Kate Hansen Warms Up for an Olympic Luge Race Dancing to Beyonce



American Olympian Kate Hansen not only placed 10th in the luge competition at Sochi this past Tuesday, but she also has a passion to dance like no one's watching. This 21 year old athlete has become known for her pre race warm-up as she dances to none other than Beyonce! She explained that past injuries have made a typical warm-up difficult for her, and she has gained some serious attention for this comical and cute warm-up routine.  We say, who needs a reason to dance?!

Miss Hansen has competed in numerous competitions over the years winning Silver, Bronze and Gold in Championship events. Even though she did not receive a metal this year at the Olympics, she was a great sport. Hansen witnessed history Tuesday when her teammate, Erin Hamlin, won the first ever individual luge Olympic medal for the U.S. with a bronze-medal finish.

In an interview Hansen said, “The Olympic experience has been more than words,” “Just to be on the same platform as athletes I’ve looked up to for years, my entire life ... it’s an unbelievable feeling.”

She wins the Most Fun Competitor Award so far for the Sochi Olympics voted on by the Top Buttons team.  We might be biased.  She is after all, an American, a female, a young women who is clearly self-confident, passionate about what she believes in, tough as nails, and even supports her competitors.  So after watching this video in slow-mo a few times, we have learned some new dance moves.

And then we found this video on her personal website.  This girl makes you smile and she is FEARLESS…