Don't Chuck Your Chucks


Annie's summer outfit incorporates two different tones of denim for a mix-matched yet casually put-together look. She threw a moto vest over a mint green top, paired it with cuffed jeans, and tied it all together with her classic white high-top Chuck Taylor Converse.

You can easily style a pair of these shoes by wearing them with any casual on-the-go summer outfit. These timeless kicks can be pretty expensive, but they last a long time and are incredibly versatile! So, let us help you find a pair within your budget!

white churcks

High-top Chuck Taylors Converse - Kohls - $55

These are authentic white high-top Chuck Taylor Converse, much like the ones Annie is wearing. The only difference is the red line detailing. For $55, you can own these!

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.44.52 PMWomen's Hazel Quilted Hi-Top Sneaker -Target - $35

If you'd like to save $20, Target offers quality inspired white high-top sneakers. These ones feature side zippers and quilted fabric, which adds an original flare.

Cotton On

Jemma Hitop Sneakers - Cotton On - $30

If you don't mind paying for Australian shipping, Cotton On has GREAT look-alike shoes.

AnnieElisabeth Huijskens Photography

Just like always, we encourage you to do some price comparisons and even to do a little thrift-shopping or coupon-hunting for the best deal possible.

We give you permission to splurge a little though, because the white high-top Chuck Taylor Converse are a trend that keeps coming back.

Fashion Cents: Tips for Buying Cheap Clothes


Written by Alexis Gauthier Good-day Lovely Ladies! Alexis here :D I’m so excited to be part of the new Fashion ¢ents campaign, because a good fashion bargain is fashion that just makes sense. Today I wanted to share with you my heart behind this fashion feature and even give you girls a few tips on how to work the thrift store bargains!

Imagine yourself at a holiday party, fun friend outing, or even just walking the halls of school. No matter where you are, your desire is to look and feel confident, however with the pricy trends that have made their way to the runway and front covers of magazines, it is difficult to afford diverse outfits, let alone one astounding look! I’ve been there. We all have, however I was lucky enough to jump on the thrifting train at a young age.

Once I learned that I could get the same looks at thriftier prices, I never went back. Why? Because my clothing items were original and affordable. Sometimes it takes a little more time and effort, but I also get more for my money, so I have more options to choose from! Here are some of my thrift store secrets.


Salvation Army – 50% off Wednesdays

A lot of Salvation Army stores discount all of their shoes, clothing, and accessories 50% off all day on Wednesdays. I love this sale because I get twice for a price that’s already a bargain. Alexis Jean Vest Alexis Purse

A couple of my favorite items found at a recent Salvation Army 50% off sale!

Ask for discounts!

You never know how much money you can really save until you try. One time, I was shopping with a friend who was in an especially particular time financial crunch because her wedding was just weeks away. It was to the point that she couldn’t even afford the thrift shop prices, so I explained her situation to the cashier, and the sales clerk was sweet enough to add an ADDITIONAL 50% off. Another time, I had picked out a shirt with a lot of holes in it, which I didn’t mind because I know how to sew, and I showed the lady the holes and asked if I could have a discount. I ended up scoring the shirt for 50 cents!

Color of the day discount

Goodwill and Salvation Army ALWAYS have a color of the day. If you find clothes tagged with that color, you get a discount. It’s always like a treasure hunt, but definitely worth the search.

College discount

If you’re in college, almost every location honors students with a 10% off discount. I’ve been using this discount since high school by presenting my dual-enrollment ID. If you’re not in college, check your local thrift store for similar discounts like senior discounts etc. and plan a thrifting adventure with a college mentor or grandparent so you can use their discount.

99cents a pound

Okay, so here is one of my BIGGEST thrift secrets. There’s select Goodwill locations that are called Goodwill Headquarters. These locations are usually very large buildings with two sides: there’s the normal store with a very large selection, and then there’s section that is 99 cents a pound. You need to have a lot of time on your hands to sift through the tables and buckets of clothes, but it is so affordable in the end. I’ve been twice, spent $7 both times, and left with about 15 items on both occasions. That averages out to about 50 cents per item. My favorite buy was a sequin pair of Express shorts.

Plato’s Closet grab bag sale

This is one of my absolute favorite discounts, however it only happens once or twice a year, depending on location. Every summer Plato’s Closet draws in crowds of fashionistas with the alluring temptation of gently used name brand clothing combined with extra low prices. How? They have a grab bag sale! The object of the sale is to stuff as much clothing and accessories into the bag as possible so that it can still tie, and then all the contents of the bag are yours for just $20. I’ve lined up for this sale before, in which the line wrapped around the building and girls of all ages ran inside when doors opened. I ended up leaving Plato’s Closet spending $20 and getting 25 items of nearly new clothing, all because I strategically folded and stuffed.

So, there you have it: some of the best discount tips from the bargainer herself! I hope you enjoyed. Leave some feedback so I know what YOU want to hear about in my next Fashion Cents feature.

The possibilities are endless.