Thrift Shop Haul


Thrift-shopping can be often overlooked for many reasons. Some people are turned away by the overwhelming chaos. Other people can't stand the smell. Some shoppers get impatient searching, while others simply want the latest fashion and fear that second-hand stores are just too out-dated. This article is designed to provide hope when searching the racks of thrift stores by showing just a few of the many things Alexis, our Fashion Cents Contributor, purchased on her most recent thrift shop hauls.

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Alexis went to Salvation Army for their 50% off Wednesday sale and continued her thrift adventures at Goodwill a couple days later. On both occasions, she brought good company with her to keep her spending limit accountable, to have some fun, and to assure that she didn't purchase anything too outlandish.

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The red blazer with blue trimming featured both above and below was purchased at Salvation Army during their 50% off Wednesday sale. Alexis saw this blazer upon entry and wore it throughout her entire thrift hunt through the store. When she arrived at the cashier, she realized she could not part with it. What a steal for just $3, here is at least two ways she can wear it.

The Jones New York jeans were found mixed in on an unexpected rack at Goodwill. These pants were brand new and fit so perfectly. Alexis could not pass them up! They were the perfect addition to her crazy pants collection. While at Goodwill, Alexis quickly researched the brand on her smart phone and discovered that these jeans range anywhere from $60-90 full price.

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The blue lace dress was purchased at Goodwill for just $6, but originally can be found at Old Navy, whose dresses are usually between $20-30 originally. (FUN FACT: When these two items are paired together, Alexis receives a lot of comments in which she's compared to a politician or the First Lady.) On that day, Alexis really had a propensity to purchase cute dresses. Aside from this dress, she also bought 4 other dresses that will be posted in a later article.Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 12.35.53 AMIt's not fall without a plaid flannel button down in your wardrobe. It's both comfortable and warm. Purchased at Salvation Army, Alexis' friends enlightened her on how to score shirts like this. The secret is to raid the MENS SECTION! Similar Converse shirts can be found at Target for a lot more money, so sifting through Salvation Army racks is worth the bargain.

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Sometimes a cozy neutral sweater is all one needs to rock the fall look. This gray sweater is oversized in width, but can be paired well with a cute undershirt because of its crop-top quality. Don't be afraid to try on different shapes and shades of sweaters.

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To stick with the sweater theme, this one fulfilled Alexis' long lasting desire to have something army print in her wardrobe. Although it wasn't purchased at a traditional thrift-store, Plato's Closet does offer great deals and styles. A long sweater like this is versatile because it can be worn with regular jeans or even jeggings for a more flexible fit. She bought these blue jeggings for just $3 to appropriately accompany the sweater. The jeggings even had the tag left on it from Target!

Stay tuned for PART 2 of Alexis' Fall Thrift Shop Haul where she unveils more trendy dresses and sweaters. Now that you know what kind of cute clothes you can score for great deals, HAPPY THRIFTING.