Used Jewelry Donations Needed for Human Trafficking Prevention


  A few months ago we took up a collection for USED, UNWANTED, OR BROKEN JEWELRY from YOU for an organization in the Dominican Republic called FIGHT Ministries. They truly are fighting against HUMAN TRAFFICKING through prevention, rescue, and rehabilitation.  The jewelry making company of FIGHT Ministries helps to prevent human trafficking as they provide a healthy environment and good source of income for young Dominican Women WHO RECYCLE YOUR UNWANTED JEWELRY INTO "NEW CREATIONS" JEWELRY PIECES TO BE SOLD.


Since receiving the jewelry COLLECTED FROM YOU AND DELIVERED BY US

1) They have provided more jewelry making jobs for women in the Dominican Community of Jarabacoa.

2) Hundreds of RECYCLED jewelry pieces have been made and will now be sold!

3) The recycled jewelry items made by the Dominican Women have fulfilled multiple prepaid orders to vendors in the States like the Barn Antiques, Sweet Magnolia Team Room, and an online store in Canada called Hope Aglow.



Read MORE about the enormous problem of Human Trafficking in the Dominican Republic by clicking HERE.

Since Top Buttons is taking a trip to the Dominican in February, we decided to take another QUICK- USED JEWELRY COLLECTION!  It is cheaper for Items to be taken THIS WAY if someone is traveling there, than for them to be mailed. It also ensures the delivery will arrive at the intended destination.  If you are interested in supporting the efforts of FIGHT Ministries, here's your chance!  Until Monday, February 3, We will be taking donations at the TB office.  Mail your UNWANTED, USED, OR BROKEN JEWELRY PIECES TO:

Top Buttons, Inc
256 North Kentucky Ave, Suite #105
Lakeland, FL 33801


They have SPECIFICALLY REQUESTED:  Beads.  But Any unwanted jewelry will be gladly accepted!

WOULDN'T YOU RATHER donate your unwanted jewelry to an organization such as this rather than let it sit UNWORN on your dresser?  So often we throw broken jewelry pieces away.  This is another opportunity to give away EXCESS and watch it be transformed into a VALUABLE.  Top Buttons is honored to partner with this organization in this way.  If you have any questions, send us an email to



Sarah Powers

Powers is the Founder and CEO of Top Buttons, Inc.  Being a wife, mom of 4 children, and nonprofit director keeps her on the go. She is motivated by her faith in Christ and passion for giving to and serving those in need.