The Scarf Says It All This Winter


The scarf is by far one of fashion's best accessories. It turns the simplest of outfits into something to talk about. Whether it's just draped around your neck or intricately twisted and wrapped, it's always the loudest statement of the outfit.  


The scarf can be worn in any way during almost any season, depending on the fabric and color. For spring, wear a lightweight, floral-print scarf lightly draped around the neck. For fall and winter, almost anything goes: chunky, knitted, furry, animal print, layered, long, you name it! It's the easiest way to express your individual style and keep you warm on those windy winter days (which are few and far between here in Florida).

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If you aren't particularly savvy with the fancy twisting and wrapping techniques, infinity scarves are your best friend. Just throw it around your neck, and the scarf does all the talking. Here, Chelsea is sporting furry, fringy, and printed infinity scarves. Each give the same outfit uniquely different vibes and make their own statements!

Check out these sites to get the look:

Charlotte Russe


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So, what will your scarf say this winter?

Photography by Elizabeth Huijskens // Makeup by Yolanda Delacerda and Christi Northington

Ways to Wear: The Infinity Scarf


The infinity scarf is noted for its never-ending versatility and rightfully so. Infinity scarves can be worn casually or styled to dress up a look. Below are a few ways to wear the original cotton infinity scarf. One Way (stripes)

Most infinity scarves can be worn full length or open, as shown above. This option is perfect for a casual look. If the scarf is a bit lengthy when draped once, double it up as shown below. You want to be careful the scarf does not fall too far past your waist.

Doubled (dots)      Knot (dots)      Tie (stripes)

Left: When doubling over an infinity scarf, your preference will ultimately decide the look. You can pull the scarf tight to taper the scarf (as pictured) or pull the ends of the scarf together, which will even out the scarf to the same length. By doing this, the scarf will appear fuller and there will be no worries with the length getting in the way.

Middle: The knot is always a fun change from the typical layering and doubling. You can achieve 'the knot' by creating a standard knot on one end. Once you put it on you can adjust both the size and placement of the knot.

Far right: For a quirky twist with an infinity scarf, make an incomplete knot and "fluff" the scarf to give the appearance of a tie. For example, begin with a standard knot but do NOT pull it all the way through. Instead, create a tail with the scarf; you can pull it out for a fuller look (as pictured), or tuck in the fabric for a 'skinny' tie.

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Photo Credit: Casey Taylor