DIY Perfume Tray


Trays are a life saver for me. They take items that look jumbled and miraculously make them look organized and pretty. Trays however can get a little pricey especially when you use them as much as I do! Thats why I love going to thrift stores to purchase them. Thrift stores are excellent for bargain hunting! All you need in order to be successful at thrifting is an open mind, patience, and a creative eye. I always look at objects and imagine them a different color. I found this tray that was totally not my style but, I knew the shape would work for my bedroom if it was painted white.


I snatched it up for $1.50 and whipped out my trusty white spray paint and this is what I got... (drumroll).



This turned out to be the PERFECT tray! I wanted something simple, white and girly that I could display my perfume and jewelry on. All I did was clean the tray, sand it, and spray it with 3 coats of white spray paint. It was ready to use in no time!

Style, whether it's clothing or home decor is attainable on any budget. Just as we express our unique personalities through our clothing we can do it through our style at home and we don't have to go broke doing it. I find diy's at times to be more fun then going out and buying a brand new item. Re-purposing something is like putting your own individual stamp on it.

What are some of  YOUR favorite DIY projects? Let us know in the comments below. For more thrifted finds click here.


Happy Styling,


{photos and styling by: Rebekah Miura}