Tips for Packing from Tori's Suitcase


Article by: Tori Mills// She knows the feeling. There is a big trip coming up and she has to pack...Maybe it's a business trip she must fly to attend, vacation with family, a weekend visit away to an old friend’s house, or a best friends sister’s wedding.

Whatever the purpose of her trip, packing is an inevitable and sometimes daunting feat she must accomplish.  First things first, she must decide: what in the world is she going to take to wear? Dress is a decision which impacts her packing and…often prevents it from occurring.

Tori's Trip

A business trip to a cool southwestern state, four days at a conference and two days of flight traveling. Airplane regulations, weather, and length of conference are all factors included in the decisions she makes of what clothes to pack.

She determines and so she begins the packing process, knowing that; when crunched for time to make it to the 7:30 am breakfast before the 8am meeting, she will be ready to walk out of her hotel room classy and…on time.

 Tori's Packing Tips

  • Pick pieces that can be worn several different ways
  • Clothes should be packed in outfits
  • Choose shoes that are comfortable and classy
  • Dress in layers since it is often cold inside and warmer as the day progresses
  • Accessorize for professionalism

Thinking of ideas for pieces that can be worn several different ways, she decides on her favorite new black/brown platform ankle boots and black zipper jeggings. The brilliancy of jeggings are: they can be worn under dresses/ skirts and again as pants under a longer mid length sweater, the best part: they are small and easy to pack and show no wrinkles after that long flight.

Tori's favorite tricks to make your stay at the hotel clean and simple

  1. Be organized when you pack-fold your outfits in piles. This keeps you both organized and ensures you have not forgot anything!
  2. When you arrive at the hotel, un pack and hang up all outfits in groups. This can help you to visualize your outfits and be prepared the night before. This also will help reduce an wrinkles that may have occurred during your travel.

Day 1: Travel

OUTFIT TIP:  Dress comfortably, but in layers as the airport and airplane may be cold.

For travel day she decides on her Cotton On burgundy owl sweater, light brown shrug, jeggings, leg warmers, and knee high black boots. Accessories: black stud earrings, and her everyday fossil watch. (All purchased from JCP with the exception of the Cotton On sweater) What’s great about this outfit? If she gets warm she can take off the leg warmers, or the outer sweater.



Day 2: School Visits and Conference Opener

OUTFIT TIP: In order to make a great first impression, choose to wear your best outfit on this day.

For day 2 she decides to wear Ann Taylor Khaki dress slacks, paired with a light pink blouse and Ann Taylor ¾ length suit jack, and black/brown platform heels. What’s great about this outfit? It’s versatile and packs well without wrinkles, after the school visits and conference opener she can take the jacket, add a sweater, and change to jeans to transition to a more casual dinner attire.


Day 3: First full day of conference meetings

OUTFIT TIP:  Second day of conference, this will be a long day so be prepared.

For day three she chooses to pair her Express striped button down shirt with red dress slacks from the Gap and a rose colored Mossimo jacket. Highlights of this outfit? It is wearable for those long days of meetings and yet, both classy and professional. She pairs with it her black/ brown platform heels again (repeating from the day prior as to pack less shoes), small hoop silver earrings, and of course her everyday Fossil watch.


Day 4: Last day of conference, and sightseeing

OUTFIT TIP:  This is the last day so end with an outfit that will leave a lasting  impression.

For day four she decides on a funky and feminine look. She picks a champagne Loft dress, paired with gray tights, and a black and white patterned suit jacket (Notice the repeating pattern of jackets daily) wearing a blazer or light jacket over an outfit adds style and warmth for those long days in colder conference centers! She accessorizes with her black knee high boots, blue chunky necklace, and Fossil watch.


 Day 5: Travel home

OUTFIT TIP: Be comfortable and relax, you're going home!

For the last day and travel home she picks her favorite 7 straight leg jeans, black flat knee high boots, gray oversized Gap sweater, and her Faved Fossil watch. She loves to be comfortable and yet stylish.  Highlights of this outfit: This is the time to be relaxed as she travels through the airport and to her final destination: home. It's an easy pair!

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A messy suitcase is a waste of time and it's crippling when you are in a hurry. Remember wherever you are traveling:  to a business conference like Tori, a vacation, or other- pack your outfits in groupings! But most importantly, show your personal style! It is you after all you are representing on the trip.

Tori Mills, 24, is a 2011 graduate of Southeastern University who currently lives in Sioux City, Iowa where she teaches 5th grade Dual Language. Tori is an outgoing, adventurer always looking for a new experience and an outfit to accompany! She embraces life and desires to set an example in all areas though she may be young! Tori will be a writer for other articles on Top Buttons in the future including: Health and fitness, DIY, and Spiritual Inspiration.