Telling Stories With Jewelry


Everyone has a story to tell, and when it comes to fashion I am always on the lookout for pieces that help personalize my look. Pandora, monograms, and other trinkets of the sort have made their mark on young ladies and women alike. But my new found favorite, Origami Owl Custom Jewelry, allows you to customize a locket full of sentimental charms.

Naturally I found more than enough charms to portray my personality and hobbies! Inside my locket are the cross, family heart, gold wing, diamond & champagne stones, and laptop (for my love of blogging!). The only charm missing is a BUTTON of course!


Besides the variety of charms to choose from, Origami Owl gives YOU the reigns in creating your locket from start to finish. You can choose everything from the type of chain, locket size, color (the trendy color in Rose Gold is gorgeous), charms, and dangles. I am positive that with the  many options Origami Owl offers, everyone has the opportunity to personalize the perfect "living locket".


 As you can see, this locket not only tells a story, it is TRENDY and chic. The locket and chain are interchangeable if you prefer to mix things up, and the charms can be removed and switched around to accommodate your look.  I will say that my favorite part about the locket is being able to switch around the charms and dangles.  As milestones in life go by, I will likely purchase new charms for my locket.


So whether you are looking for a new staple necklace or a sentimental gift, this locket is an essential and it is timeless!

If you are interested in "telling your story" through an Origami Owl locket, contact  Ginnie Chapman. I promise you won't regret it!


Yours Truly,

Jenna O.