Christian Fashion Week 2015


Top Buttons intern Ashley Lumetta and staff member Alexis Gauthier had the pleasure of attending Christian Fashion Week 2015 this past weekend in Tampa, FL.

Our encounter at CFW was one to remember! We love their values that founder and host Jose Gomez presented at the beginning of the show and reminded us all throughout the evening. "Christian Fashion Week wants people to know that we C.A.R.E. about Contextual modesty, Affordable fashion, Responsible usage of natural resources, Ethical labor practices."

On that note, enjoy this recap of some of the runway designs from the show!

Christian Fashion Week3Noka Posh seemed to trademark her collection with  A-line dresses. Some were over-sized while other dresses had a fitted waist-line, as pictured. Her dresses were feminine and versatile. She paired some with pants, others with tights, and still some with bare legs. Noka Posh is gifted in creating long-sleeve dresses in particular, a style that is becoming increasingly popular.

Christian Fashion Week2

 The "After I Do" Collection took the models on a chronological journey of what a bride and groom might wear down the aisle and then to events throughout their honeymoon. We really appreciated designer Constance's bright colors and detailed seams.

Christian Fashion Week4

Designer Angel Myers (pictured in the bright pink fringe dress) designs with size in mind, and we value that so much! Her attention to body curves in her designs is so flattering for any shape! Again, there are lots of bright colors in this line which is ideal for spring and summer wear. A white dress serves as a nice blank canvas to accessorize with bright jewelry and big hats.

Christian Fashion Week5

 Aleksandra Designs presented a lot of business attire, and while most of her line is made for the workplace, there were a plethora of concepts to appreciate about her designs that can inspire fashion ideas for your own style of attire.

Aleksandra is bringing back the mid-waist belt, as seen in three of the outfits pictured. This trend cinches any outfit in to create a slimming waist with a peplum affect.

Christian Fashion WeekMessiah Couture blew us away with their elegant detailing of beads, sequins, and fabrics. What surprised us most is that this collection was the designer's very first debut in the fashion world. These gowns are perfect examples of colors, textures, and shapes for the upcoming prom season.

Christian Fashion Week7

Essence Flower's line featured all black-on-black outfits. Each model wrapped tulle around their face, almost like a veil. The outfits were made out of a mixture of leather and tulle with creative one-shoulder or off-the-shoulder necklines. Each outfit was a unique piece of art in an of itself!

Christian Fashion Week8One of the highlight's from the night was Julia Chew's "Firebird" dress. In 2013, Julia Chew was discovered as a designer at Christian Fashion Week. Since then her career in the design industry has launched forward in success.

So, in response to what we saw at CFW, here's eight fashion take-aways trends from the runway:

  1. Long Sleeve A-Line Dresses
  2. Bright Colors
  3. Big hats
  4. The color white as a classy & clean canvas
  5. Mid-waist Belts
  6. Lots of sequins!
  7. Leather and tulle
  8. BLACK is ALWAYS in style

All in all, our Top Buttons team members had a FABULOUS time representing on the red carpet, making connections behind the scenes, and marveling at the latest trends in the fashion industry.

AnnaSophia Robb's Event Ensembles: New York Fashion Week


anna1 The most recent Mercedes- Benz fashion week that happened in New York last month brought new spring styles and trends where it was streamed live via internet. The fashion show brought many of today's most highly recognized designers in the fashion industry. Actress, AnnaSophia Robb who is known for starring in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the inspirational film Soul Surfer, was spotted looking adorable at the show. She wore a maroon knee-length dress with high heels to accompany her look. We think this dress was perfect for this high end fashion event.


We also found her wearing a more casual ensemble at the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey's Legends show. The black and white stripped top with blue and black cheetah- print pants does not sound like a match, but Robb pulled it off perfectly! This was a cute yet professional look that could be worn to any fun event. To top it off, her boots pulled the outfit together. AnnaSophia Robb surely knows how to dress cute, fun, proffessional and glamorous no matter what the occasion may be. We want more more more!  Less crop tops and more of this look!  Wouldn't u agree this looks amazing on her?

