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At Top Buttons we have two main programs. The first program is our Boutique Program through which we serve ALL women in our community. We provide a beautiful environment with quality clothing items at low cost for anyone to purchase during public shopping hours. The items we offer would not normally be accessible to many who come shop with us. We strive to provide designer thrift items which are both clean and current for women to choose from for any occasion. It is not uncommon to have families of the girls enrolled in our Wearing Confidence Program come in and shop with us during public shopping hours. We love these opportunities as they enable us to pour into an entire family! We are often asked, “Who is your target market or the main demographic served through the retail side of Top Buttons?” When asked, we take great pride in saying, “As a nonprofit, our goal has never been to be a retail operation. However, we love that we are serving women of all economic backgrounds through our times of public shopping.” It is our hope that as a community, everyone has a way to both give to and receive from Top Buttons. The mission comes full circle as women donate clothes, volunteer, and shop with us. We love providing opportunities for all young women to volunteer. It teaches both job skills and helps many obtain community service hours through our Boutique Program and our Wearing Confidence Program.

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Our Wearing Confidence Program is also facilitated through our boutiques and has two components. We offer education on contextual modesty, how to dress on the job, self- compassion, and most importantly - understanding identity in Christ. Through our Wearing Confidence Program, in addition to the educational sessions, we offer boutique sessions. Large groups of girls from our enrolled organizations come to us for private styling sessions. The sessions include styling services, free wardrobes of proper fitting attire, hair and makeup up touchups, free makeup (if age appropriate), professional photoshoots, and a mini devotional or educational piece. It's important for you to know that our stylists are not necessarily fashionistas, they are young women who want to give their time, love on, build up, and encourage girls in our community. Stylists are matched one on one with a program recipient where they shop our stores and talk about style preferences and clothing needs. Modesty really has so much to do with context even more than a specific set of rules. We look to prepare our girls with appropriate attire for school, the work place, and every day/casual options as well! It’s not about creating little GAP models. That’s why having nice thrift clothing is so helpful. We have an overwhelming amount of style options for our girls to mix, layer, and get out of their box with when it comes to their individual clothing vibe. It’s fun. Being together with other young women talking fashion, life, and faith makes for a great combination to connect and grow together. If you want more information about volunteering with us email

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Building Up Girls on #GivingTuesday


"Giving Tuesday" is coming up quickly on Tuesday, December 1st.  It's an international day of giving back, and we knew you would be interested in an opportunity to provide greatly needed clothing to some very deserving young women!  Would you consider sponsoring one at-risk young woman at $100 to receive our unique Top Buttons Wearing Confidence Program?  Through our program, these young women receive confidence boosting educational sessions, new wardrobes of proper fitting clothing, and much more. Did you know we provide our Wearing Confidence Program to the young ladies of PACE Center for Girls, Porch Light, Heartland for Children, Youth Villa, the Dream Center, Girls Inc, and More?


"PACE Center for Girls, Polk has had the privilege of a partnership with the amazing Top Buttons organization.  The collaboration between the two non-profit programs, has benefited the PACE girls in a myriad of ways.  Every month, several of our girls are able to participate in the Top Buttons Wearing Confidence Program at the Top Buttons Boutique.  There they learn many necessary skills while having a good time with the wonderful staff.  The Top Buttons team teaches girls how to dress appropriately for a variety of occasions, while maintaining their own sense of style.  Girls have the opportunity to try on an assortment of clothing and accessories through which they take new wardrobes of quality clothing for free. This exercise allows girls to have a hands-on experience while receiving input from the staff.  As part of the program, professionals teach girls how to apply make-up and style their hair in a trendy but appropriate manner.  The Top Buttons staff also comes to the PACE Center to educate our girls about topics surrounding self-esteem and positive body image.  These experiences have meant a great deal to the PACE girls. Through a meaningful approach, they are receiving valuable guidance.  Girls return to school after visiting the program elated and with increased self-esteem.  They also share what they have learned with their peers. Girls within the PACE program, are now working diligently to earn the privilege of this experience. It is something they all strive to be a part of. A big "Believing in Girls" thank you to the Top Buttons non-profit organization for your investment in the girls at PACE Center for Girls, Polk!"

