Wardrobe Makeover Event 2014 Video, Pictures, and Special Thank You

http://youtu.be/B4YK4WzwOjQOn Saturday Sept 20th, Top Buttons held a wardrobe makeover event for some very deserving teens in need from the Central Florida area. The teens that participated in the event were nominated by well-known civic and religious organizations such as PACE Center for Girls, Girls Inc, and The Dream Center. We were truly overwhelmed by response of the girls who participated in the event. When they arrived some were nervous and some excited, but all left with a huge smile that radiated with a newfound or renewed sense of self-confidence.

Providing wardrobe and beauty makeovers for 32 girls was a privilege for all of us on the Top Buttons team.  Our hope was that each girl would leave with much more than things, we wanted them to leave with an experience which would inspire them for a lifetime.

Each girl who participated received a Top Buttons T-shirt (THANKS TO ALL WHO PURCHASED THEIR OWN TOP BUTTONS T-SHIRT PRIOR TO THE EVENT) and quality used clothing donated from the local community!

As a part of this experience, we also spent a portion of time sharing about the mission of TB,  the importance of "considering the message we send with our clothing choices," and some important tips on how to avoid being trafficked right here in the US.

Each girl also received: (We have to use exclamation points, because each gift was truly a HUGE DEAL!!!)

Scroll down to see some of the amazing before and after photos of the participants!


bags best

clothing racks good jewelry donations promo pic


GROUP pic talking connecting pic

Abby and Girl pre makeoverhair cuttinglip glossChristie Makeup hugging best yolanda best

tabitha before


cool hair best

sunflower best

Tabitha after

jenna stylist fun blue headband

group girls inc BEST Chelsey and Girl funny


Who donated clothing!

We had clothing, which was mailed to us from outside of our local community too. The racks were full of beautiful pieces for our participants to choose from. The leftover clothing was placed in storage for our next Wardrobe Makeover Event to be held in the Spring of 2015 and some has been donated to local women's organizations.

Event Sponsors 

To all the hair stylists and makeup artists who stood on their feet the entire day without a break while providing free hair cuts, and makeup for the girls to have the finishing touches before their photo shoots. You wowed us all!


  • Dana Hager - District Leader for Regis Brands
  • Anthony Barcelo- Senior District Leader Regis Brands
  • Leslie D'Elia- Regional VP for Regis Brands
  • Paige Canaster- Shift Manager at Supercuts
  • Nichole Wilson - Stylist at Smartstyles
  • Tiffany Shouse - Manager at Smartstyles

Salon Salvatore

Independent Makeup Artists

Event Coordinators

AND all volunteers who jumped in to help with whatever was needed

  • Aimee Perkins-Scott
  • Katie Deloach
  • Becky Waddell
  • Alexis Gauthier
  • Chelsey Davis
  • Jenna Olinger
  • Brittany McMillen
  • Annie Ward
  • Abigail Gallagher
  • Sierra Martinez
  • Lauren Sandoval
  • Sarah Szatmary
  • Rachel Jordan
  • Chelsey Jones
  • Chris Fuson
  • Kaley Fuson
  • Ashley Lumetta

Recap Event Video

  • Produced and Edited by Taylor Murray
  • Assisted by Destiny Young

Extra Help from the Powers Family

  • Sandy Perlewitz, you know you are a miracle worker. We love you!
  • Brent, Brooklyn and Madison

Help from Afar - We wish you could have been here for the event!!!

  • Anastasia Jones
  • Molly Dodd
  • Rebekah Miura

We are all looking forward to doing this again...

group pic best

Six Steps to the Perfect Summer Look + Glitter Eyeliner


by  Make-up Artist Ashley Carrel 

Step one: Use skin type appropriate toner and moisturizer. It's great for oil control, and helps makeup go on smooth and evens texture. A good skin care routine helps enhance and create a great canvas for your everyday makeover. Used on this lovely model, Danielle: BC Spa Facial PHA Regenerating Tonic and BC Spa Facial Moisture Lotion with SPF link


Step two: Choose correct formula of concealer and primer.  Usually for teens an oil free non-comedogenic formula is best. I used a very light and smooth formula in yellow to cover up dark circles under the eyes. I used a bit thicker formula for coverage of breakouts. There are three basic color primers choices:  1) yellow for dark and sallow skin, 2) green to cover pink and red, 3) and mauve (pink) to cover yellow tones common in Asian skin types. Used on Danielle: Secret Agent yellow primer for dark circles and Extra Help concealer in light for breakouts

Step three: Choose skin appropriate foundation. For FL summers I always recommend BC Wet/Dry Perfecting Foundation. It has a perfect balance of powder to the formula, and it blends and soaks up your natural oils throughout the day. Also it has great natural coverage for all skin types and is available in a huge variety of shades. Used on Danielle: Y-2 BC Perfecting Wet/Dry Finish

Step four: Use a good matte bronzer for contouring blush application and a good “pop” color for apple of cheeks. Bronzer is for areas you want to shadow and for the apple of your cheeks. Color may vary for skin types. Used on Danielle: Tuscan Sun Bronzer for mid cheekbone and out to ear applied in circular motions/ Pink Mineral blush for apple of cheek to create that sun kissed, fresh face look.


