Clarasonic Mia 2 Review


After hearing so much about the Clarisonic brush, I felt as though I had to try it in order to see if all of the hype was true! And....I have to say that it is! I absolutely love my Clarisonic Mia 2 and could not be more happy with it. IMG_0673

The Clarisonic Mia 2 is a professional caliber brush that cleans the skin deeply. It clears pores and cleanses skin thoroughly so that your skin care products can absorb better. According to the company, results include 6x better cleansing than manual cleansing, reduced pores, fine lines, and wrinkles and improved skin tone.

My Mia 2 came with an extra brush head, a travel case, a magnetic charger, and two cleansers. Just to warn you ahead of time, it takes a full 24 hours to charge. Those 24 hours felt like forever to me; I could not wait to try it out! The Mia 2 is simple to use. It has a built-in timer that is pre-set with the amount of time that you are supposed to use on different parts of your face. Genius!

Here is how easy it is to use the Mia 2:

  • Remove your eye make up.
  • Wet your face and the brush.
  • Apply cleanser to the brush head or directly onto your face.IMG_0778
  • Turn Mia 2 on and select which speed you want: low or normal.
  • Follow the timer prompts. 20 seconds of your forehead, 20 seconds on your nose/chin, and 10 seconds on each cheek. Mia 2 will turn off automatically after one minute.IMG_0720
  • Rinse face, dry and apply moisturizer.

After using the Mia 2, my skin has never felt so clean! Not only does my skin look and feel great, but the Mia 2 is actually fun to use. I find myself looking forward to cleaning my face, instead of dreading it like before. The results from using the Mia 2 are that my skin is clean, clear, and soft. Another perk is that my makeup goes on smooth and looks great. The Mia 2 is definitely worth the money; I look at it as an investment in my skin.