A College Senior With a Heart of Gold


My name is Taylor, and I am a born and raised Florida girl. I am currently in my senior year of college, majoring in journalism/public relations. I love photography, shopping and anything crafty. I am planning to earn my master’s degree in public relations and eventually start my own event planning business. Most excitingly, I just got engaged to the love of my life, Casey, who is a youth and worship pastor in Oklahoma. I became a part of Top Buttons because I have a passion for seeing young girls become women who are rooted in Jesus Christ, and beautiful through and through. To me, modesty is about honoring God’s workmanship. He created us in His image, which is worthy of respect and reverence.

I know too many ladies who try to create beauty through their clothing choices. But, 1 Peter 3:4 commands us to let beauty, the type of beauty that is pleasing to God and will never fade, emanate from within.

I believe as daughters of the King it is our responsibility to remind each other that we are representatives of the God we serve and that we do not need to show skin to be viewed as pretty because He already sees us as masterpieces.

I want you and girls everywhere to know that dressing modestly will attract the true man of God who loves you for who you are, not for the amount of leg you show.

Next time you are in the dressing room and battling whether to purchase something, ask yourself if you would like your future husband looking at another female in that same item of clothing.

Ladies, you are valuable. I challenge you to not let the way you dress hinder you from completing the good works God ordained long ago for you to do and living a life that is worthy of His calling.



Photo Credit: Tiffany Ellis Media