What Is Your Street Style?

Take a look around you: The latest trends are being pulled directly from the runways seen during the 2016 Mercedes-Benz fashion week.

These trends filter down into stores, where eventually we piece together looks that fit our personal style. Everyone has his or her own self-expression, and opinion on what’s unique, so for our photo shoot, these girls were asked to wear their favorite street style and pick pieces that really speak to them.

When it comes to street style, anything goes. Layer it up, add accessories, or throw in some kicks! We love how adding something as simple as a ball cap can change the whole feel of this look. Throwing on a pair of sunnies can add some much needed edge.

Street style can also allow you to feel free and fearless with your personal style. Sometimes we can get utterly consumed with worry over the opinion of others and what people will think of our hair, outfit, etc.

Identifying your own personal street style can free you from conventional style, and allow you to embrace something better than before!

We would love to hear more about what your street style is. Please let us know in the comments below!

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*Beth Carter Photography