Another Glimpse into the One and Only Christian Fashion Week


If you were in awe of our first glimpse of Christian Fashion Week, you'll definitely love these looks as well. Pay attention to any common themes throughout each line, because they're just a glimpse into what this Spring season has to offer. [divider_line]

designer 2 Designer Mikra uses fashion as a ministry tool. As pictured, her line is full of vibrant hues of blue and orange. We think these are great looks for Spring because the colors are so rich and the floral embellishments are just as in tune with the season.


designer 3 The designer --  Dali Hernandez of House of Dali -- loves to put God first and fashion next. The first look is a perfect piece to have in your wardrobe because every lady needs a little black dress. Dali loves to play around with colors and textures, as seen in her blue maxi dress and bright pink tutu. While we don't think all of these outfits are practical for a day out and about, we do appreciate their playful nature.


designer 4 "Elegant" was the first word that came to mind when we spotted this line by Jessica Rios from All Brides 2 Be. It was so hard to select our favorite four looks because each gown was equally beautiful in its own way. Designer Rios is so gifted in her eye for creating cuts that are flattering to all body types and figures. We love the fabrics she used as she incorporated chiffon, silk, tulle and more. In need of a dress for prom, graduation, or even a wedding? They have it all!

Our Top Buttons favorite definitely has to be the fourth gown pictured. This wedding dress is so intricately detailed with its beading and coordinating veil.


designer 6 In an conversation after the show, we learned that designer Angel Myers is a school teacher by day and designer by night. We admire her hard work ethic, because as you can see her designs are flawless. Myers' collection is fun, colorful, and really appealing to the eye. Her designs include a lot of options for plus-size models, which is a quality hard to find in the fashion industry.

We appreciate the bright watercolor canvas of the first look. The A-line mold of the dress compliments any body type. Dress number two features cape-like patterned sleeves that are a bit unconventional, yet it somehow works against the sea-green maxi dress. Outfit number three had us all reminiscing back to the days when the Cheetah Girls was a thing. We love the one-shoulder look which was leveled out by a high-low quality on the opposite side. The leather leggings made it all complete. Finally, dress four speaks for itself with its simple shape.


designer 7 If you haven't noticed a common trend between all of these fashion lines yet, look again. Each one features BRIGHT COLORS, which are super popular in the Spring. One thing that makes this designer -- Elaine by EJ -- stand out from the rest, is her high-waisted pants and skirts. The way EJ designs these outfits is so cutting edge and slimming. Also, check out how simple and sleek this line is with its clever color-blocking. Expect to see a lot more of these trends on the clothing racks this Spring!


designer 8 Elegantees is a line that is so much more behind what meets the eye. They have a beautiful back story. Many of the women who sew these clothes have been rescued victims of sex-trafficking. Who knew that you could look cute, express your personality, all while knowing that such purpose is stitched into the seams of each article of clothing!

Co-founder of Christian Fashion Week -- Mayra Gomez -- fashions outfit number two! She looks like an Egyptian goddess with her gold headband and gold trimming on her blouse. The cold-shoulder sleeves expose her arms, and her vibrant green skirt is cinched into one side.

Outfit three is just perfect with its red-on-red composition. The tulle tutu isn't just for the runway! We actually saw her wearing this look as an audience member on a different day!


All in all, we were well pleased with the show from start to finish and we hope that our documentations of the runway made you feel like you were part of the process too!

A Glimpse into the One and Only Christian Fashion Week


We know what you're thinking. "Christian Fashion? What's that?" We asked ourselves the same thing, and the truth is, there's no such thing as Christian Fashion, but what does exist is fashion that is influenced by our Christian beliefs and fashion that reflects our morals. Christian Fashion Week provided a platform where designers and fashionistas alike could come together and celebrate their love for fashion while also staying true to those values.

If you're wondering why there was such a delay in our review: Good things come to those who wait, that's why this post is so fashionably late.



Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 1.23.14 AM

Designer Renee Scarborough's swimwear line was both modest and versatile! These are some of Top Button's favorite looks from her line, but they were all flawlessly made! During the show, the audience had the opportunity to interact with the models and designer to make sure the suits were just as practical to wear as they were stylish.

Scarborough has three main goals as she wants all of her designs to: Look Beautiful, Fit Perfectly, and Stand Out from the Status Quo.


Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 1.23.43 AM

This designer -- Madame Weathersby -- had the whole audience in awe with her exquisite details and eye-catching accents. She incorporated lots of lace, sequins, feathers, and creative sleeves. Most of her designs are for more up-scale events, but are guaranteed to make a bold statement. Wear her line to accomplish a classy look. Need a dress for prom? Her line has lots to choose from!

[blockquote]My favorite dress of her line was the sequined gown! I almost didn't catch a picture of it because I was too in awe observing it with my bare eyes. - Alexis Gauthier[/blockquote]


Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 1.25.54 AM

This line -- by Ronnisha Tolefree -- had a little bit of everything! From organized chaos to classy and collected, each look is so diverse in nature. The average person would have never thought to pair different polka-dot pieces together in one outfit, but Ronnisha accomplishes it so flawlessly and even adds an emerald pop of color.

The most unique outfit is the second. The designer layered a sweetheart neckline mixed fabric peplum top over a mid-sleeve polka dot top. This outfit catches people even more off guard with it's floral embellished pants.

The last two looks pictured are more normal. All in all, we are fans!


Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 1.26.30 AM

Designer Sumita Bhojwani of KalaXpress loves fashion because it gives her a way to express personality, as her brand name suggests. Each of her looks are so rich in culture and color. As seen in these photos, she is skilled in embroidery, beading, and working with silky fabrics. The biggest inspiration behind this line was Indian tradition.

We love the lace dresses in hues of blue in the first three looks. Photo four shows off the vibrant harem pants that can be seen in variations through out other looks in the KalaXpress line. Wear any of these outfits to be bold.

FUN FACT: The word Kala means BEAUTIFUL in Hindi (a language spoken in India).

[divider_line]Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 1.26.55 AM

This line was designed by Narrowgate -- a couple from the UK. They used a lot of plaids, ponchos, and tweeds. While this trend doesn't resonate with everyone, it does however provide warm and comfortable winter options. The pink tweed jacket in look 3 is a Top Button's favorite!


Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 1.28.22 AM

We found this line to be the most casual and age-appropriate! The designer -- Medinah -- has also had experience designing for Gap! We loved the neutrals of this line. She paid close attention to detail with flattering cuts, touches of sparkle, and carefully layered looks. All of her designs are so complete and ready-to-wear! It brings a whole new meaning to the phrase dress for success.

[blockquote]Since 2004, I've designed for major retailers like Gap, JCP, Kellwood, Lucky Brands, and Sunrise Brands. - Medinah[/blockquote]

[divider_line]Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 1.20.24 AM

The finally of the show was by 18 year old designer Julia Chew. She called her line Xaolin. Julia gets her design inspiration from nature and God's creation and creates masterpieces based off of that. It was such a great way to end the show! We love Julia's ambition and success at such a young age. Her talent really shines through.

Stay tuned for an exclusive follow-up that features detailed pictures of Julia Chew's line. (Coming soon on Top Buttons.)


Comment below and let us know what your favorite designs are!

2014 Fall/Winter New York Fashion Week: The Recap


Fashion week is always an exciting time. It's when designers, editors and fashionistas all come together for the common love of fashion. Everyone eagerly anticipates the beautiful silhouettes, luxurious fabrics and colors that will be trending in the days ahead. Of the many collections shown during New York Fashion Week, here are the ones that left the biggest impression on us. J Crew is the perfect marriage between classic and modern. We love their genius mix of patterns, layers and color pallets. The reoccurring pairing of white and black in this season's collection has stood out to us along with the abundance of floral patterns.

e1e05fbed51de0c6c503f478cab84c7f Kate Spade is always a breath of fresh air with structured, sophisticated lines and girly whimsy. We are used to her designs living up to her slogan "live colorfully" being full of color and vivid brights, but we are loving this collection of neutrals that screams Audrey Hepburn. fe4b0e81de61ee1fc39bf29bbb9bd53f

Tory Burch always wows us with her simple, yet elegant designs. This season she incorporated a little medieval flare into her collection. We especially love her shirt dresses, over the knee boots and knee highs.


