pressure to have a boyfriend for acceptance and value. She may even feel she must do “whatever it takes to keep the boy interested,” especially when she is comparing herself and it appears the competition is tough… Then we have the fashion magazine articles, among many things, that encourage more and more of this. How to have your “Best first time,” “How to Make Him Want More,” and “What to Wear to Get Him in Bed,” are all titles of reading material you can find when you open up the standard Fashion Magazine. (Actually, those are the non-explicit versions.) We say… Thanks. But No Thanks! This Valentine’s Day, with the increase in sexually explicit material, we’d like to offer an alternative.

Chase and Paige Wagner met in 2009, were married in 2012, and have been together for 3 and ½ years. They met while at Biola University in La Mirada, CA, (outside of LA). Currently, Chase is the Worship Leader at Southeastern University, and just this week they released their new album on iTunes called, No Other Name. His wife, Paige, is a student at SEU.


First, we were able to catch them sharing a cupcake and cappuccino together. We felt a bit like intruders, but it wasn't long before they invited the whole crew to share their cupcake with them.  Which we gladly accepted!



Then we walked through the downtown Lakeland area for the photoshoot.  Seriously, this couple looks like they walked right off the set of a movie.  The difference though, is that their love is real. It’s authentic. It’s not a photoshop creation or a fake love affair. We asked them to share their story with us because we knew many young men and women would be encouraged by their relationship and how their focus on God has led to a beautiful, healthy marriage. They are still in the honeymoon phase, but no doubt they will be together “until death do they part” if the principles they have built their relationship on thus far are kept.



Paige, What did your life look like before you met Chase? I met Chase the first month of my freshmen year of college. Before I knew him I was a high school senior ready to graduate and start my college experience in Southern California.

Did you notice him before he noticed you? I don’t know who technically noticed whom first, BUT I definitely noticed him before he introduced himself to me. It was 2009.  At that time the “Zac Efron” hair was in style, and Chase rocked it so hard that he actually looked like Zac. Later when we were dating, random people would approach me and ask if I was the girl dating Zac Efron.



So Chase, what was it about Paige that caught your attention first? Paige was breathtakingly beautiful and still is.

How did you ask her out? I gathered up the nerve to introduce myself after randomly running into her and her friends in a parking lot in town.

Did she respond the way you hoped she would? Yes even in that first conversation she was fun, flirty, and energetic. But at the same I could tell she had self-respect. Being naturally “fun” is a great quality for a girl to have.

Where did you take her on your first date? I asked her to go to church with me the next Sunday.

Paige, we want to know! What do you remember most about your first date? Our first date, Chase asked me to go to a night service with him at Rock Harbor Church in Costa Mesa, CA. I remember talking about missions the whole time. I had felt called by God to go to India, and Chase had been to India a few years past. Come to find out, Chase had worked with the author of the book, Revolution of World Missions, while he was in India ...which was the very book that had inspired me to go there.  I also remember at the end of the night Chase leaning in to grab my hand.  I guess I misread the signal, because I took it as a “handshake” not a loving hand graze. We laughed at the awkward misunderstanding and from then on we “hand shaked” almost every time we left a date.

What did your dating relationship look like? We were pretty inseparable from the minute we met.  We spent a good amount of time in group settings when we first started dating but made sure we also had alone time to get to know each other deeper. We went out to eat, went out for yogurt, sipped Boba tea and drank a lot of coffee (we’re quite the foodies). With no previous understanding of each other’s lives, we had a lot of getting to know each other. Conversations were spent telling stories from our lives, about our families, our understanding of God and our dreams of the future. We set clear boundaries physically, knowing that waiting for physical intimacy would honor our values, each other, and our future together.

What quality do you like most about Chase? I love that Chase’s heart is postured like Christ’s. Chase is always aware and thinking of other people before himself. He is so selfless in his giftings. Chase is always depositing the blessings God’s given to him into other people, seldom holding them for himself. He has such a kind spirit about him always making people feel welcomed and heard.

What role did your relationship with Christ play in your dating experience? Christ didn’t play a role in our relationship; He was the POINT of our relationship.  Devotions and attending church together were a regular part of our time, but in the beginning we guarded our own personal relationships with God. Of course we would share what God was speaking to us, but personal time with God is so intimate.  We wanted to make sure we didn’t share too much while dating just in case the relationship didn’t end in marriage.

street 2

street 3

Chase, when did you know she was the "one?" After our first conversation. I knew we’d get married.

