Trendy Tuesday: Stark Black & White

Seasons come and go, and so do trends. But one thing that hasn't changed is the stark beauty of a colorless outfit. That sounds weird, but you know what we mean! The contrast between black and white creates a beautiful, modern-yet-timeless effect that can help fill out your wardrobe without too much work. Wearing all black and white can also be a great base or platform to wear other funky pieces. Have some crazy Kelly green sneakers you've been dying to wear? Use an all black and white outfit to make those super sneaks pop! Same goes for any out-there accessory, from jewelry to handbags, scarves to makeup! Wearing a black & white outfit is a great baseline, and is so, so easy to put together!

And did we mention, black and white can be rocked in every season? It's true.

So today, we don't have any specific piece for you to try - but more an encouragement to stand out in black and white! Here's some ideas to get you started!

black-and-white-outfit-1 black-white-outfit-2 Brittblackwhite5