Step five: Eye primer, eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara. It is especially important for summer to use a good eye primer.  With oils of the day, your shadow can crease and smear. A good primer will keep that from happening. I recommend urban decays primer potion and for a more affordable option, BC control crème.  A good shadow should come with a full palette to work with like BC Color Shadow Trio’s. It provides three colors to accent the different parts of the eye. For a summer fun flare and a fun pop of color I chose a hot pink glitter eye liner! Used on Danielle: BC Control Crème in Taupe /BC color eye shadow trio in Au Natural /Perfecting Eye liner in black /Glitz Hot Pink Glitter /and Glitz Eye Glue to adhere glitter (water based, it's a one of a kind formula)/ for Glitter Eye Liner use angle tip duo shadow brush to apply (press on, not rub on)


Step six: Finish with a nice natural Lip Liner, Lip-gloss and Hydrating spray to set foundation. You can't go wrong with a nude lip for everyday wear! Bright lips are all the rage this summer, but may work best with a softer eye look. Used on Danielle: Nude Lip Perfecting Pencil /Bare BC Color Lip Gloss / and BC Herbal Hydrating Mist to set foundation.  It's also great for a cool down mist for a Hot Summer day. Keep it in your purse and on hand; it’s a hot day life saver!



Article and Makeup by: Ashley Carrel

Photo credit: Elizabeth Garrard

Images Edited by: Jen Duarte

A Natural Look for Summer with Cream Based Makeup

We live in Florida... hot, humid, sticky Florida.  Make-up during the summer in this kind of climate is tricky, very tricky.  Here are a few tips to make your look stay all day without looking like you are melting: Crème based makeup during the summer is a great way to keep the skin looking fresh, hydrated and glowing and has staying power even in hot + humid weather.  When applying a cream, liquid or gel based makeup it's best to apply with a synthetic brush. Not only will it be much easier to clean, but you will get a much softer and even application. I started by prepping the skin with a light oil free moisturizer (Glo Emulsion).  Rather than using a heavy foundation, I used Glo Minerals Sheer Tint in Golden to even out her skin tone. Brow Powder in Taupe was added with an angle liner brush just to lightly fill them and define the brow.


Following the brows, I applied Glo Mineral’s crème bronzer to warm up her skin and crème blush in plumeria to the apples of her cheeks (soo pretty!).  To give that gorgeous glow we often see on celebrities, I applied Glo Minerals crème highlighter (a pretty sheer shimmery pink) to the tops of her cheek bones and down the center of her nose.  To do this I used a synthetic fan brush.


After using a lid primer, I applied Maybelline’s Color Tattoo, these little magic pots of crème eyeshadow are smudge + crease proof +very water resistant. Trust me when I tell you, they will last all day!!!  The color options in this line are awesome!  I used a brush, but you could use your finger as well.

color tattoo2

To finish her eyes, we applied Glo Minerals Crème eyeliner in ebony to the upper and lower lash line.


Since we love love love the bright pink trend of this season and wanted to give her look some “pop”, we used Maybelline’s Lipstick from their “Vivids” line in Brazen Berry! (You can purchase Maybelline's products from any drugstore.) I love this line soo much that I purchased several of the colors and love them all!


To finish her look I lightly dusted Glo Mineral’s Perfecting Powder in her TZone to prevent shine and set her makeup.


You could tell Emily felt very comfortable in this look and she commented that she didn't even feel the makeup!



Written by Melissa Kinsey 

Melissa is a licensed skin care specialist who offers facials and complete skin care, waxing services, makeup consultations and bridal/formal makeup applications (using airbrush or Glo Mineral Makeup). To purchase Glo Mineral Makeup, you may visit the Glo Mineral website or connect directly with Melissa through her facebook page.

Photo Credit:  Elizabeth Garrard

Images Edited By: Jen Duarte

Erin's Closet Remix


Meet Erin, a DIY enthusiast from Kansas City, Missouri. Erin wanted a new look without breaking the bank. I was happy to jump in and help put together an outfit made up of her own wardrobe along with a few new items. IMG_2555

While chatting with Erin about what kind of a look she wanted, she said that she loved her summer dresses and would love to find a way to wear them in the cooler months. With this in mind, I went through her closet and pulled a dress, leather jacket, tights and some fun wedges.


Her outfit needed some polish so we hit up our local H&M in search of some accessories where we found a statement necklace and a fun, unexpected purse. We completed the look with a couple trendy bracelets and a gold watch.


