Trendy Tuesday: Spring Prom Dresses!


The search for the perfect prom dress is upon us... What kind of styles are you going for? Are you all about the glitz and glam, or do you rock a vintage vibe? In honor of the beauty of Spring, we're obsessing over bright and beautiful prom dresses. Here's a few we found that you should check out:


This sweet baby pink gown from Loving Dresses oozes sophistication... Not to mention the sheer top provides a little extra coverage without being too obtrusive. $130



This showstopping gown keeps it light for Spring in a beautiful light turquoise - and is also available in a multitude of other colors! Again from Loving Dresses, the 3/4 lace sleeves add an air of timeless grace and beauty. $170



This bold hot pink gown is full of sparkle and is sure to show just how pumped and ready you are for prom! The empire waist will flatter many figures, and the cap sleeves add a touch of modesty without being too much! $140



Talk about a princess dress! This modern day Cinderella blue ball gown can be your perfect prom dress - and you don't even need a fairy Godmother! $180



This BEAUTIFUL rose gold dress is feminine and fun, and is perfect if you're looking to shake it up by not wearing a floor-length gown! $124

We know this can be one of the biggest decisions you have to face during the school year... And we hope it's been helpful! Just remember: Keep it Classy, and Be You!

How To: Tight Curls Tutorial For Prom

Searching for the perfect prom hair style?  Team member, Delaney, shows us how to get the perfect curls for the perfect night!  There are many products you could use to accomplish this look.  What products do you use to get your curls to hold tight throughout the night? Still trying to put together your total look for Prom?  Click the links to see our posts about  Prom Makeup &  where to find the best Prom Dresses!

Video by: Delaney


Top Ten Expert Makeup And Beauty Tips: Prom 2013


As a professional makeup artist, I am continually helping clients prepare for special occasions. Today, I am going to share some of these secrets with YOU! Here are my top ten tips to looking beautiful the day of your big event! 1. Start prepping your skin a couple of weeks in advance. Get into a good skin care routine. This is crucial for your make up to look its best. Cleanse, tone, and moisturize! Morning and evening. Exfoliate twice a week. If you do not have a good skin care line just yet, visit your local department store and chat with the beauty advisors in the cosmetics department. They can help prescribe the right skincare for you. Estee Lauder has an excellent skincare line that offers a variety of products that meet the needs of different skin types. Investing in your skin is key!

2. Drink lots of water, it is excellent for hydrating your skin. Not only that, but it can help to clear up your skin and give you a healthy glow.

3. Use a primer under your foundation. This will help your makeup to go on evenly and last longer. Moisturize, prime, and then apply your foundation. Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer is a great choice. A less expensive option is Sephora's Ultra-smoothing Primer.

4. Use a photogenic foundation. You will be taking a ton of pictures so you want a foundation that is not only going to last through out the event, but one that will photograph well. Mac Pro Longwear and Makeup Forever HD foundations are excellent options. A cheaper alternative would be Revlon's Photoready Foundation which can be found at your local drugstore.

5. Set your foundation with powder. You do not want your face to appear shiny in pictures. Powder sets your foundation and helps it to last longer. I recommend Mac Blot Powder, it is light weight and excellent for touch ups. A cheaper alternative would be Revlon's Photogenic Powder.

6. Wear your makeup just a little heavier than you would normally. You want it to stand out on camera.

7. Play up your best feature. If it is your eyes, do a dramatic eye and keep your lips in a neutral tone. If it is your lips, choose a lipstick shade that pops and keep the eye makeup simple.

8. Get inspired! Gather pictures of makeup looks and hairstyles that you like and start practicing! Practice makes perfect! Another option is to hire a professional. You can make an appointment at your local salon with a makeup artist and hairstylist. Call in advance to make your appointment and make sure to bring a picture of the look you would like to achieve.

9. If your skin needs a little boost of color, try a self-tanner. Make sure you exfoliate first and wear gloves when applying. St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse is a personal favorite of mine, it gives you instant color and has a natural sun kissed look. A cheaper alternative would be L'oreal's Sublime Bronze Tanning Towelettes.

10. Lastly, don't forget to wear a smile! It is your greatest accessory! If you are feeling a little self conscious about your smile, try some Crest 3D White Whitestrips. They are an inexpensive way to achieve those pearly whites!

Remember to have FUN on your big day! ENJOY the process of getting ready. Looking good starts with feeling good. YOU are going to look BEAUTIFUL! If you still have not found a prom dress, check out our blog post devoted to finding the perfect dress here! You can also visit our Pinterest Prom 2013 board here for more style inspiration.


