Beauty Wednesday: Bold Brows


Eyebrows can be a trivial subject for most girls. To wax or not to wax?

What are eyebrow pencils anyways?

Can grooming my brows actually show case my eyes?

What are bold brows?

Where do I even begin?

These questions can haunt us in a world where the options are limitless and the products vast. Fear not, your soon to be bold brows! Plenty of products and techniques exist that can assist you on your journey to bold brows. So don't envy other women's brows; create your own by getting to know your brows. Your first step in your new found relationship with your eyebrows begins with identifying  your eyebrow shape and size.


My brows are a mixture between Hi - Lo Brows and High Arched Brows. My size is rather normal; not too thick or thin.

After identifying your eyebrows, notice that your options become more narrowed when it comes to products and styling. Second step closer to bold brows is picking your products.

Personally, some of my favorite products to use on my brows are Beautique's eyebrow pencil in soft black and Maybelline's Great Lash clear mascara . 

Use the eye brow pencil to define your brow shade and brush them together neatly. My eyebrows are black. Applying clear mascara will help to keep your brow hairs in place.

Now that you've gotten to know your brows a little better you'll notice the great thing about your brows is showing off your eyes. Eyebrows frame the eyes so don't forget to give them a little attention during your daily beauty routine!

Now you are all set to empower your brows to be bold!

-Kayla Danielle


Photos and Story by Kayla Danielle