Jennifer Lawrence: Minimal Makeup Looks for Spring 2015


"I'm a big believer in accepting yourself and not really worrying about it."

Jennifer Lawrence, the 24-year-old Hunger Games star is known for being blunt about the importance of self-confidence. We love Jennifer for many reasons, including her ability to rock completely natural and minimal-makeup looks all over magazine covers and red carpets.

A lot of assumptions come along with wearing makeup– there are stereotypes that girls who wear heavy makeup are self-conscious or vain. However, we love makeup and the fun that comes along with trying a bold, fuchsia lip or a subtle smokey eye.

On the other hand, a minimalistic makeup look lets others know that you are confident in your own skin through your makeup choice. It allows extra time to sleep in, and a fresh face can feel great from time-to-time, especially on long days when you do not feel like reapplying your pretty pink lipstick multiple times.


You do not need to avoid makeup completely (which we definitely do not object to!), but your makeup routine can be oh-so-simple with just a few quick steps. To get a look like Jennifer's, all you need is five or six products.

The trick to being confident with a natural look is starting with a fresh foundation. If you are prone to blemishes, dab a concealer under your eyes and on any blemishes. Next, add a pea-sized amount of foundation all over, including over eyelids and down the neck-line. We love Tarte's Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation because the clay-base formula makes it wearable all day long, and it also has SPF 15 (we love anything with a little added SPF!)

Eyebrows can make a huge difference when going for a minimalistic look, so once you  have gotten rid of any stray hairs, try lightly filling them in with a shimmer-free eye shadow color that is just a shade lighter than your eyebrow color.

Finally, finish off the look by curling your lashes and adding one or two coats of black mascara and a tinted lip gloss. Trust us-- that's all you need.



Hillary Duff and Katy Perry, prove that a minimal-look can be gorgeous worn in different ways.

One last thing– it is officially spring, which means that lots of fun-in-the-sun is on the way. We can not stress the importance of wearing sunscreen enough. Preserving that beautiful skin is crucial to being able to rock the minimal-makeup look as you get older and wrinkles start to develop (which we know seems so far away that it will never happen– but trust us on this one). Use an SPF of at least 30, pay special attention to the face, and reapply after you go in the water or sweat. We love Sun Bum's Sunscreen Face Stick SPF 30 because it makes protecting your face easy and is compact enough to fit in any bag for those on-the-go pool and beach trips with your girlfriends.


Written by: Katy Abramowich

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Miss USA Pageant 2014: Our Pick For Best Dress


usa1Hometown favorite Brittany Guidry rocked the evening gown competition this past Sunday night at the Miss USA 2014 Pageant. Guidry, also known as Miss. Louisiana, wore a Sherri Hill evening gown with class. This gown had a beautiful empire waist with amazing rhinestones and beading at the neckline. Guidry looked stunning in this royal blue dress as she competed for the title of Miss USA 2014. usa2Throughout the entire night, she was a favorite of her hometown audience of thousands as well as the judges as they continued to move her up in the ranks. Millions tuned into NBC to watch live the unveiling of this year's Miss USA. Brittany made a huge accomplishment by making her mark at this nationwide competition while making third runner-up.

Cargo Cosmetics: Get Your Glam On


Cargo Cosmetics sent us over their “Lets Meet In Paris” kit that had been in stores for the holidays. With many other products to test, I was not able to get this review up until now! But, as they say “good things come to those who wait.” If you are looking for the ultimate glam kit, look no further. These five products will have you red carpet ready in no time!

Let’s start with eyes shall we. I have to admit I am an eyeliner snob. My checklist for a quality eyeliner is:

“Does it have good color pay off?” “Does it have smooth application?” “Is it smudgeproof?” “Is it waterproof?” “Is it longwearing”

I am not easily impressed, however I was with Cargo’s Swimmables Eye Pencil in Black Sea. It met all of my criteria and exceeded my expectations with a stand out fourteen hour wear. This pencil reminds me of Urban Decay’s 24-7 Glide On Eye Pencil which is a staple in my makeup artist kit.

