Color Block Nail Art


Nail art is THE THING TO DO right now! If you spend anytime on Pinterest or Instagram, you will see countless images of nails decorated with everything from glitter to chevron patterns. You will also find an endless sea of DIY nail art tutorials. Nail art was all over the runway at New York Fashion Week and will be a top trend this Summer. To achieve the above look, you can either take the picture to your local nail salon and have them re-create it. Or you can do it your self!

Here is how you can re-create this look on your own:

  1. Start by picking three colors. You will need one light shade for the base,  one medium shade, and one darker shade. The colors above were all OPI colors: “Sweetheart", “French Quarter For Your Thoughts" , and “Black Onyx.”
  2. Paint on two coats of the lightest shade as a base.
  3. Take the medium shade and sweep it from left to right across your nail.
  4. Take the darkest shade and sweep it from left to right across your nail.
  5. Paint on a top coat. And let your nails dry.

It takes a steady hand to do this. If this is too hard for you, tape strips can be cut and placed on the nail to serve as an outline to keep the lines straight. Make sure each coat of polish is dry before you put the tape strips on your nails!

Nail art adds a fun twist to your regular one color manicure. Have fun playing with different colors and patterns. Branch out and use nail art as a way to accessorize this season.


Happy Styling!


Photo by: Reagan Miura