Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara Review


When I first received my Younique package I was instantly excited when I saw the fancy packaging. The chic black hard case is the perfect first impression for this game-changing mascara. IMG_8189

After just one application, I knew Younique was more than mascara. This was my chance to transform my lashes from dull to noticeable in the matter of minutes.

Using the transplanting gel for the first time was a similar experience to using my old designer mascara. I stopped using drug store mascara a few years ago, and have become accustomed to the volume that $40 mascara gives my lashes. I have to be honest, sometimes the money is worth it, and sometimes it is not. After using Younique one time, I knew that this product delivers significantly better results than my $40 mascara.

What is the difference? The proof is in the Natural Fibers.


I've tried some fiber mascara products in the past, but none hold a candle to Younique. I love that the fibers are 100% natural, and they are made from Green Tea. How cool right? Lashes get thirsty too ;)


Once I put the Natural Fibers on top of the Transplanting Gel, I noticed that several fibers were on my cheeks. This alarmed me a bit. I thought I was doing it wrong. After re- reading the instructions, I realized this was normal. I soldiered through and finished off the look with the transplanting gel for the second round, and was amazed with the amount of volume I saw. As for the fall out from the fibers, just use a clean powder brush and dust them off.

I will be the first to say, this product takes some getting used to, but if you use it for 1 week, and don't love it- I would be surprised. After six days I felt like a pro, and the best part- I don't have to compromise my water proof routine, and Younique will cost me less than my old designer mascara! Cha-ching!

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Written by: Molly Dodd

Photos and Styling by: Rebekah Miura