Kansas City Fashion Week


Kansas City Fashion Week is a fashion packed five day event with a kick off party on Wednesday evening and shows Thursday through Sunday. I attended Sunday’s student designer show, which showcased the work of nine extremely talented, young designers. IMG_5463

I was particularly impressed by two, both in their teens: Elda Doamekpo, age 15 and Josh Herman age 17. At such a young age both presented entire collections of gorgeous garments on the runway. According to her bio on KCFW Elda says, “I hope to bring the idea of true beauty back to women all over the world and bring their confidence to a whole new level.”

The fashion on Sunday was a mix of classic glamour and urban chic. Each designer had a different presentation which showcased their unique design styles. Michelle Kleineweber of Little Shell Designs showed a number of dresses that were light and airy. Her polka dot dress was a favorite of mine.


I particularly loved Yan by Hannah Cusack.  It was full of lace and feathers. Her designs were beautifully constructed.


Kaity Rathman had glitz and glamour and it was divine. Every designer did a phenomenal job.


As one who appreciates the art of fashion, being on the front row of an event like this is truly inspirational.  No doubt this is the first of many more that I will attend!  Fashion Week is full of lights, high heels, breathtaking styles, interesting clashes of color, talented people, and a runway of stunningly beautiful people.  As with many fashion sources, there will be looks that might not fit with the Top Buttons Style.  But I left with tons of ideas from these talented young designers that I look forward to incorporating our Top Buttons Styles into.  These designers are making an impact, and at such a young age!  Many of you reading this article are young as well.  Don't think that your too young to influence culture. It is so true that no matter what your age, you can begin to walk in the direction of your dreams. Excellent job KCFW!  KCFW was a success and caused me to walk away ready for the next event.


Article by: Rebekah Miura  Photographs by: Reagan Miura