Two Fashionable Friends


Meet Katie and Amelia. Two long-time friends who are very different but share a passion for fashion. One loves dresses and the other loves accessories. Upon meeting Katie and Amelia, I quickly sensed the two were an inseparable pair. Every time I see them, they both are dressed to impress with every detail carefully chosen to create a girly look. Their personalities are different but there is no denying they both have a strong desire to serve the Lord.

Emily: What’s your everyday look? Katie: Since it’s during the school year, I have to wear a uniform everyday of the week. I usually grab a cardigan of my choice and wear my regular accessories, my Michael Kors watch and pearl earrings.

Emily: You love dresses! Tell us about your obsession. Katie: I think I love dresses so much because they are fun and girlie. Half of my closet is dresses! I just love them, especially paired with a great pair of shoes and the right necklace!

Emily: Who has been the most influential person in your life? Katie: I would say my mom. I know it may be cliché to say but she really has! She has taught me the importance of family and walking with Christ. She has always displayed what a Godly wife and mother should be. I hope that one day I can be half of the woman that she is!

Emily: What’s the greatest pressure you may feel from your peers? Katie: I have been blessed to go to a school where I don’t feel peer pressure from my friends to drink or anything like that. We all share similar beliefs and values which is the biggest of blessings. Not to say that I won’t feel pressure in the future but I have amazing friends who love the Lord.

Emily: What is your view of modesty? Katie: I would say my view of modesty is obviously to dress modest but it is more than how you dress. The verse Romans 14:13 talks about how we are not to put any stumbling blocks or obstacles in our brother’s way. By dressing immodestly, I am potentially causing my brother in Christ to sin. I have personally chosen a standard of modesty because I want a boy to respect me, and see me for me and not my body. Purity is a lifestyle; how you act, dress and present yourself. And that is the higher standard I hold myself to!


Emily: Being taller, what challenges do you face when shopping for clothes? Amelia: I am 5'9"! I think what I struggle with most is finding shorts, skirts, jeans and dresses that are actually long enough! I generally will do my best to get a bigger size in some items just to get a little more length. I like to wear tights with dresses, roll up my jeans and find shorts that are appropriate yet fashionable.

Emily: You have five brothers! How has that influenced the way you dress? Amelia: Well, my brothers have definitely shaped my modest views because I will put on an outfit, be ready to walk out the door and if my shorts or dress are questionable, I know I will get a comment from one of them. My friends and I ask them all the time if we look okay and get a boy's opinion. When I was younger I didn't like being the only girl because they never wanted to play barbies, or dress up, but as I'm older I enjoy it more. Its kind of fun being the "princess" of the family.

Emily: Tell us a little bit about your friendship with Katie! Amelia: Katie and I actually became friends in 4th grade when our best friend Ashley moved away. Katie and I became really good friends after that. We really related to each other and got along really well. We could always tell each other anything. And I found that we enjoyed similar things, including fashion. I'm so thankful I have her as a friend that encourages me, and has always been there for me. I'm excited that we get to be a part of Top Buttons together.

Emily: What is a personal goal that you have set for yourself? Amelia: I run cross country and I absolutely love it. I ran a half marathon last year and one of my next goals is to run another in February. I also set a high goal of doing my best in my school work.

Interview by: Emily Meade Photos by: Aimee Reed