The Ultimate Color Combo: Blush And White


Ask any fashion expert or fashionista and they will tell you that neutrals are the building blocks of a successful wardrobe. These staples allow you to easily mix and match pieces along with creating a solid base to incorporate colors and patterns. Neutrals are an absolute must have in every girl's closet. IMG_8826

When you think of neutrals, you automatically think black, white or grey, but blush is a neutral that is a wonderful addition to any closet. It’s ultra feminine and can be worn with many color palettes and patterns.

A popular color combination to wear is blush and white. These two neutrals complement each other well and the addition of gold in the accessories adds a bit of glam and polish to the look.


What's your favorite neutral or color combo to wear? Let us know in the comments below!

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Photography by: Elisabeth Huijskens