Top Four Halloween Costume Ideas for 2014


Halloween can be a fun holiday because it gives you the opportunity to dress up in cool costumes, but just because you’re dressed as a character that you’re not in real life, doesn’t mean you should abandon your standards or dress with different values than you have in real life.

We all have heard the stigma that, "Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it," as quoted from the movie Mean Girls, but this couldn’t be more FALSE.

This Halloween season we – as ladies of the Top Buttons community – have the potential to change the status quo amongst our peers. In order to make this a more tangible goal, we’ve created a Pinterest board with tons of creative ideas we’ve seen on the internet, but here’s four of our FAVORITES, proving that you can have the look for less money, without having the look of less clothes.



1. Be FOOD for Halloween!

We all know there’s an endless variety of food choices. Why not wear your favorite food? This gives you the opportunity to be extra creative in expressing your interests. We’ve included a few of our favorite foodie looks!


2. "You're one in a minion," so why not dress as a Minion?

The Despicable Me movies may be a little old, but their notable Minions are the face of modern cartoons. A minion costume is a simple look to create, and can probably be put together with some items from your closet, the dollar store, or even a thrift store.



3. Represent a Social Media Site!

This costume idea is so cute because it can represents today’s teen culture AND is good for a group of friends to do together. Purchase some basic colored Tee’s and paint the designs or print them out and apply with an iron-on. These ladies chose to pair their outfits with jean shorts and colored leggings, but you could even spice it up with tutu's!


4. Save the day and be a Super Hero!

The greatest thing about these costumes is that it can be altered for as few or as many people as you want, because there’s so many heroes to choose from! Super hero shirts can be purchased occasionally at Wal-Mart,  or even made with some paint or iron-ons. Matching tutu’s can be made by buying tulle fabric at your local craft store, cutting it into strips, and tying those strips onto a belt or elastic. (For detailed instructions, check our Pinterest board)

All in all, this Halloween season is not just about what costume you choose, but the memories made in the process! Post YOUR costume ideas on Instagram and Twitter and don't forget to tag us. We would love to see what you come up with!

Candice Cameron-Bure on Dancing with the Stars


Candice Cameron-Bure is competing in season 18 of Dancing with the Stars this year partnering with two- time mirror ball-winning champ, Park Dallas. The reality competition premiered just last month and we think Candice has done a fantastic job dancing her heart out each week. Her routines are showcased in front of millions every Monday evening on ABC. The best thing about Candice competing on Dancing with the Stars is the fact that she wants to remain wearing modest costumes throughout her performances.

candice1Candice certainly knows how to put together a fabulous outfit by adding a touch of color in her choice of shoes. By adding a colored shoe, it clearly brightens any simple outfit.

Outside of being a full time mom, Candice never ceases to amaze us when it comes to her faith. She is a great example of what it means to live from the insight out, and that positive outlook is carried on to the show.

"The two most important things in my life are my faith and my family and I know that is what is going to get me through this competition," said Bure in an interview.

candice2Since her role in the hit television show Full House, Candice has married, had three beautiful children and has written two books. She continues to be a great role model for young adults as she dances her way to the top in Dancing with the Stars. We will be supporting her throughout the entire competition! Go Candice!