This season's Michael Kors collection falls nothing short of luxurious, dramatic, and romantic. The flowy fabrics, pleated skirts, and fur are perfection. We are happy to see that fur will be a trend that is not going away any time soon.


Rebecca Minkoff's designs are always cool, fashion forward, and city-chic. She prides herself in creating clothing that is stylish and statement worthy, yet wearable. She accomplishes her goal with this season's street-friendly metallics and edgy details.


NYFW never ceases to inspire its audience. Year after year designers wow us with new concepts and innovative designs. The fashion seen on the runways doesn't always align with Top Button's vision. In the midst of plunging necklines and rising hemlines, we are here to take designs and allow them to inspire us to find similar articles of clothing that are modest and wearable without compromising our values.

What were some of  your favorite collections from this season? Let us know in the comments below. We can't wait to hear from you!


Happy Styling,


*Images via Pinterest


Kansas City Fashion Week


Kansas City Fashion Week is a fashion packed five day event with a kick off party on Wednesday evening and shows Thursday through Sunday. I attended Sunday’s student designer show, which showcased the work of nine extremely talented, young designers. IMG_5463

I was particularly impressed by two, both in their teens: Elda Doamekpo, age 15 and Josh Herman age 17. At such a young age both presented entire collections of gorgeous garments on the runway. According to her bio on KCFW Elda says, “I hope to bring the idea of true beauty back to women all over the world and bring their confidence to a whole new level.”

The fashion on Sunday was a mix of classic glamour and urban chic. Each designer had a different presentation which showcased their unique design styles. Michelle Kleineweber of Little Shell Designs showed a number of dresses that were light and airy. Her polka dot dress was a favorite of mine.


I particularly loved Yan by Hannah Cusack.  It was full of lace and feathers. Her designs were beautifully constructed.


Kaity Rathman had glitz and glamour and it was divine. Every designer did a phenomenal job.


As one who appreciates the art of fashion, being on the front row of an event like this is truly inspirational.  No doubt this is the first of many more that I will attend!  Fashion Week is full of lights, high heels, breathtaking styles, interesting clashes of color, talented people, and a runway of stunningly beautiful people.  As with many fashion sources, there will be looks that might not fit with the Top Buttons Style.  But I left with tons of ideas from these talented young designers that I look forward to incorporating our Top Buttons Styles into.  These designers are making an impact, and at such a young age!  Many of you reading this article are young as well.  Don't think that your too young to influence culture. It is so true that no matter what your age, you can begin to walk in the direction of your dreams. Excellent job KCFW!  KCFW was a success and caused me to walk away ready for the next event.


Article by: Rebekah Miura  Photographs by: Reagan Miura



Being a fashion insider means constantly keeping up to date with what's IN and what's NOT.  Probably the best and most notable way to do that is to attend different fashion shows and fairs.


In other words, if you are curious to find out what’s on trend for the upcoming Autumn and Winter seasons, you'll want to take a peak at the catwalks of the many Fashion Weeks around the world.

On her journey to the beautiful city of Copenhagen, our Scandinavian team member, Sandra, was able to get the scoop on some fresh new designers around the region, as well as, some inspiration for the upcoming Fall season 2013…

After several fashion shows and a visit to the Gallery fashion fair, she is ready to give her REVIEW: “It’s looks like we’re heading towards nature-inspired clothing with a preference towards organically produced material.  At the same time, we will observe a great appreciation of modern femininity inspired by the 40’s and 60’s glamorous haute couture. Finally, why not throw in a bit of a futuristic edge, achieved through blending metallics and geometrically inspired shapes, into the choice of accessories and other apparel?!  It was an impressive week with unique combinations that will be sure to leave an impact as these trends make their way into the shops later this year!"