The Royal Blue Wardrobe of Kate Middleton


Kate Middleton celebrated her 32nd birthday this month and TopButtons had to point out how amazing she looks in blue. We noticed that she often wears this color and we think it looks fantastic against her skin complexion. We not only love her choice of color, but from short dresses to long dresses, she is able to pull off anything whether she is walking down the red carpet or running errands. We all remember the gorgeous Alexander McQueen wedding gown she wore that inspired other brides around the world. Ever since, her fashion has continually impressed us. Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge, wears an Olympic Ring style necklace as she visits the National Portrait Gallery in London

We wanted to point out her incredible style because seems to take consider her influence and leadership role as she gets dressed in the morning. There can be some pressure that comes along with her title as the Duchess of Cambridge or Princess of the United Kingdom. The way she presents herself to the world is through modesty and confidence as she attends numerous events in front of millions.


We love the way she poises herself in front of paparazzi at different events as if they are not even there. She decided to spend her birthday this year quietly with her family instead of wandering out into the public eye. We admire her outlook on family and her classy chic wardrobe.