Article by: Rebekah Miura

Photography by: Reagan Miura

Where to find the Perfect Prom Dress 2013


Seriously, trying to find a modest and yet noteworthy PROM DRESS is almost as difficult as finding a modest costume at HALLOWEEN! So while it may seem impossible, trying something new or going your own route just might make you the bell of the ball. Prom is often associated with boys, make out sessions and after parties. There are plenty of magazines with an eyeful of content such as that to read. Our plan, however, is simply to give you some tips on where to find fun prom dresses so you may enjoy your evening in a way that honors your body and your values.

The question is, where DOES a young lady go to find the perfect prom dress these days? Ebay, a local boutique,, online style magazines, or a department store? Most young women will spend hours, days, and maybe even weeks trying to find the dress that best suits her style. Maybe She'll virtually try on dresses from Seventeen's Prom Dress Gallery. Hoping to complete the look, girls then search for Prom Hair Styles, sparkle pumps, and makeup tutorials! It's too much to fit in one post, but we're aiming to get you on the right track and find THE look that represents YOU. A look that lets your lovely inner self shine through.



If you're not wanting to break your piggy bank, why pay money for a prom dress at all? Ask your sisters, your friends, your sister's friends, cousins, even your grandmother may have a little vintage number awaiting you. By asking around you might find a number of dress options to borrow for your special night. Aarika pulled together the Prom looks you see in this photo shoot. These dresses were from their own closets or borrowed from a friend.

A little side note to keep in mind: Height matters when you borrow a dress from a friend. If it's a short friend with a short dress, a taller girl might have to refrain. Unfortunately, even though these girls are super close friends, Amelia and Katie can't do much clothes swapping between each other because of the height difference.


You want to know where Amelia's gown is from, right??? It was actually worn on Glee last season. They took off the belt and buttons, chopped the tool off a bit, but it was THIS Betsy Johnson dress that was seen on the program. Betsy Johnson is known for the fun, flashy, and feminine kinda looks. Not all would be Top Buttons recommended, but this one is stunning. We found several dresses on Ebay just like this one.



Katie on the right (in the picture above) loves classic, preppy styles. This gold dress could be worn after prom is over to a wedding, church event, or even a fancy dinner. We are ALL ABOUT buying PRACTICAL. Being able to wear a dress more than once is always a good thing when spending lots of bucks.



What if your friends don't have fancy dresses in your size or their taste isn't similar to yours? Try RENTING A DRESS! This trend is for ladies who want to wear high end fashions at low cost, and who would NOT BE CAUGHT DEAD in the same Evening Gown MORE THAN ONCE! We looked into this NEW TREND of RENTING Luxurious Dresses Online. There are several websites that offer this option. Online rental sites offer dresses at a fraction of the cost + free shipping. Would you ever rent a dress?



When searching ONLINE for a fancy dress and a modest style that suits your body type, consider looking for a neckline that cuts straight across the front like the dresses on Ahna and Kenady. A straight, square or box neckline provides coverage for girls with more curves. The one shoulder dress often sweeps elegantly upwards to one side and in doing so lays flat across the chest. Enjoy your evening without a wardrobe malfunction, by securing the right dress for your body type.

Finding the right length can be challenging as well. Dresses are either long or super short. This Dress length hits just above the knee and is very flattering for all body types, especially on Kenady seen below.



The dresses featured in this post are fun, beautiful, and perfect for a fancy evening depending on your personal preference of course! You won't find these particular dresses in the store because they have been worn and passed around within this circle of friends for years. You know it's a good dress, when your friends want to borrow it! With that in mind, if there is a particular dress featured in this post that you like, try searching Ebay for one similar... It is the place to shop for used Prom Dresses! Search for brand, color, and size. Have patience when bidding, though. If you try and outbid too quickly, you will likely pay more for the dress than you originally intended.



THE PROM DRESS STEAL: Grab this FLOOR LENGTH, ONE SHOULDER Dress in TEAL OR ANTIQUE ROSE from H&M for only 59.95! You could trade in the belt for something more sparkly to fancify the look even more.

We have created a Top Buttons Pinterest Board for Prom 2013. Check it out and let us know what you think about our recommendations. We would love to hear the details about your Prom Dress Search experience!

Now we didn't offer you makeup tips or hair tutorials yet... KEEP CHECKING back this week and Next for some more helpful tips to make your Prom 2013 better than ever!

Written by: Sarah Powers

Photo Credit: Beth Carter Photography