The Modern Manicure


I remember when french manicures were "the thing" to do. Picking out polish at the nail salon was simple... pink and white! Fast forward to the present and we have a gazillion nail colors to choose from. The color of your nails have become as important as the color of shoes you wear! With nail art in the spotlight, the traditional pink and white manicure is taking a back row seat and creative color combinations are stealing the show. I decided to ditch my comfort zone and take a risk with the "modern manicure." I chose this gold and black combination. Surprisingly, I really like it! It has to be paired with the right outfit for it to work. But, it is a look that I would actually wear on occasion.IMG_9720

To achieve this look I used Essie's Good As Gold and OPI's Black Onyx. I love both of these nail polishes combined and on their own. All you need to do is apply 1-2  coats of gold and then apply the black polish to the tips.


So there you go, the "modern manicure!" I am looking forward to trying a few different color combinations. I think the next look will be a sheer, milky white nail with gold tips. What would you suggest?! Let me know what you have tried or what you would recommend for colors in the comments below. I look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Styling, Rebekah