Rachel is an aspiring nurse from St. Johnsbury, Vermont. Her average look can be summed up in two words: comfy, casual. However, with Rachel pursuing her nursing degree, she is wanting to update her look to a more professional one. mkover1

Before the makeover I sat down with Rachel to hear her fashion likes and dislikes, in order to create a look that would fit her unique style and personality. Rachel expressed having a difficult time finding modest apparel, that fit her figure well. Her solution was purchasing sizes that were too big. With this in mind, Rachel and I visited a couple different stores in pursuit of a brand that would work well with her specific body type. In her case it was Old Navy.


For Rachel’s outfit, I chose a collared shirt and blazer combination. I paired it with a dark wash jean, which is an excellent way to keep the outfit business casual without looking too stuffy.



For the hair, we chose a style that would be well suited for her “on the go” lifestyle. This simple bob can be styled with minimal product, tools, and time.


For the make-up, I kept it simple and natural. Rachel could easily pull this look off in just a few minutes. The foundation is light-weight, and looks great paired with a cream blush. For the eyes, I used a palette of greys and taupe. For the lips I chose a wine color, which keeps her look up to date and on trend.

mkover7A statement necklace adds personality to the look; bracelets and a jeweled toned ring compliment it well. This look highlights Rachel’s amazing figure without compromising her value for modesty. You do not have to drown in oversized clothing to be modest. Finding the right line of clothing, that works with your body type is key.


Rachel looks ah-mazing in her new modest, professional look. With a newly trained eye in choosing professional pieces that work well with her lifestyle, personality, and body-type, she is ready to confidently enter into the next season of her life.

Shirt: Old Navy, $29.94,  Jeans: Old Navy, $29.50,  

Necklace: Old Navy, $12.00, Rings: Old Navy, $8.00, Bracelets: Old Navy, $8.00 (Jewelry can NOT be purchased ONLINE at this time.)

Foundation: SKINN plasma foundation, $64.50,  Powder: Estee Lauder, Lucidity, $29.00,   Blush: Eve Pearl, Eyeshadow: The Estee Lauder Shadows that were used are discontinued. A palette similar is the Film Noir from Estee Lauder, $48.00,  Eyeliner: Urban Decay, 24-7 Glide On Pencil, $19.00,  Lips: SKINN, $54.98  Mascara: Eco Bella, Flower Color Natural Mascara in black, $17.95, 


Photography: Reagan Miura

Article by: Rebekah Miura

Haircut by: Erin Herren at John Josephson’s Salon


MOTS: Russia Meets Rockford


Autumn to me is all about mixing, matching, and just having fun. I love throwing on a sweater over my favorite summer dress, putting on some warm leggings, and wearing my favorite boots. It makes me feel beautiful and comfortable at the same time.

Clothing makes a statement about who I am – about who I want to be. It is a way for me to show the rest of the world how I want to be perceived.

Dress the way you want to be addressed.

In Russia we have a saying “People greet you by your clothing.” That is so true; not just in my culture but in every place.

Have you ever gotten to a point where you wanted to do something, but you were too afraid? It’s the same thing with clothing. It can either be a hit or a miss, but you never know until you try.  So why not try?

When I first meet someone I already have an impression of who they are just by the way they are dressed. Clothing is more then just what I wear; it shows those around me how I view myself, who I believe I AM, and how much worth and value I believe I have. Whether we want to believe it or not, people are still going to make assumptions about who we portray ourselves to be through our clothing. I ask myself daily “Who do I represent through my outfit? What does it say about me, my values, and my standards?”

Sometimes I get lost in what fashion and beauty is. Clothing is something that should be enjoyed. It is meant to make me feel graceful and confident in my own skin. I realize that so many girls now a days forget how much their clothing represents their worth. So think about what you wear. From one girl to another, find the clothing that makes you feel vibrant, alive, and gives not only you but also everyone else a glimpse into your values and your standards.

Love ya,


A Shopping Spree with Purpose


A Note from our Give Back Director, Anastasia I have always wanted to be a part of something great! Something bigger than myself, and I must say that Top Buttons is one such opportunity. Where else can I have the chance help a deserving teen purchase trendy and modest clothes that reflect her style?

We partnered with Girls Night Out (GNO), a girls outreach under the Lakeland Dream Center. Tiffany, a great friend of mine started GNO as a volunteer of the Lakeland Dream Center several years ago with the goal of giving teen girls a healthy place to be after school hours. Tiffany brought the nominated teen whose name was Shon. It was fun hanging out with Shon and Tiffany during the very first Top Buttons shopping spree with modesty in mind. Our experience was spent in Marshall's, running through the aisles and throwing tons and tons of clothes into the shopping carts! When the cart was full of clothes, we moved the party to the dressing rooms. That was the real test. We all know that some clothes look differently on the hanger than they do when you actually try them on. Honestly, even a seemingly longer dress on a hanger may turn into a micro mini once you try it on. While in the dressing room, we talked with Shon about dressing for her body type, found clothes that reflected her favorite trends, tried on shoes, listened to her share about her current life situation, and we shared with her the vision of Top Buttons.

After two hours within the store we checked out and then had a short photo shoot downtown! Shon put on her favorite outfit and posed for the camera. What a great way to end a perfectly amazing time with new friends! I mean seriously, what girl doesn’t love a shopping spree?

All of the funds for the modesty shopping sprees are donated funds raised through our non-profit organization under our More Modesty On The Streets (MOTS) Campaign. If you are interested in donating funds to provide underprivileged teens with more modest clothing options, please contact me at anastasia@topbuttons.org.