Styling 101: Weekend Picks


The Summer of long days by the poolside and being school free are coming to an end. Although we are trading our swimwear & fashion forward days for uniforms [some of us business attire] we MUST not give up on our weekends. In other words ladies, we cannot forget that we still have the weekends to dress in remembrance of our carefree days.

So without further ado, we now deem every weekend a reTREAT! Here are two of our favorite -completely different- picks to get your weekend started!

First up is the infamous nautical themed look. We chose to play with the contrasting shades of blue, the lighter hue to brighten the look, and the darker blue to be the root color of the outfit. Add simple studs and fabulous sunnies to complete the head-to-toe style.


Blouse | Skirt | Tote | Flats | Sunnies | Studs 


 For the second look, we are taking it to the streets (or the mall, dinner, really wherever you like). The tank dress is casual, but the pop of yellow in the sandals and the matching crossbody adds pizzazz! Did we forget to mention this eye-catching China Glaze polish in Caribbean Temptation?!


Tank dress | Sandals | Crossbody | Polish 

Have a great weekend. Be sure to TREAT yourself!

-Jenna O.

The Color Block Wedge


Fierce & Bold OR flat & boring? It is a simple question that I refer to as "WEDGE you Rather"?!

Deciding on a shoe that adds vavoom to any summer look is no game. Wedges have been, and will always be a summer favorite, but we urge you to spice things up with a color block style wedge!

sample 1

Color blocking as shown below, ranges from two-toned straps to patterned wedges (the options are limitless).


Top row (left to right):  1 | 2 | 3

Bottom row (left to right):  4 | 5 | 6

sample 2

 So "would you rather" stick to the mundane sandal, or try a few pops of color with a vibrant color block wedge? The choice is all yours...

-Jenna O.

Photo credit:  Sarah Powers

Images Edited by: Jen Duarte

Style Guide: The Perfect Pair of Sunglasses for Your Face Shape


Sunnies!! They are both a summer favorite to ward off rays and accessorize! When it comes to finding the perfect fit, style, and shape the options are boundless. But let's 'face' it, with such a variety to choose from, how ever is a girl to find the perfect pair? Lucky for you, we have a style guide to finding the right pair of sunglasses that best suits your face shape.



This easy going Aviator is the perfect fit for a square face shape. The angular lines of an Aviator style soften the face and balance sharp facial lines.

Retro/ Wayfarer



Going with classic Retro or Wayfarer sunnies is a match made in heaven for a round face shape. The rectangular frames help keep your cheekbones in proportion with the rest of your face.



Okay ladies with an oval face shape. The verdict is your face shape works with pretty much every style. With that being the case, switch things up and go for a funky pair of round sunglasses.



For those embracing a sweet heart shaped face, prepare to fall in love with oversize sunglasses. Always keep an eye out for fuller/larger frames that balance your facial features. Round sunglasses are also a great option for a heart face shape.



A shield frame is a striking number that requires the defined oblong face shape. Avoid narrow shaped frames and choose a wrap around style (such as the shield) or oversize.

-Now that you have the perfect pair, the summer's rays will be the least of your worries-

Featured sunglasses: Olsenboye | Steve Madden

Photo Credit: Jen Duarte Make-up by: Melissa Kinsey

Trending Tuesday: Falling for Burgundy


The color burgundy has donned models and mannequins from the runway to the nearest department stores this season. This warm hue will sure carry from the autumn to winter months ahead so stock up on a few stylish essentials. Here are some trending items that incorporate this beloved color into your wardrobe, whether you want a small accent or a bold statement piece. 1. Modcloth Wine Dining Jacket. Paired with a black riding boot, this structured jacket is the perfect way to look stylish on a cool Autumn day. The small details like the gold zipper and leather patches integrate current trends that make this jacket undeniably fashionable.

2. Covergirl LipPerfection in Euphoria. Just as the weather begins to have a slight chill in the air, the makeup tends to crave the cooler tones as well. Burgundy and plum lipsticks are the go-to item for the season. Create a polished pout with this affordable drugstore buy from Covergirl.

3. Forever 21 Buckled Floppy Hat. The summer months can no longer claim popularity for the floppy hat. With a touch of suede or wool, this new take on the floppy hat is an easy way to block the UV rays that can still cause harm during the fall.

4. Mini M.A.C. Rebecca Minkoff bags are all the rage and for the fall collection, she chose this burgundy tone for the famous Mini M.A.C. Just enough room for your phone, lipgloss and card case, the Mini M.A.C. is the perfect sized cross body for a fall day at the orchard or corn maze.

5. H&M Top. What makes this H&M top so great is that it is not only affordable but it can either be dressed up or dressed down. Paired with a dark pair of skinny jeans or a high waisted skirt and tights, this is a comfortable tee that will make either look fabulously stylish.

6. Steve Madden 'Chaufer' Flat. Loafers are one of the biggest trending items this fall. Traditionally worn with structured items, this piece is now permitted to have a little fun. It can be worn with denim or a flouncy dress.

7. Kool Connections Rhinestone Cluster Studs. Who doesn't love a good dose of sparkle? Worn with any burgundy item, these studs compliment the hue and offer a girly touch.