Promoting Fashion With Extra Fabric


Because Modesty is not just for winter time, church, and tradition... An idea exists among girlfriends that dressing modestly is “boring” or that it forces you to have to deny your identity.  At Top Buttons we believe a young woman can express a  personal unique style in a way that doesn't have to compromise values or deny personality.  The balance of expressing your style and setting boundaries is possible when you have the right resources to help you do so and the passion to make the extra effort.

We should keep in mind the TV shows we watch, music we listen to, celebrities we look to as role models, and fashion magazines we place in front of our eyes influence our concept of what is “normal” and acceptable.  We are reaching a point where the limitations on "acceptable" behavior are being challenged, and in many cases completely removed.  More specifically we see the boundaries being pushed shamelessly in the everyday clothing styles that stack shelves in our favorite shops.

This whole modesty project came out of a desire to simply encourage a more modest take on current fashion trends.  Researching the presence of modest fashion blogs, we found that there are actually some phenomenal blogs on modesty.  Many of which could be inspirational to teens, but few that specifically focus on teens with their styles and content.

So we are determined to fill this need and provide you with a modest fashion resource put together mostly by young ladies your own age.   We will work to filter out the unnecessary sexual material that is commonly connected with fashion magazines and showcase a Top Buttons version of current fashion trends.  But yet our content will include much of the fun ideas that other magazines hold.

On the website we will have posts that include:

  • Current fashion trends with a more modest take.  We call this “Fashion with Extra Fabric.”
  • Video tutorials on beauty and fashion
  • Modesty Solutions
  • Updates on our local Shopping Sprees for underprivileged teens
  • Modesty on the Streets (MOTS) representatives sharing their perspective on fashion and modesty from their city or country

While we could criticize some of the popular young celebrities with their immodest styles and glamorized scandalous behavior, instead through Top Buttons, we would like to connect you with some incredible young women who have a different take on life and fashion.

Over the next few weeks you will get a glimpse into the lives of our team members.  Our team is made up of young women who are magazine interns, video editors, journalism majors, fashion bloggers, inspirational writers, etc…  Additionally, we are working with teens who will research, model, and be a part of our Modesty on the Streets (MOTS) Campaign.  We have been meeting and working on the content of the blog extensively for the past 2 months.  We aren’t looking to define modesty through establishing a rule.  We know there are so many factors which influence one’s definition of modesty, from one’s cultural background, to religious preferences and upbringing. We hope to start a conversation of what a more modest take on fashion could look like.

We know that our character is not defined by our outward appearance, but it does create a perception.  How we look does send a message.   Asking ourselves if the outfits we wear send a message which reflects the truth about who we really are, should be a daily practice.  We hope to encourage all young women to place a higher value on inner qualities than on outward appearance.  We look forward to connecting with you through Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube, and our blog posts.  Talk to us!  We want to hear your ideas and see your modest outfits!  Join this “collective voice” ...a movement for modesty. Check out our Give Back and Get Involved pages to see how you too can be a part of the Top Buttons team!

You are not alone.  Together, we'll keep it classy!

Sarah and the Top Buttons Team


Photo Credit:  Beth Carter Photography