Statement Earrings Under $10


Spring has arrived in all of its glory. What better way to celebrate than with some bright colored earrings! With statement earrings being a major trend for spring, these beauties from Forever 21 are a perfect way to add a pop of color to your outfits.

These pink drop earrings are sophisticated, feminine, and glamorous. If $8.80 wasn't already a steal they have  recently been marked down to $5.99 for Forever 21' s spring sale.


These teal drop earrings are trendy, fresh, and fun. They are inexpensive and in my book a great way to spend $5.99.


Ushering in the season with colorful accessories is a great way to start transitioning your wardrobe to happier,  vibrant colors.

Finding the Perfect Winter Jacket


After living in the Northeast for 1 month of winter, I had purchased 4 winter coats and 1 jacket. This jacket was another fashion accident. In New York City, fashion inspiration is all around you. One day I was walking my normal route to work and saw this really beautiful girl who looked like she was on her way to her job. I saw her wearing this jacket. I politely tapped her on the shoulder (she probably thought I was trying to steal her purse). I asked her where she got her gorgeous jacket, and she sweetly said, "BCBG." My heart sank. I thought, "There is no way I can afford that. I was hoping she was going to say H&M!" IMG_2648

As soon as I got to work that day, I got on my computer and started to Google key words that might produce that jacket. I also scoured the BCBG website. Nothing to be found. Bummer. BUT THEN...


I found it. Last season's merchandise on ebay. I have a love/hate relationship with ebay and it's sometimes a hit or miss. This was THE only one I could find that was an exact match. Here is a similar one if you just read this and your heart also sank.

A good coat/jacket is priceless. This one however came with a price that I had to quickly talk myself into. My review of this jacket is that it is extremely well made and comfortable, but only stands about 40 degree weather and wind. It is also an amazing rain coat.

Jacket- BCBGeneration | Cardigan- Target | Jeans- Paige | Earrings- House of Harlow 1960 | Boots- Cynthia Vincent