Pair this eyeliner with Cargo’s TexasLash Mascara and you have a match made in heaven! This mascara is all about volume, which is perfect for a glamorous evening out.

As for lips, Cargo’s got you covered in that arena as well. They have their Reverse Lip Liner to keep your lipstick from feathering. Apply this liner around the outside of your lips to clean up the lip line, add definition and lock the lipstick into place. Cargo’s HD  Picture Perfect Lip Primer goes hand in hand with the lip liner. It smoothes, defines and plumps as it extends the wear of lip color. After this is applied, Cargo’s Essential Lip Color in “Paris” is the perfect shade of red to finish your look. It is a highly pigmented color that hydrates and plumps the lip throughout its wear.


These products are perfect for an evening out, but can also be worn during the day. So what are you waiting for? Go get your glam 0n!


Happy Styling,


Target is 'The One Spot' for All of Your Needs


Upon the entrance of nearly every Target store there lies a sectioned called The One Spot full of inexpensive knick-knacks and treasures. Believe it or not, they offer an assortment of beauty products, DIY project materials, and even fashion accessories. TopButtons has done the hunt for the must-have items so that you don't have to.

[divider_line] Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 10.16.30 AM

Pictured above are just some of the items The One Spot carries. The selection will vary from store to store, but each one is worth a perusal. Some items come in travel-size packs or even sample sizes, which is the perfect dose when you don't want to splurge to try out a new product.

  1. Burt's Bee's Intense Hydration Lotion - Most often associated with their Chapstick, Burt's Bee's is a brand to trust. It'll leave your skin feeling smooth and healthy.
  2. Kwik Mani/Pedi Kit - This is both cute AND functional. Now you can carry all your manicure essentials in one compact case. The boot comes in a variety of prints.
  3. Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin CreamThis is one of the biggest beauty releases of 2014! Everyone loves their BB Cream, and now you can lather it on your entire body for the same effect. It's shea butter hydrates the skin, while its other ingredients add a shimmer and help with skin-strengthening.
  4. Garnier Skin Renew: Dark Spot Treatment Mask - This NEW intensive treatment clings to your face and captures bacteria caught in your pores. You'll feel like a new woman in just 10 minutes.
  5. Scotch Lint Roller - I'm sure you've been stuck in a situation where you've had lots of lint or dog hair on a black pair of pants. Fear no more! Scotch has a compact lint roller that will fit in most handbags.
  6. Shout Wipe and Go - You no longer have to panic when you spill sauce on your white pants moments before an interview or important event. Carry these Shout wipes in your purse and they'll clean the stain right out of nearly anything.
  7. Chevron Pencil Cup - This cute pencil cup comes in a variety of colors and is the perfect addition to dress up any desk or home office! (Our Fashion Cents Contributor - Alexis - has a floral one!)

[divider_line] glasses & hat

Two fashionable items that Alexis took home were a pair of white-framed sunglasses for $1 and a straw fedora for $3. Both items are super versatile and perfect for Spring. The One Spot also carries hair clips, headbands, and jewelry and handbags from time to time. Keep your eyes open for what your local Target may carry. Every trip is as affordable as it is surprising.



Pictured above are some of the items Alexis saw at her local Target's The One Spot. TopButtons purchased the rest of the stock on those buttons pictured in the bottom left. We think they're as cute as button and perfect for crafting.


To save even more money, visit The One Spot during a shift in season or holidays. A lot of their inventory is catered to the current and ever-changing events and seasons, so their stock is always changing. When they have left-overs on their old stock -- for example, right after Christmas -- they discount those seasonal items 50-70% off. With prices already so inviting, these deals are steals!

Feel free to comment below and share your Target finds with us!

