5 Tips For Achieving Your Best Internship Look


Congratulations! You knocked your interview out of the park, and have officially landed the internship of your dreams! Your first day begins next week, and you have absolutely no idea what to wear. You have a few classic pieces that are appropriate for the office, but the majority of your closet consists of faded skinny jeans and other items you wore throughout college. Don't fret, we are here to help!

Achieving your best internship look shouldn't be stressful, it should be fun! It's your opportunity to bring your own sense of style to the workplace. To start, follow these 5 tips:

1. Begin with the basics. It is all about versatility. Blazers, dress pants, and a tote bag are all great places to start.


2. Pay attention to clothing quality. There is nothing worse than a poorly timed wardrobe malfunction in the office.


3. Layer, layer, layer. Offices are notorious for dramatic fluctuations in temperature. Having layers can create a more comfortable working environment for you throughout the day.


4. Add your own personal flair to each outfit. Add a statement necklace, or a chunky bracelet to amp up your look.


5. Determine the appropriate attire for the industry you are in. An internship at the White House and an internship at the local newspaper may call for two different wardrobes.


Now you look great and you feel great! You're ready to take on your first day at the office. Remember, you didn't get the job because of the clothes that you wear. You got the job because you are brilliant, hard-working, ambitious and kind. Those traits, coupled with a stellar wardrobe, are sure to bring you success wherever you go!

Written byAnastasia Jones

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The Minimalist Life


The term "minimalist" refers to a person who prefers the minimum amount of something. In relation to fashion, a minimalist can often be found wearing neutral cuts and solid colors. This trend is sweeping its way to the top of everyone's wish list this summer. We are huge fans of the minimalist lifestyle, not only because it's both chic and classy, but also because its versatility leads to saving money!


Members from our staff, volunteers, and interns gathered to show off their minimalist looks! (The key to capturing a great minimalist #OOTD is to photograph against simple backgrounds.) IMG_7919WEB IMG_7893WEB IMG_7874WEB

You'll notice that most of these outfits include some sort of outerwear, such as a jacket, vest, or kimono! Minimalists aren't afraid to layer!

IMG_7861WEB IMG_7849WEB IMG_7837 WEB

Accomplishing this look requires minimum time and effort, which makes it a perfect match for the on-the-go free-spirited flow of summer! While some color is allowed, true minimalist outfits are thrown together with neutral colors that can be easily mix and matched, which is why becoming a minimalist is so affordable!

Summer Trends On A Budget


Summer is just around the corner and before you know it, you'll be tanning poolside (enjoying the sun) and making memories to last a lifetime! So here are two affordable summer trends that will help YOU look fabulous while doing it.

white pants

1. White Pants:  The white pant trend can be worn in a variety of ways. Walmart's skinny dress pant is great for a summer job or internship; Forever 21's joggers are comfy for a casual day out with friends; and Target's palazzo pants make a bold statement and can be dressed up or down.

Walmart | Forever 21 | Target

flower crowns

2. Flower Crowns: These cute hair accessories make us ladies feel extra feminine and fairy-like! They come in subtle styles with small flowers or even giant head-turning arrangements. Flower crowns are most popular for a trip to a summer festival, but they definitely can be added to any outfit to conceal a bad hair day.

Charlotte Russe | Forever 21 | Target

Whether you're working with a $5 budget or have loads of money to dish out, investing in these two summer 2015 trends will make for priceless photo-ops!


The Moto Jacket For Summer


The moto jacket was the hot ticket item to keep the chill off this past season. For many, it was a daily staple worn with anything and everything. However, with temperatures rising, it's time to find a lighter alternative that keeps us cool without  sacrificing the edgy factor of the moto jacket. Meet the moto vest, the trendy sleeveless version of the moto jacket. It's lightweight and versatile enough to be a staple in your summer wardrobe. Layering always adds a wow factor to an outfit, this vest is perfect for the warmer months.


Like the moto jacket, this vest comes in a vast variety of colors, prints, and materials. We love chambray because it can basically be worn with anything. We're all about stocking our closets full of pieces that can be styled several different ways. For more vest inspriration and ways to wear them, click here and here.

To purchase a vest similar to the one pictured above, click here.


Happy Styling!


Photography by: Elisabeth Huijskens