Beauty Wednesday: The End of Split Ends


Color treated and heat damaged hair has never failed to produce unmanageability, dryness and most importantly split ends. Personally, as a hair and beauty enthusiast, I love to style with heat and experiment with products. Some of my friends like to call me their expert without a license, but one of the largest issues that I've run into with using heat and color on my hair is the damage that it leaves behind over time. Split ends are hard to defeat, heal or even avoid. Luckily, after spending years coloring and cutting my hair, I have discovered three products and three rules that have protected, restored and/or healed my hair from damage.

Rule 1#:

When straightening, section your hair off and only straighten each section once

(this way you avoid exposing your hair to extreme heat multiple times in one sitting).

Rule 2#:

When conditioning, always leave in conditioner for a minimum of 3 minutes before washing

(this lets the moisture soak in to your hair allowing proteins to be deposited).

Rule 3#

Have the ends of your hair trimmed professionally at the very least every 6-12 weeks

(this ensures that your dead ends are put to rest).

Must Have Products to Help End Split Ends:

Its-a-10 Miracle Shampoo plus KeratinAussie 3 minute Miracle Deeep ConditionerArgan Hot Oil Self Heating Hair Treatment

Follow these simple rules and expect great results!

- Kayla Danielle
Written and Photos by: Kayla Danielle