Five Ways To Organize Your Makeup


Christmas has come and gone. We have chucked our Christmas to-do lists and replaced them with new years resolutions. I don’t know about you, but organization is at the top of my list! Makeup organization to be exact! So, for all of my makeup loving friends out there, here are five beauty organization ideas to get you inspired. 1. Trays are the ultimate organizational tool. They are an excellent way to corral items, giving them an organized look.


2. Patterned plates add a decorative touch to your makeup storage.


3. Get creative and use items like milk glass, pretty glasses or mason jars to display your makeup brushes.


 4. Raid your kitchen cabinets and use a cake stand to show off your beauty items.


5. Invest in storage options that are made specifically for makeup.


Getting organized does not have to be expensive. Let creativity be your guide in finding new ways to utilize things that you already have. Glasses, plates, and trays are all household items that can be used to create a more organized space. So what are you waiting for, lets start organizing! Do you have make up storage ideas to share? We would love to hear from you! Share your ideas in the comments below.

Happy Organizing!


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