- Marge Connelly, Social Services Manager at PACE Center for Girls, Polk

Top Buttons Wearing Confidence Program Recipients with their personal stylist in the pictures featured below. 6 8 2 5 4

Through our Wearing Confidence Program these young women are educated on many topics including:

"How to Dress for Job Interviews & the Workplace" "Feeling Confident from the Inside Out" "Understanding the Impact of Culture on Clothing Choices"   "Importance of Contextual Modesty"   ...AND we don't just educate these young women, we provide them with the clothing resources and tools they need to present their BEST self in every day life.

*in addition to the educational sessions, these young women receive a wardrobe of properly fitted attire, make-up with application and skin care tips, and on-going mentorship and volunteer opportunities within our boutique*

Give $100 to sponsor one girl today (click here) or keep us in mind for  #GIVINGTUESDAY. We are asking every person reading this post to sponsor 1 at-risk girl at $100. Or do what you can, every penny counts!

This year, we have had over 200 at-risk girls participate in our Wearing Confidence Program and we hope to double that number in 2016. Through this #GivingTuesday Campaign, we hope to partner with over 200 people to fund our Wearing Confidence Program through May of 2016.

Thank you for your time and support.  Please share this post with anyone who you feel would also be interested in what we are doing at Top Buttons.

Wardrobe Makeover Event 2014 Video, Pictures, and Special Thank You Saturday Sept 20th, Top Buttons held a wardrobe makeover event for some very deserving teens in need from the Central Florida area. The teens that participated in the event were nominated by well-known civic and religious organizations such as PACE Center for Girls, Girls Inc, and The Dream Center. We were truly overwhelmed by response of the girls who participated in the event. When they arrived some were nervous and some excited, but all left with a huge smile that radiated with a newfound or renewed sense of self-confidence.

Providing wardrobe and beauty makeovers for 32 girls was a privilege for all of us on the Top Buttons team.  Our hope was that each girl would leave with much more than things, we wanted them to leave with an experience which would inspire them for a lifetime.

Each girl who participated received a Top Buttons T-shirt (THANKS TO ALL WHO PURCHASED THEIR OWN TOP BUTTONS T-SHIRT PRIOR TO THE EVENT) and quality used clothing donated from the local community!

As a part of this experience, we also spent a portion of time sharing about the mission of TB,  the importance of "considering the message we send with our clothing choices," and some important tips on how to avoid being trafficked right here in the US.

Each girl also received: (We have to use exclamation points, because each gift was truly a HUGE DEAL!!!)

Scroll down to see some of the amazing before and after photos of the participants!


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Abby and Girl pre makeoverhair cuttinglip glossChristie Makeup hugging best yolanda best

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Tabitha after

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Who donated clothing!

We had clothing, which was mailed to us from outside of our local community too. The racks were full of beautiful pieces for our participants to choose from. The leftover clothing was placed in storage for our next Wardrobe Makeover Event to be held in the Spring of 2015 and some has been donated to local women's organizations.

Event Sponsors 

To all the hair stylists and makeup artists who stood on their feet the entire day without a break while providing free hair cuts, and makeup for the girls to have the finishing touches before their photo shoots. You wowed us all!


  • Dana Hager - District Leader for Regis Brands
  • Anthony Barcelo- Senior District Leader Regis Brands
  • Leslie D'Elia- Regional VP for Regis Brands
  • Paige Canaster- Shift Manager at Supercuts
  • Nichole Wilson - Stylist at Smartstyles
  • Tiffany Shouse - Manager at Smartstyles

Salon Salvatore

Independent Makeup Artists

Event Coordinators

AND all volunteers who jumped in to help with whatever was needed

  • Aimee Perkins-Scott
  • Katie Deloach
  • Becky Waddell
  • Alexis Gauthier
  • Chelsey Davis
  • Jenna Olinger
  • Brittany McMillen
  • Annie Ward
  • Abigail Gallagher
  • Sierra Martinez
  • Lauren Sandoval
  • Sarah Szatmary
  • Rachel Jordan
  • Chelsey Jones
  • Chris Fuson
  • Kaley Fuson
  • Ashley Lumetta

Recap Event Video

  • Produced and Edited by Taylor Murray
  • Assisted by Destiny Young

Extra Help from the Powers Family

  • Sandy Perlewitz, you know you are a miracle worker. We love you!
  • Brent, Brooklyn and Madison

Help from Afar - We wish you could have been here for the event!!!

  • Anastasia Jones
  • Molly Dodd
  • Rebekah Miura

We are all looking forward to doing this again...

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