That’s pretty bold. How did you know she was the "one" that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with? After discussing faith with her and watching that faith play out in the way she lived her life, I knew. She had a real authentic faith, not something that was forced through upbringing or the church or whatever. I loved watching her figure out how God's plan would play out into her personal reality. Her faith was honest and real. She had real questions and real struggles with God. But in the midst of all that I would describe her as “fun” and “light”- never taking herself too seriously.

All the girls want to know, how did you propose? I proposed to Paige at a summer camp she was working at in Northern California. She went to that summer camp every summer as a kid and accepted Christ there when she was 12 years old. The summer I proposed she was working at the same camp as a counselor. I drove down from Seattle her last night at camp and coordinated a candle light bonfire under the stars. It was there I asked Paige if she would accept me as her husband in the same place she accepted Jesus to be her Savior. She said yes.

Chase, we have lots of young female readers who hope to one day marry a man that will love and respect them unconditionally, What one piece of advice would you give our young female readers as to the importance of holding out for God's best?

Every person has baggage. Every person has made mistakes. Have GRACE for yourself and GRACE for others. Simply follow Jesus.



Interview by: Aarika Phillips

Photo Credit: Beth Carter


Be encouraged!  Whether you are single or dating, it's worth it to hold out and keep the bar high.  Your Happily Ever After will come as you make God the Center.

Happy Valentine's Day from the Top Buttons Team!





With longer legs come greater challenges to dress modestly, especially with the current trends.  The goal is not to set a standard by which all judgements on modesty should be made, but rather offer a perspective and some suggestions to consider when shopping with modesty in mind from one tall girl to another.  Miss Amelia with her breathtaking smile and gorgeous long blonde hair,  is 5 feet 9 inches tall. She is a full head taller than most of her peers.


The issue of finding dresses and shorts that reach her mid thigh has been a challenge for her for many years.  If a person is petite or average in height, they might not realize just how difficult it is to find stores and styles that offer more conservative options for taller girls. Tall girls living in the southern states might have even more trouble.  With skimpy summer trends and squelching heat comes the battle of flesh versus staying true to values.

"It is possible, if you are willing to work at it," says the resident tall girl, Miss Amelia. She was all smiles as she shared her challenges and the tricks that she has learned to dress with dignity, despite the push of the culture to do the opposite.



 When asked which stores she has the best luck finding clothes that fit her tall frame and body type, she said, "I get most of my shorts from J Crew, and occasionally Loft.  The 'teenager stores' don't make an alternative for taller girls like me. Their options generally consist of short and shorter. Both J Crew and Loft make it so easy to wear longer shorts, because they have all the same patterns but offer them in a 3, 5, or 8-inch length."  The petite young woman could more easily find shorts that reach mid thigh, while someone with Amelia's height might have to wear at least a 5 or 8 inch inseam to even get close to mid thigh.  Then there are the "bermudas."  Not everyone is fond of this knee length style.  They are, however, a super safe option. Some might argue that they don't look fantastic on their body type.  This thought process is likely encouraged by the current trends to wear shorts that barely cover one's bottom.  When all the fashion magazines show styles and celebrities wearing super short shorts, it seems natural that many would want to do the same.  But that doesn't mean that they should!

IMG_7682 text


Taller girls may also be limited in the current trends they can wear modestly.  Responding to this idea, Amelia said that a trend she wished she could pull off is the high waisted shorts.  "They look so cute on petite girls with a tucked in shirt and the right accessories.  But when I wear them it seems like all you see are my mile long legs!  Unfortunately that's one trend I've had to give up on."  She also admitted that she doesn't always wear the longer shorts, but that she tries her best to balance it out by wearing a looser fitted shirt that undeniably provides full coverage on top to balance the outfit out.

Here are some trends that Amelia likes to wear and she added some tips to make the trend more modest for the tall girl.


The Tunic is adorable to wear to outdoor lunches and beachy events, but she recommends wearing thicker leggings, jeggings, or even comfy skinny jeans underneath.  Otherwise, if you bend over at all, everything will be exposed.




The patterned shirt dress is classy.  And this particular dress does hit mid thigh on Amelia, but she still feels more comfortable in it (especially in this time of year) with a pair of tights and tall boots.  It must be added that with this young lady, an outfit isn't complete without the right accessories!




With the longer length of this dress hitting just above her knee, she  feels comfortable wearing the wedges to make it dressier.  Often times a shorter dress paired with high heeled shoes make the dress appear even shorter.  This is something for the tall girl to keep in mind when trying to dress more modestly.


