Top 3 Habits of Mentally Strong People


Being mentally strong will be a catalyst in your life for success. It doesn’t matter what it looks like on social media, everyone everywhere deals with serious internal battles as they navigate hardships, loss and change. But navigating the challenges of life with Christ at the center will give you what you need to be mentally STRONG. We have put together our Top 3 habits of mentally strong people. One thought at a time, work to reconstruct your thoughts to line up with what God says about you and your life.

1. They take responsibility for their life.

Feeling sorry for yourself and how you have been treated will not change the circumstances. Mentally strong people understand “all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28. THAT’s you! Work on what you can and keep moving forward. Don’t sit around focusing on the actions of others and things you can’t control. People are people and they will let you down.

2. They adapt to circumstances and take risks.

Mentally strong people understand life happens, things change, people come and go and they are willing to adapt and grow with the changing canvas of our world. Adapting to life doesn’t mean changing your beliefs. Adapting to life means understanding the tools you use to succeed personally and professionally may change quickly. Living life with a willingness to adapt and take risks shows great mental strength as you weigh out the full scope of your decisions (positive and negative) while trusting God in the direction He’s leading you. The Bible says, “God will give wisdom to all without finding fault to those who ask.” James 1:5-8 That’s you! If you ask for Wisdom, God will give it to you! Have you asked God to direct you and are you willing to take a risk and/or change course if he guides you down a different path?

3. They focus on the future.

We can all learn from past experiences. We can appreciate the good and have cry sessions about the bad. Mentally strong people reflect, work through and seek counsel on their decisions and their hardships but then move on. Let it go. Living in the past will not get you to your future. Maybe what you envisioned for your life is not your current reality. Maybe you took a detour from God’s original plan. Do you think God isn’t capable of giving you an even better plan B? He absolutely is!

Position yourself in a way to receive from God. Take responsibility, be willing to change and take risks and focus on your future!

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Sarah Powers

Powers is the Founder and CEO of Top Buttons, Inc.  Being a wife, mom of 4 children, and nonprofit director keeps her on the go. She is motivated by her faith in Christ and passion for giving to and serving those in need.