Brooke Fraser's Folk-Pop Music & Style Makes Headlines


Singer-songwriter Brooke Fraser is well know for being involved in leading worship with Hillsong United around the world. Her involvement in the Hillsong church has been ongoing for the past 10 years. Though she's originally from New Zealand, Fraser has an awesome European style! We love the dress she wore when she walked the red carpet at the New Zealand Music Awards where she was being awarded the Edge Best Pop Album. Her recent hit single Something in the Water also won her the highest selling single. Along with her great style, Brooke Fraser has such great talent to share with the world. brook3

Brooke Fraser has numerous popular songs such as Scarlet, C.S. Lewis Song, Shadowfeet and of course Something in the Water. Her folk-pop sound and meaningful lyrics bring her music to a whole new level. She has performed alongside Hillsong United at conferences in the United States singing Desert Song, Lead me to the Cross, From the Inside Out and Beneath the Waters. We love her collection of clothing, from knee-length dresses with tights underneath to dress pants and a favored top. We think her style really compliments her gracefulness and confidence on stage singing.


Later this year, Brooke will be releasing a new album as well as begin a world-wide tour.