 So what can keep a tall girl motivated when the modest fashion odds are stacked up against her?  Good role models? A scripture verse?  Accountability?  Any and all of these ideas would be valid and helpful.  Amelia comes from a large family.  She has 5 brothers, and 17 cousins.  There are many little eyes looking up to her which keeps her in check.  "Since my family is pretty close I have my brothers that constantly monitor my outfits. They make their opinions pretty vocal and will let me know if they think I’m wearing something too short, even when I don't ask for their opinion." In addition to sharing about her young family members, She said that her Mother has been a great example and has encouraged her along the way. "My mom is an influence that helps me keep my standards high. Since she is also tall and has shown me great alternatives while being fashionable. I also stay motivated knowing that I don’t dress to impress people on earth, but want to be a representation of Christ through the way I look and act," she said.


It is safe to conclude that it does take more effort to find decent clothing for the taller young lady, but like Amelia says, "don’t give in to what everyone else says is 'normal.'  "I know first hand that being tall and modest is a hard combination, but it builds character and makes your outfits worth the extra effort. I have one last tip when buying shorts or dresses that are a little shorter," She continued. "Try buying a size up from what you would normally wear. There is no need to feel self conscious about the size of your clothing. When you wear bigger clothes it not only makes you look slimmer, but also draws the attention away from your legs. This adds a little length and width, instead of your clothes seeming tight and short."

Thank you, Amelia!

More Tips from the Tall Girl can be expected pre-Summer!

***We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Beth Carter!  She has donated her professional photography services to support our cause for many photo shoots.  We are thankful for her, and look forward to working with her more in the future!***



Fabric that is big, ugly, unflattering, and sweltering hot… Does this come to mind when you think of modesty? In 2013, we'd love to take this old term and give it a new definition. But where do we look to define Modesty? Who should define it? Should cultural standards impact our decision? Should we encourage young women to be set apart from society in how they dress when the options for such are so limited? Should we even have a blog promoting modesty, when “modesty" itself is based on the lack of self-promotion? There are many noble causes, should the way young men and women dress even matter in the grand scheme of things? The answers to these questions vary from person to person. But within the fabric of our society is a thread of faith. Faith should inspire growth, change, and healthy standards of behavior in many different areas. Modesty in conduct, which includes the way we dress, is a Christ honoring principle AND a healthy behavior choice.

How then do we determine what is and what isn’t modest?

There is more than one dictionary to define words and phrases. The Webster’s Dictionary was once the place to look; now ANY online site claiming to be a reliable source is used. The Urban Dictionary is quite crass at times, but I found their definition of the word “modesty” to be humorous and thought-provoking. It states, “Modesty is the art of enhancing your charm by pretending not to be aware of it.” This is a secular view which implies people who aim for humility are really actors striving to draw more personal attention. Why does secular society see a humble or modest expression, reflecting one’s desire to honor God and others rather than oneself, as pretentious? This social media, “like my post,” driven society is desperate for attention. We are so desperate that we buy what we can’t afford, pretend our life is what it isn’t on Facebook, and work to gain a following to feel like we “are somebody.”

Here's a valid thought…Wouldn’t young men and women wear styles that are more modest if their music and television role models dressed in more modest clothing? I believe they absolutely would. The need for ATTENTION we all have, gets a strong fix from shock value. SHOCK VALUE occurs as a response to loud and obnoxious opinions, “in-your-face” behavior, and “I’ll wear what I want” styles. This cycle of attention fulfilled through shock value promotes selfishness and more risky societal behavior.

What to do? We can’t redefine modesty in totality because it represents an ever changing principle influenced by the culture, faith and upbringing of its time. It isn’t a term anyone can give absolute guidelines on.

And the look of a modest woman has changed so much over the years. At Top Buttons, we debated whether or not to even use the term “modest” at all, because of the disgust most teens have when they turn the term over in their mouth. It appears that modesty makes most young people think of layering big ugly clothes and gives the feeling of "being controlled." We discussed whether we should use the word “classy,” but that infers “rich” by many people. We do like the phrase “fashion with extra fabric,” but this is a bit long to replace “modesty” with. We also know some other religious communities might be offended by our standard of the term which does not reflect their own. While we respect modest style expressions, at Top Buttons, we recognize that extreme modest styles could be impractical and not easily attainable for young women who do not sew their own clothes and want to dress in a way that doesn't alienate them from their peers.

In 2013, we resolve to talk about, encourage, and redefine this principle with all who are interested. We would love to have you weigh in on the matter. Is it possible to redefine modesty? Or should we throw it out and use a new term? Can we help young women to see this term in a different light? We’d like to know…what do you see when you think of modesty by today's standards? Do you feel it's reasonable to encourage young men and women to have some boundaries in their clothing styles? Why or why not?

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Garrard

Written By: Sarah Powers