Morgan Frazier, Brave Overcomer of Bullying


Top Buttons had to admire Morgan Frazier who is an up and coming country music artist that has a passion to stop bullying in schools around the country. We find the amount of tragedy resulting from bullying is unbelievable today. She released her latest single "Hey Bully" that has captured the hearts of many and that could potentially save lives in the process. Morgan has brought a new twist to country music by using her past experiences of being made fun of to make a difference with her music. The extent of bullying she underwent caused her to leave her elementary school and become home schooled. Alongside her tremendous talent, her style is casual and relevant as she rocks the all-American girl look wearing blue jeans and fashionable tank tops. She is not afraid of being herself and her songs signify strength and perseverance dealing with bullying that once daunted her dreams.  She has such a pure, effortless tone to her voice that keeps you listening and she always seems to perform in her brown leather cowgirl boots! She has made appearances in schools and numerous radio stations across the country telling her story to encourage others in following their dreams. Morgan Frazier2/2013Spring Fashion 2013cr: Joe Hardwick

Morgan Frazier has partnered up with the anti-bullying campaign Stand for the Silent, to impact children and adults to end bullying altogether. Her message of strength and hope has encouraged us to spread her story and impact others around us.

Stand For The Silent is an organization that began by founders Kirk and Laura Smalley after suffering a tragedy with their son after continually being bullied. This was served as a platform to bring awareness of how serious the issue is.


"I've already been touched by the power of this song from messages I've received from kids who have experienced bullying firsthand," Frazier says. "I look forward to working with Stand for the Silent to bring an end to this issue."

We anticipate great things to come out of this organization as Morgan continues to use her talent and experiences to stop bullying and encourage students to be who they were created to be, themselves.


Erin's Closet Remix


Meet Erin, a DIY enthusiast from Kansas City, Missouri. Erin wanted a new look without breaking the bank. I was happy to jump in and help put together an outfit made up of her own wardrobe along with a few new items. IMG_2555

While chatting with Erin about what kind of a look she wanted, she said that she loved her summer dresses and would love to find a way to wear them in the cooler months. With this in mind, I went through her closet and pulled a dress, leather jacket, tights and some fun wedges.


Her outfit needed some polish so we hit up our local H&M in search of some accessories where we found a statement necklace and a fun, unexpected purse. We completed the look with a couple trendy bracelets and a gold watch.


For Erin’s hair, we gave her some loose curls. For her make-up I kept it light and playful. I did a cat eye, pink cheeks, and a nude lip.



Erin looks great in her new look! She had all the right clothing, it was just a matter of pairing them correctly and adding the right accessories. Erin is excited to get her summer dresses out of storage and back on the hangers.



*Below are links to similar items worn above.

Dress  Jacket  | Tights  Shoes  | Purse


Article by: Rebekah Miura  Photography by: Reagan Miura




Beauty Wednesday: The End of Split Ends


Color treated and heat damaged hair has never failed to produce unmanageability, dryness and most importantly split ends. Personally, as a hair and beauty enthusiast, I love to style with heat and experiment with products. Some of my friends like to call me their expert without a license, but one of the largest issues that I've run into with using heat and color on my hair is the damage that it leaves behind over time. Split ends are hard to defeat, heal or even avoid. Luckily, after spending years coloring and cutting my hair, I have discovered three products and three rules that have protected, restored and/or healed my hair from damage.

Rule 1#:

When straightening, section your hair off and only straighten each section once

(this way you avoid exposing your hair to extreme heat multiple times in one sitting).

Rule 2#:

When conditioning, always leave in conditioner for a minimum of 3 minutes before washing

(this lets the moisture soak in to your hair allowing proteins to be deposited).

Rule 3#

Have the ends of your hair trimmed professionally at the very least every 6-12 weeks

(this ensures that your dead ends are put to rest).

Must Have Products to Help End Split Ends:

Its-a-10 Miracle Shampoo plus KeratinAussie 3 minute Miracle Deeep ConditionerArgan Hot Oil Self Heating Hair Treatment

Follow these simple rules and expect great results!

- Kayla Danielle
Written and Photos by: Kayla Danielle