For Erin’s hair, we gave her some loose curls. For her make-up I kept it light and playful. I did a cat eye, pink cheeks, and a nude lip.



Erin looks great in her new look! She had all the right clothing, it was just a matter of pairing them correctly and adding the right accessories. Erin is excited to get her summer dresses out of storage and back on the hangers.



*Below are links to similar items worn above.

Dress  Jacket  | Tights  Shoes  | Purse


Article by: Rebekah Miura  Photography by: Reagan Miura






Rachel is an aspiring nurse from St. Johnsbury, Vermont. Her average look can be summed up in two words: comfy, casual. However, with Rachel pursuing her nursing degree, she is wanting to update her look to a more professional one. mkover1

Before the makeover I sat down with Rachel to hear her fashion likes and dislikes, in order to create a look that would fit her unique style and personality. Rachel expressed having a difficult time finding modest apparel, that fit her figure well. Her solution was purchasing sizes that were too big. With this in mind, Rachel and I visited a couple different stores in pursuit of a brand that would work well with her specific body type. In her case it was Old Navy.


For Rachel’s outfit, I chose a collared shirt and blazer combination. I paired it with a dark wash jean, which is an excellent way to keep the outfit business casual without looking too stuffy.



For the hair, we chose a style that would be well suited for her “on the go” lifestyle. This simple bob can be styled with minimal product, tools, and time.


For the make-up, I kept it simple and natural. Rachel could easily pull this look off in just a few minutes. The foundation is light-weight, and looks great paired with a cream blush. For the eyes, I used a palette of greys and taupe. For the lips I chose a wine color, which keeps her look up to date and on trend.

mkover7A statement necklace adds personality to the look; bracelets and a jeweled toned ring compliment it well. This look highlights Rachel’s amazing figure without compromising her value for modesty. You do not have to drown in oversized clothing to be modest. Finding the right line of clothing, that works with your body type is key.


Rachel looks ah-mazing in her new modest, professional look. With a newly trained eye in choosing professional pieces that work well with her lifestyle, personality, and body-type, she is ready to confidently enter into the next season of her life.

Shirt: Old Navy, $29.94,  Jeans: Old Navy, $29.50,  

Necklace: Old Navy, $12.00, Rings: Old Navy, $8.00, Bracelets: Old Navy, $8.00 (Jewelry can NOT be purchased ONLINE at this time.)

Foundation: SKINN plasma foundation, $64.50,  Powder: Estee Lauder, Lucidity, $29.00,   Blush: Eve Pearl, Eyeshadow: The Estee Lauder Shadows that were used are discontinued. A palette similar is the Film Noir from Estee Lauder, $48.00,  Eyeliner: Urban Decay, 24-7 Glide On Pencil, $19.00,  Lips: SKINN, $54.98  Mascara: Eco Bella, Flower Color Natural Mascara in black, $17.95, 


Photography: Reagan Miura

Article by: Rebekah Miura

Haircut by: Erin Herren at John Josephson’s Salon


Buttons & Brushes for Samii



Meet Samii, a 14 year old Gilmore Girls fan from Kansas City, Mo. She is down to earth, adorable, and wise beyond her years. When I asked her to share her thoughts on modesty she spoke with grace and clarity saying, “Modesty reflects your character.” Samii spoke to me about how your inner beauty is just as important as your outer beauty. She believes that you need to spend time and invest in both. Samii also said that your clothing reflects who you are on the inside. “If you are dressing inappropriately it doesn’t give the right message of who you really are.” Well said, Samii.

Before the makeover, I spent some time with Samii to hear her thoughts on fashion. I wanted to work with her in creating a look from her own wardrobe that would reflect her unique personal style. When chatting with Samii, she shared that some of her style icons were Jennifer Anniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Julia Roberts. She appreciated their simple, yet stylish look. In spending time with Samii it was clear that she loves the natural, classic look. So when going through Samii's closet for her makeover, I pulled a nice structured jacket and paired it with a classic striped top, skinny jeans, and baby doll flats. I accessorized the look with a patterned scarf, some small gold earrings in the shape of a flower, and of course an arm party! I wanted to stay true to Samii's foundation of simple style, but also incorporate some fun accessories to add a youthful touch.

For her make up, I kept it natural. I used neutral brown tones on her eyes and soft pinky browns for her lip and cheek color. Samii has naturally beautiful skin so I applied a thin coat of foundation and set it with a sheer powder. I also used bronzer to define her cheekbones, and add a little warmth.

Also used:  Maybelline “Define A Lash,” Very Black

For her hair, I did loose curls. I wanted to bring a little sophistication to her look, but at the same time keep it fun and playful.

Samii looks beautiful in her new classic chic look!

Photos and story by: Rebekah Miura